Everything Wrong With The Mighty Ducks In Flying V Minutes


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    The Mighty Ducks sure is a movie that people love. It had a couple sequels and is now back as a Disney+ TV show. Despite all that, the original movie is kind of enjoyably terrible. Cute kids, but that's about it. And sins galore.
    Next week: Video game sins and princess sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Lilitha11 a

      I had a real life coach who was the sort of 'evil coach' type. He wasn't actually evil, but was extremely strict and yelled a lot, and was all about there is no real reason to play unless you are playing to win every match. He would also get upset if we only won by a small amount and said we should win by more. Best coach I ever had and we went undefeated.

    2. Forrest Rosen

      18:40 add one more sin, the flying V was offsides

    3. FuquarProductions

      This movie was absolutely horrible

    4. bryson mcconnaughey

      Seeing as how Corvettes are made out of fiberglass they cannot be rusted out. Your comment makes no sense whatsoever. That's one sin for you.

    5. Miccrhaafetl

      Nice fan, Charlie. Keep swingin'. Maybe you'll give 'em a cold. As a kid I loved this movie, still do somewhat, but now as a Youth Coach or I have worked directly for the youth league, this movie is frustrating to no ends. I would be fired if I allowed half this stuff in the movie to happen. You could say it was a different time back then, and I said it doesn't matter league past, present, or future are not going to allow kids to play without the right gear. The team is under-geared is in the top 10 stupid storytelling. you can have the right gear and still be horrible.

    6. phanfinger

      And yet, my first actor crush was Emilio Estevez in this movie. Wild.

    7. TheofficialColeRitchie

      Hockey is huge in Minnesota so playing a ton of games isn't uncommon. I play in PA and we played 40 games my pee wee season

    8. GuillotineStare

      “Scandinavian skate maker” is so racist.

    9. GuillotineStare

      This is all time movie. Teaching the kids to cheat was a really smart angle.

    10. Drew Oliver

      Remove one sin for mispronouncing Raleigh.

    11. Ticky

      How DARE you, sir!!! 🤣

    12. RandomRaccoon

      I live in MN, seen cars parked on lakes like a used car lot. Yes cars fall in but only when idiots don't listen and go out to early in winter or to late and not listen to state and weather officials. So a limo being fine on the ice is not a stretch.

    13. G Elder

      Who scores 198 goals in 25 games is a sin? Ever hear of Wayne Gretzky?

    14. CLuv

      15:58....discount Tom Cruise

    15. CLuv

      M C Gainey is not doing something horrible in this movie DING

    16. Bodacious117

      Holy shit i never realized that pos smollet was terry hall lol

    17. August Potor

      This is a classic for me, I grew up in Northern California and ice skating/hockey was something foreign to me. Oh, can you do Airborne('93)??

    18. Dave Jay

      15:04 You're welcome.

      1. Dave Jay

        I really wanted there to be a ::ding:: for every audible syllable of that... maybe even the bleeped ones as well...

    19. Adam Lewis

      Sin the hell out of it, I still love it!

    20. j pun

      Calling a white guy vanilla is not racist?

    21. cocamojoe

      Oh, look! Yet another overrated 90s movie that is now being hailed as a classic!

    22. Lillian Walker

      As a Minnesotan, I feel like you need to redact one sin for the car not falling through the ice. It’s a Minnesota public skating rink. Which means there’s only about 3 inches of ice on top of a field of grass. If anything you should be sinning the fact that the mom was worried that the car would fall through 3 inches of ice and not be able to get out.

    23. Stephen Cassat

      This is cult classic. That's a bit of a stretch.

    24. Gloria Diaz

      Thanks for including the "gentlemen, you don't have enough talent to win on talent alone" quote from Miracle. RIP Herb Brooks.

    25. swiperthefox777

      I was watching the Golden knights, ducks game the other day and they had Marguerite Moreau do an interview and to answer your question... yes she absolutely got her characters last name changed to Moreau to have a custom ducks jersey to wear at school. She said it was even more special for her when the ducks became a national team. She confirmed it herself.

    26. albert mooney

      no, i dont understand sarcasm at all.

    27. Keaton Pentheny

      you should do everything wrong with cinemaSins

    28. Kevin Beaubien

      Would love to see one for "next" with Nicolas Cage. The movie is bad-good

    29. Knuckle Puck Time

      We love Gordon Bombay, but he is a horrible coach! The fact that he let Charlie take that final shot instead of Fulton was a HORRIBLE abdication of his duties to the team!

    30. DJ

      The mighty ducks is the 2nd one

    31. FullGlutenDonut

      "If you Gaetz arrested for drunk driving...." hahaha see these small references are why I love this channel.

    32. CUTIE PIE


    33. Kyle Roberts

      Bad movie, yes; important, absolutely. If not for this movie, we don't get the actual franchise, and the NHL doesn't market even stronger to non-hockey markets.

      1. AttentionJunkie

        Loved it as a kid but yeah not that great, way more energy than the show though.

    34. Will Wiegelman

      As someone who grew up playing youth hockey, almost every single rink has banners for the youth hockey team(s) that play(s) there

    35. JohnPaul Dudley

      So Brocken glass equals run clock later or end of practice

    36. Jamesy NFG

      That 23rd sin is weird considering you would’ve called it a cliche had the car fell through the ice after the main character said it wouldn’t

    37. Ash KetchumLover122

      I don't know this movie.😬

    38. CUTIE PIE


    39. dave smith

      little pete !!!!!!!!!

    40. Nicholas Olson

      I just saw myself at 12:31 in the video! ( brown jacket, left side of the screen).

    41. cassidykids4

      This movie is on Disney plus if you want to watch it

    42. Gan Khef

      Ah, so this is where my peers learned the term "oreo". Thanks for that, movie.

    43. Cøney -

      0/10 no ducks located

    44. Lyla

      Hey can you peeps do Benchwarmers? It’s the funniest bestest movie everrrrr

    45. Anjounet Leavell


    46. Anjounet Leavell

      Why haven’t you made a video on Beethoven!?!

    47. Hello world 25

      7:29. Jeremy, did you get drunk so you could get through watching this? Cause you just sounded REALLY DRUNK and I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard it!

    48. Bigmike 1678


    49. Gabrielle Stewart

      Quick question.... WHAT THE HELL IS RALLY? Raleigh North Carolina

    50. Ricco Canipe

      I didn't know you wrote about your life!

    51. Michael Pleva

      Awesome. As a hockey player, the idiotic ignoring of rules has always bothered me in this franchise.

    52. Ryan Adams

      Wayne Gretzky scored 378 goals when he was 10. I'm not sure how many games he played, and this is Wayne Gretzky we're talking about, not Emilio Estevez. But the number isn't *completely* outrageous.

    53. Tyler Rush

      The hawks didn’t tie that game, they lost in overtime. Gordon talks to Charlie about it at the diner

    54. Nathan Duhaime

      Lol “rat bastard”

    55. StillAboveGround

      Emilio would rather hang out with a pee wee hockey club instead of The Breakfast Club, which by itself is a major sin.

    56. Ahvee

      This guy killed this film 🥺😂

    57. Ian MacDonald

      I'm just here for the Corey Perry slander

    58. Richard Siemion

      One of my peewee teams Ended up playing 73 games one season. Travel hockey gets nuts with games.

    59. ཞི་བདེ།

      _"Lawyers are so dishonest. Gosh I hate them Hey, why don't we keep electing Lawyers to the highest office in the land, over and over?.... and STILL complain that politicians always suck."_ -The Majority of Americans 🤣

    60. roosduster

      Interesting how at 11:36 the Cardinals are 8 wins and 4 losses despite the game they had the tie with the Ducks. Then at 11:41 it is now magically 8 wins, 3 losses and a tie.

    61. TexanTube

      Why does Emilio Estevez look like how Martin Sheen's son Charlie SHOULD'VE looked like? They're damn-near twins!

    62. Mahvimcoo

      Listen... I'm like 95% sure Fulton is just a young Bucky Barnes.

    63. Jess N

      Funny, but hockey is a serious business in MN so some of the outlandish things like Pee Wee Hockey in the newspapers and youth teams from different cities having or sharing home rinks is a thing. Though I have never met someone who’s life went to hell because they missed a penalty shot in PeeWee hockey... that’s all Disney!

    64. Andy Holland

      When I played peewee hockey we played about 50 or so games a season. From September to March you played two games a week and tournaments of 3-5 games thanksgiving, Christmas, and one In February. Then you had 3-5 games for playoffs. Gretzky scored 378 goals his last year of peewee hockey.

    65. IEtonewowo I

      Bitch, our high school doesn’t even have their own rink, and I live in Minnesota

    66. Robert Snider

      You fucked up. Now you gotta do all of them.

    67. Bryan Newcombe

      You forgot to mention that when they came across the blue line in their "so awesome" flying V formation, they were offside.

    68. Patrick Davidson

      I've always had more nostalgia for pt 2.

    69. Jason Groom

      I don't think you understand how important peewee hockey is in some parts of the upper midwest. Here in Iowa our local peewee team shares a name with our minor league team, and their banners hang on the opposite side of the arena.

    70. kayce851

      17:48 Is clearly supposed to be a shot from inside the ice, not a reflection. If it were a reflection, when the puck is dropped, we would have seen the actual puck drop into the shot, but instead we continue to see what looks like a reflection (but is actually just the camera being pointed through some scratched up plexiglass with some translucent paint on it).

    71. Beetlebum71

      1. This is fantastic. 2. You are clearly not from Minnesota. We definitely have newspapers dedicated solely to hockey news, and they routinely recap youth games. Also, the top Pee Wee team from my town played 56 games this year, so 25 is, indeed, ridiculous, in that it's not nearly enough. Minnesota is hockey-crazy. 3. The major plot flaw in this movie is that geography is made central to the story, but Fulton is from Stillwater, MN, which is on the border of MN and WI, and would never be playing on a team with players from Minneapolis. Movie can't have it both ways!

    72. Movie Collecter

      Still a classic

    73. B Stanley

      Imagine being such a jaded piece of shit that you don't recognise Mighty Ducks as the absolute masterpiece it is

    74. Nathan McKenzie

      I guess "cinema sins" has a nice to ring to it but calling the sundry blunders of popular motion pictures "sins" is a sin in itself.

    75. RTG Animation

      Oh my, good thing I watched this beloved movie only few times, when I was around 8 or 10, it reaaly seems to be 100% nostalgia :O

    76. Nick Papageorgio

      Your college Ex girl really did a number on you, eh? In every video lmao

    77. soshiangel90

      I never watched this...and after this, I'm so very very glad I never did....

    78. Fierce Carton392

      Why did you the lions like that 😂

      1. Fierce Carton392

        I’m mean why did you do the lions like that

    79. mike roebauls

      his name is Basil (said Bazzle) McCrae

    80. tgguitarguy

      Am I missing something here? Or is this no April Fools joke in this?

    81. Micah Morgan

      Calling Charlie "Pacey" 😂

    82. tony schreier

      Rat bastard Corey Perry is the best line

    83. Mrtfarrugia

      I'm actually really confused about how this league is set up. If it's house league then most leagues would try to balance the teams or if it's anything higher then they would have to tryout and I'm trying to figure out how these players would have made a team in the first place.

    84. Curtis Robinson

      Systemic racism in hockey: the ref is OK with that Oreo comment. Also c'mon man Pewee is where the kids who will become pros start playing seriously; hasn't anyone at CinemaSins ever heard of the Quebec Pewee tournament? Mike Modano played there in 82. I'm sinning you for not doing any hockey homework! Also watch Les Pewee its a soft reboot of this movie set in Quebec

    85. Coolspot Coolspot

      You gonna do D2 and D3?

    86. Ecchi Kun

      5:26 I'm glad I wasn't the only one who found this annoying

    87. Ben Rivera

      Always love your content, but minor correction on this one. Pee-wee hockey clubs do in fact usually have their own home ice rinks. Normally each local rink will be the home to one specific team and will have banners up like that. As for Gordon not knowing this was their rink, could be a solid sin or the Hawks could have moved to a different rink in the time since he was affiliated and he was just unaware.

    88. Carmen Panaro

      He said that pee-wee hockey seasons did not have 25 games but my pee-wee team had 47 games in one season.

    89. Stephen Ring

      All the times you mentioned Gordon missing the shot and it being a tie etc, he literally says in the diner scene the missed shot means they tied and lost in overtime

    90. Brandon Hyatt

      The stars were still a Minnesota team when this movie was made so they weren’t in Texas

    91. Kelepar

      Lol "cake eater" at 12:42 IS a Minnesota insult. It's what we call the rich kids from Edina and Minnetonka.

    92. Global00Vintage

      You've clearly never been drunk. White Castle is everything. Only where I'm from it's Krystals, and that shit is nasty, disgusting meat product that feels so good going down after a night of tequila shots and beer chasers.

    93. Auron Sin

      We're not gonna talk about Jussie swooning over Tammy when he mentions her in the beginning, even though he's more Rainbow than a bag of Skittles?..........Ok. 🙁

    94. Dollas 78

      I wish one of the clips at the end had some scene with “Diplomatic Immunity” in it for Hans

    95. Sirknightsalot

      my guy violated corey perry

    96. David Edwards

      while your doing the Mighty Ducks would you be able to do the Three Ninjas as well?

    97. Michael Hiltz

      Pee wee hockey teams don't have home arenas, but the associations that have pee wee, and other age groups of hockey teams, do. Also just because 2 kids hit the one kid, isn't boarding

    98. NYDelly Dell


    99. waymanbrian

      "What kind of Mickey Mouse organization would name their team, "The Ducks"?" - Bugs Bunny

    100. ventusToonz

      No way 'Oreo Line' was used in a movie bro and I don't remember to that's so bad xD