Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman 1984 in 20 Minutes or Less


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    Wonder Woman 1984. Or, if you prefer, WW84. It was certainly a movie. A movie that happened. Many of you saw it. Let's just say it isn't exactly great. And it's got sins like you wouldn't believe.
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    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Caleb Rowell

      So can someone explain to me why the first WW was pretty dang good, and this one was just straight garbage? Director change? Higher ups? Budget cuts? There has got to be a reason. I watched this on HBO max a few days ago and honestly freakin birds of prey was a better movie, and it wasn't a good movie.

    2. randycaley

      The Whole Movie Was Horrible!!!

    3. Gary P.

      You forgot the plane would not be full of fuel. Nor would it make it to Egypt nevermind flying back without refueling.

    4. Smug Loli

      The safe ice sicily decide because appeal connolly divide up a noxious literature. possessive, wandering jute

    5. Blubus

      Another sin for the mid 80s IBM AT computers displaying streaming satellite video. Yea not a thing.

    6. Gerald guterres

      That “holy shit your the mandolorian” was the best

    7. Hold_Ma_Beer

      I haven't seen this movie, but just looking at the quality of CGI and her acting in other scenes... ugh... this is 2021 ffs... Not expected such low quality from DC universe O_o

    8. Remy LeBeau

      OMG!! HAHAHA Where in the name of Pegasus Ghost!! Dude, I about died laughing lol First thing that popped into my mind was Hidalgo for some reason lol

    9. Tom Horseman

      Anarchy is world peace. Anarchy is NOT what everyone thinks itis.

    10. Tom Horseman

      This movie was horrible boring

    11. Kaizze C

      Wonder woman vs the rich jerk.

    12. S K

      Discount Clint Eastwood 💀😭

    13. Darxvenger

      The Make a Wish foundation has gotten out of hand I see.

    14. galaxystar

      Funnily enough, Diana said it herself in Batman vs Superman that she hid from humanity for a hundred years ever since Steve Trevor died in world war 1. So how is she still battling the bad guys in 1984? Also, her mum was extremely protective of her in the first movie and did not allow Diana to fight as a child. And somehow young Diana can partake in the Amazon competition?

    15. walter hank

      4:16 because she need that pornstar outfit

    16. Unfunny Dude

      Bruh this episode is longer than the emoji movie one and as the comments say he missed a few! That must be painful.

    17. Happiness compilation

      This movie is pure trash

    18. Liana Longe

      18:07 Although being a WW fan, I couldn’t have agreed with him more. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    19. Paul What

      You sound like Chris Parnell.

    20. The Chronicle Gamer

      3:42 That would cause more accidents, especially if it collided with another person

    21. The Chronicle Gamer

      Just saw the movie, does anyone have some eye bleach I can borrow? And maybe a replacement brain?

    22. Yo boi Ridge

      7:14 when he opens his hand and it cuts to Barbara his hand is pointing again. Just a filming mistake that i noticed.

    23. Guisseppe Imbriago

      I love WW, and have a special place in my heart for long term threesomes, but this was the most insipid and boring written movie I’ve ever seen.

    24. Dolly Neek

      yeah Marvel would never

    25. Professional idiot

      This movie felt like 5 hours cuse it was just so boring

    26. SigMa Prime

      i called amazon and asked for a refund

    27. Garrett Davis

      Howard Hughes banged Diana in the 1940's.

    28. John Mirle Scearcy

      The guy managing to steal the gem while making out with Barbara was super ridiculous! When watching the movie with my dad, I said "What, is he going to put it in his pocket?! She'll say 'are you happy to see me, or are you trying to STEAL MY GIANT ROCK!' "

    29. Sharmageddon

      This whole movie felt wrong

    30. M P

      4:48 'Wonder women is a 'dick' to police cars.' There you go tax payers now you have to buy another one.

    31. M P

      This movie sucked in every single way. There was nothing good about it. What in the hell happened from the first one? The story was terrible. The fight scenes were so pathetic and boring. DC just cannot get these movies right at all. The have no idea how to take care of their characters. Batman has been the most successful as long as you get rid of Val and George. The old Superman's were good for their time but have not aged well. The first Wonder Women was pretty good. But the only threat was a wishing stone. Are you kidding me? The 80's was the best time in my life and they failed so bad at bringing that era to the movie. The script was bad, the acting was bad, and the directing is bad. But we all know now to be politically correct. Any time there is a female lead it has to be directed by a women. Any time there is a black lead it has to be directed by a black person. That is so stupid. All these looney leftist crap that worries more about gender and skin color is dumbing people down and making people mentally insane. Now they want to do a black superman? Just a disgrace and pathetic. I would be surprised if that movies breaks even. Just pathetic.

    32. Beverly Kuykendall

      I would fight you to the death about how awesome wedges are...they give stability with the sexiness of high heels...but I'm not a leftist so I am accepting of other opinions.

    33. Pls Be Gentle

      How does a review channel get Gaming sponsor

    34. asamvav

      Most irritating part is how can wishes that had been granted be revoked and reversed? If that happened then the moment Diana relinquished hers, she should have returned back to the Smithsonian holding that gaudy crystal piece. This movie has the logic of a hallmark movie. And the cirque du Soleil bit was hilarious. By that time I had given up completely on this movie. Complete garbage. Had so much expectation.

    35. Bryan Diaz

      Imagine if Bruce Wayne wished for his parents to be alive again

    36. MoJournal

      I really don't get how such high budget but low quality movies are still made. It's not about capturing the broadest possible audience. The bad writing did not have to happen to capture the attention of a broad audience.

    37. droid 264

      Love gal 💗 this movie was horrid just plain horrid. I want my money back...oh wait it was free...I want my time back 2.5 hours wholly S*it!!!

    38. Zola Renard

      The biggest sin of this movie is no one talks about the entire 1984's wish-granting phenomenon ever happened globally........................ We just gonna assume EVERYONE FORGOT???

    39. Will W

      Wonder Woman 1984 < Cleopatra 2525

    40. Preston Garvey

      God I know Diana comes from like Greece or something but she looks like a basic female Greek female character who carries around a bird that has a name this something to do with eyes

    41. Yella Fella

      I renounce my wish for this movie to be made

    42. Rob Sajous Comedy

      Do “Dragon The Bruce Lee Story”

    43. Neven Pervan

      Anyone seen map of europe in 84? Everything wrong!!!!

    44. Parker Cook

      You didn’t sin the movie for having the Russian nuke that wasn’t wished for disappear when the wishes are renounced. 1 sin for you!

    45. Divine to be different

      Sins have literally ruined movies for me. I can't watch a movie without looking for "sins"now.

    46. Lukas Lichtenstdf

      I have to say its not the best movie. But for some sins you totally made shit up like the "Flight, your gift. I'll never understand it." is clearly meant that she doesn't understand how he is so gifted its not about she dones:t know how to fly ... And also the sin for letting the dudes in the mall drop onto the roof of the car, at cinemawins you counted that as a win and here as a sin ? Decide you moron. ( sry if my enlgish is bad ._. )

    47. Too Many Lies

      Glad I watched this instead of giving the movie a chance when it comes back to HBO Max tomorrow.

    48. steve

      Moive total sins is 143 😂 are you kidding me? This is so unfair Infact Every single second of that mvoie is a sin

    49. Nolan Porras

      i've been waiting for this since the movie came out

    50. Jimmy Nguyen

      The cgi of wonder woman swing around was kinda ass throughout the whole film

    51. Raven Cain

      Alright ... I gotta be "that guy" ... No, the satellites don't "touch" the way we think, but Max did have the random military guy wish that "it would work for him". So, it worked. Just sayin'.

    52. The Prince of Laos

      "1984 sins"

    53. Gabe Alex

      To be honest I did not enjoy the wishing scenes, the part where the cheetah wishes to have Wonder Woman's powers so she can destroy her and I didn't like the way Maxwell take like that, not the actor. Those are the only parts I think actually let me down

    54. millienoh

      Never forget, World War 84 in Roblox.

    55. Randomize

      7:12 here y’all go.

    56. Tanner frey

      it might be a bit to heavy for you guys, you didn't bring up the fact that wonder woman had sex with another mans body without their consent. #heroes

    57. Red Five

      7:09 did u guys cut that or did the director not notice Pedro Pascal’s was pointing and then open in the next shot

    58. That One Gaming Guy

      You think the WW fill is just a rom-com chick flick where the main climax is marrying the pilot's body? Oh and aliens attack the 90's or something

    59. Who cares

      You misspelled "Everything was wrong with Wonder Woman 1984"

    60. Andy Miller

      Either doing flash back of Max or Amazonian would have been a better beginning

    61. JimboJames Mendoza

      The whole movie its a sin itself.

    62. LevixxX milkNekko._.

      you are narrating give yourself a sin😐

    63. Rafi Ahmed

      Waiting for "everything wrong with the Snyder cut"

    64. Mr_Crazyman 9612

      God this movie fricking sucked

    65. David Meyer

      This video has about six legitimate sins in it. The rest is nonsense that is just Jeremy making stuff up, pointing random things out, and stupid pop culture references.

    66. da man236

      30 seconds of paid promo... So what if they need money. SIN!

    67. Ray The Kid

      When are you doing a face reveal? This man is so funny, I'd love to see his face 🤣🤣

    68. lancourt

      A few more : >Steve 'died' in WW1 and he stunt drives a modern car in a chase/fight... In fact he accurately fires a rpg into a vehicle despite the fact that he has never seen one before. This is the same guy that was freaking out at the idea of an escalator >How much fuel does that plane have that it gets from DC to Cairo in one flight? and a museum plane is fueled and ready to go? >Barbara's 'turn to villany moment' was her going too far in beating up a rapist. Do they expect the audience to feel bad for the rapist when she beats him half to death? >At then end all the countries launch their nukes... But they launch the real nukes along with the wish nukes. So when the wish nukes disappear the real ones are still on the way

    69. Paul Rizzo

      DAMN this movie is bad. Like dogs**t bad. If it wasn’t for Gal, this wouldn’t be worth watching.

    70. RUCH

      the worse movie ever lololol

    71. ReggyDaGuy

      Being a DC movie is +300 sins. You forgot to add that on to the total count.

    72. Unknown Scientist

      CinemaSins: "No one is more or less valuable based on their footwear choices." Also CinemaSins: "Wonder Woman fights in wedges??? WEDGES???"

    73. Stephanie B

      The fact they used television to grant wishes is a sin in itself. Imagine if you wished for a billion dollars. You get it. Are you still going to be watching TV when she asks you to renounce it? No, you are going to be going out to spend money or on the phone to tell people. Not, waiting for the person on TV to tell you anything after.

    74. Big Boy

      This movie was shit, but max lord was pretty cool, but he got shit at the end

    75. The Average Joe

      Barbara Minerva - *I want to become an aPeX pReDaToR* becomes Cats 2019. The greatest sin right there.

    76. Neo Occisor

      He missed the foam wall Diana leans on and you can see her shoulder pad pushing the wall in

    77. CodeName PizzaJr

      I don’t even watch half the movies you post I just want to hear your criticism

    78. Juvia GrayLover

      me: "a female character being in love is NOT an automatic sign of weakness!! You can have a love life and be a strong woman!" WW84: "are you sure about that?"

    79. Jason Reynolds

      Ever notice how every once in a while a movie comes out that makes you want to sh** blood? This is it!

    80. Im a Dog

      Skillshare is like a virus like 90% of SEprom has sponsored it

    81. Joe America

      The people who were making movie knew how fast lightning moves , right?

    82. Jefferson Xavier

      you have the voice of Cave Johnson. "when life give you lemons..."

    83. Quantum Exia

      Dc movies suck marvel is literally superior when it comes to movies in every way

    84. darynu

      "This fucking movie will never fucking end" I KNOW RIGHT?

    85. greasy2007

      I literally said the same thing at #47 while watching VEGANS!

    86. greasy2007

      Sin #20 and can I see the manager Hair! 😂😂

    87. Nick Benke

      The winking woman was Linda Carter - The original Wonder Woman!

    88. Mark Schamber

      This whole movie was trash. It was ruined once they made Wonder Woman a rapist. But even without that, it would have been ruined with either of the two ridiculous villains and the stupid way the stone works or doesn't work.

    89. zodiac slut

      poor gal gadot

    90. The 8th Outer God

      If a terrorist wished for a nuke wouldn't he just idk detonate it if the consequences were more enemies coming for him? What if i wished for a cup of water and i already drank it how would i renounce my wish? Like the dude who wished for coffee, got it and his consequences were just a little beat of tongue burn. Not even counting the selfishness of human nature to not renounce their wish. What about people who didnt even hear him but whimsically wished for something. The whole movie was stupid. But on the other hand the whole movie was VERY much like a comic from the 80s would be. So i guess it's not that stupid is it

    91. play boy


    92. anubhab bhattacharyya

      Seriously the movie is way messed up than it seemed at first Don't know who deserves the credit for the first wonder woman movie really , her or Zack Snyder

    93. WalkTheDreamscape

      Holy shit this is still a thing? I stopped watching this "Everything wrong with" stuff years ago because at some point yall just became petty and started marking movies getting stuff wrong that werent even wrong. Also, dude that did the voiceover starting sounding angry like, took away from any fun these videos used to bring

    94. Gary Benningfield

      5:00 mark "You said Diana only knew Steve for a month and she is still pine-ing for him". You have to take into consideration that he is the first man she ever seen. I'm sure plenty of the Amazon women were tingling.

    95. ric Gikonyo

      Th3 Birdman Sends his Regards Dipsh!t

    96. Desolator trooper

      Also technically the world has burned into a nuclear holocaust because there is no way that the only missiles fired where missiles wished for.

    97. Fred Brooks

      Heyyy what’d I do!?

    98. Nightmare Unleash

      This movie wasn’t that good

    99. Matthew Gilmore

      only 143?

    100. Simon Willis

      They made it a woke sjw thing