Everything Wrong With The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in 13 Minutes or Less


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    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a bad movie. It's every bit as bad as you've heard, yet somehow still worse than that. You just can't believe how bad it is. So naturally it has a lot of sins.
    Next week: '90s action & a bad superhero movie.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Gino diFonzo

      Stoopit, stoopit movie.

    2. Thorn Schumacher

      Anyone else thought mr.gray was Johnny Depp

    3. John Weaver

      I loved this movie as a kid but when i saw again and again throughout my life i began noticed how cheesy and the ending was just shit.

    4. Alexander Sandmeier

      how dare you touch this movie

    5. Christian

      Still loving this movie! Good Cast for a Remake by Guillermo del Toro: Quatermain: Hugh Jackman Tom Sawyer: LaKeith Stanfield Mina Harker: Emma Stone Dorian Grey: Jared Leto (Maybe Ryan Gosling) Rodney Skinner: Paul Rudd Nemo: Taika Waititi Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde: Joel Edgerton Moriarty: Andrew Scott

    6. Ryan Spooner

      this movie was great and you know it. XD sinful pleasure

    7. Ravenrose

      Okay, but everyone really needs to read the comics this was based off of. They're soooo good--funny, insightful, a great parody of comics while simultaneously developing their best parts. Plus in later issues they bring in Victoria Woolf's Orlando, a genderfluid badass in a relationship with the male and female leads.

    8. Musical Seizure Guy

      I mean come on people! It’s 2021! We have to allow vampires to suck now! 🤣

    9. Dumisani Daniel Manganye

      Lets face it, for those who grew up liking this film the CGI effects didnt even matter🤷‍♀️, only cinema sins made them matter and TBH, they were working with the CGI quality of their time, your making it seem as if TLEG was made in late 2010🙄

    10. HeartofFlame

      AND ROX ALMOST USES THE SAME ACCENT IN VH TOO. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I never thought about that until I watched this b/c it sounded the same.

    11. Zainal Smith

      One of the best movies of all times

    12. Matthew Irizarry

      Alan Moore literally wrote the source material for this film as a Victorian era Avengers.

    13. Derepa06

      This series should be called things you may have missed because a good amount of this isn't wrong. It's just things they pointed out.

    14. Tim Childers

      This guy doesn’t understand the internet and our love of this movie

    15. Priscilla Jimenez

      Maybe anything Skinner ingests is soon at first but then is cloaked but the invisibility.

    16. Cierra Townsend

      I love this silly movie.

    17. Golden Green Ranger

      James Bond Grandfather is in the books.

    18. Adrian Host

      Putting it on a little heavy aren't we? I get it's satire but it's also a live action comic movie thats over a decade old so....

    19. Clara Young

      I loved this film, it was fun and silly. And thats what films are ment to be :) Also, Sinamacins didnt hate the film, I know of several that got way way WAAAAY higher sin counts XD

    20. The Outlaw Kommander

      One of those "bad" movies you always watch, lol.

    21. Sherman Shecapio

      This is the final live-action movie role for Sir Sean Connery, who retired after this movie was released in 2003 and he died in October 31 2020.

    22. Kendannon

      I liked this movie. Sure, it's missing something to bring it all together, but it's not a bad flick.

    23. Herta Neufeld

      There are at least 4 out 5 other sins I would have given

    24. DankHops

      i fucking loved this film, probs was shit but i remember liking it 😂😂

    25. Tom Bratcher

      Alan Moore, the comic's writer, was associated with this agains his will. That ought to be Skewes number of sins right off the bat

    26. Mr40BlkMan

      It was awful. I watch it every time it is aired. 😂 What's more awful? The number of ADs interrupting this review.

    27. Methoswicca

      Fucking lies this film is amazing.

    28. Mia B-P

      Hey, can you review Penny Dreadful please? Thanks!

    29. Anthony Rifenberry

      I got to admit i love this movie because i love the stories

    30. Mischa

      Van Helsing is my fav. horror action movie and I've always enjoyed this.. I guess I have beef with CinemaSins now D:

    31. Mark Eike

      I'm giving you 1,000 sins for referring to "Africa" as a "Weezer" song. 😡

    32. Caleb Fielding

      Its great.

    33. TheLordPolar

      He misses Hide on purpose because he's trying to force him to go where he wants him, so he keeps missing. Duh? Also Jackle, and hid agreed to work together to save everyone.

    34. SchwamiLPD

      This is one of my Favorite Movies of all Time

    35. Wayne Ortiz

      I ve not heard of this movie in forever goooooood I love this movie

    36. D Gordy

      I LOVE this movie!!

    37. Scott Isaak

      Horrible and badly good flick!!!

    38. Cloudian~

      This movie was not as bad as you think Knives out is Good.

    39. El Stötzo

      I watched the movie in maybe 2004 and still remember it as the shitty Movie with a Submarine that fits in a Canal

    40. Terrence Bryant

      Ruined an excellent comic book series.

    41. VelcroYuppie

      Personally, I loved the movie.

    42. Anne Grace

      6:16 a sin added for failing to hit the target that he was purposely trying to miss so he could direct him to a trap? Come on CinemaSin!

    43. Doc Lewis

      The tombstone does spell the name correctly. That's a "Q" not an "O".

    44. Ahzrukal

      0:42 why is there latin in the newspapers? wtf? also the tank in 0:53 didn't even exist in 1899. the prototype of the Mark I was finalized in late 1915 if i remember correctly and it only entered service in the fall of 1916 (i think). the brits wanted to build an "armored fighting vehicle" even before the first world war but their suggestions always were rejected. there is no chance that they had a tank in 1899 because the Mark I was considered the first tank.

    45. Andrew Rigsby

      Unique men, like yourself. So... not unique then.

    46. Genesis

      Even if this movie is bad i still love it.

    47. Cade Glenn

      Van helsing and this are amazing movies I refuse to believe otherwise funny vid though🤣

    48. Shaun Dixon

      Jeckle and hyde were my favorite characters

    49. Nunya Biznes

      I could never watch the whole thing. Always fell asleep

    50. TheDarkoricle

      This movie is pretty old and this dude complaining about the cgi and stuff.

    51. Havilands Gamer Channel

      The movie was bad, yes, but it holds sentimental value for me, it was the last movie I saw in the cinema with my grandmother before she went into a home, it was basically her and I in the cinema and we had a nice day out.

    52. Nestor Eleuterio Paiva Bendo

      The impression of Arnie already cracked me up, but was that 7:05 talking about the fruit a reference to TFS DBA?

    53. Soyuz da Villan

      Describing Hyde as something akin to a gorilla more so than a monkey would have been apt

    54. Soyuz da Villan

      This movie really did have potential and if it was done right it could have been a lot more

    55. Soyuz da Villan

      Weezer song Africa?? 100 SINS!!!

    56. TheElMuffin

      This movie and Van Helsing were absolutes bombs when they came out and only suck in comparison to modern movies. You're wrong for sinning these and you should feel bad.

    57. Gillian Cole

      I thought that liking this movie was a controversial opinion but im in "league" with most of the comments. I do disagree with Jeremy Sean Connery is not worth it, he was a known woman beater and i happen to have known a lady who went to the same dances as him in Edinburgh. She told me that none of 5he women would go anywhere near him.

    58. Russ By

      Honestly, I rather liked this movie.

    59. mikeyj80

      The Weezer song ‘Africa?’ Weezer song??? gah!

    60. Fancysharkman

      I actually like this film haha

    61. Charles Curran

      So this is where the snarky robots from Mystery Science Theatre got off too.

    62. Mattia Salvetti

      fun fact - i unironically love this movie

    63. Rachel Grinbergs

      I actually really like this movie. Anyone else realize just how much 2012 Avengers took cues from it??! The story structure, character parallels (ex. Jekyll/Hyde and Hulk), Nautilus and Helicarrier, etc. I see you, Marvel.

    64. Art Westefeld

      Waiting for Cinemasins to ruin my childhood by sinning Logan's Run.

    65. asif kamal

      This movie is way better than WW84...And first crossover type movie I had seen at the time.

    66. iAmAnonymousTom

      Fuck you. This is literally one of my all time favorite movies ever.

    67. Osiris Smith

      Rest In Peace 🥺🥺

    68. DrJones 97

      Definitely, a guilty pleasure for me, don't care for its issues. It's a great movie.

    69. Jeffrey Fredricksen

      This movie made Sean Connery stop acting....for that it should never be watched again.

    70. Jade

      I loved this movie a bunch as a kid, mostly for sean connery lol Thanks for covering it

    71. Silias Vencr0v

      Ne parece una película ideal y excelente

    72. Randall Myrick

      Watch yourself cinema sims this is one of my favorite movies 💪

    73. Altronza

      My favorite movie of all time. Time to see it get ripped to shreds.

    74. Money4Nothing

      I love watching Everything Spoilers Wrong Duh With

    75. H.O.

      Van Helsing was a goood fucking movie

    76. Elantra Dude XD

      Can we just acknowledge that this is The Avengers 1899 and it is awesome

    77. Vince K

      Quartermaine missed jekyl on purpose, to maneuver him into the leagues trap

    78. Wil Edge

      I actually really like this movie despite the fact I know I shouldn't

    79. Lizzie's Lukas

      It's a movie that doesn't have to be perfectly good to be enjoyed as guilty pleasure

    80. Zachary Powell

      weezer's "africa". lol nice troll Cinema Sins.

    81. Eric Whitney

      The only problem with this movie is it came out in the early 2000’s instead of mid- to late-90’s when it would’ve been more acceptable for that kind of CGI. At least it’s still a better movie than the Justice League movie... @2:16 Why is #22 a sin? Your own clip @7:43 explains this. @6:19 #51 is wrong, meaning you clearly haven’t watched this movie yourself. When Tom Sawyer says “You missed”, Quatermain EXPLAINS he did so on purpose to trap Hyde because they aren’t trying to kill him. 🙄 @8:35 #66 is wrong too. A later scene shows that it CAN reverse. 🙄 @8:18 Is it just me, or is the shadow on the wall actual HYDE’S silhouette? That’s a great small detail. This movie may be bad, but as a fan of classic novels, it’s still one of my favorites!

    82. thamsan101

      No amount of movie sins will make up for saying that Africa is a Weezer song.

    83. piramaniak

      It’s not without its flaws but I really love this movie!

    84. Kng Tch

      I am probably the only one I know that literally likes this movie

    85. Armygamr117

      I love this movie this and van helsing are great movies

    86. BlackTungsten

      I legit saw this three times in theaters. No regrets.

    87. Karl Sweeney

      Vampires CAN control bats, you goon.

    88. Ugly German Truths

      The guy that fetches Quartermain from Africa was supposed to be (Campion) Bond... another fusion of two different stories, thus the M references based on the James Bond franchise.

    89. Ava Pascale

      i think the real sin of the god damn awful movie , was making gray, a man who gay sex in his book, the heterosexual villan character. lovely.

    90. Nineteen-Sixty-Seven Ford Mustang

      Comics were better. The only problem is that the literary references were even MORE atrocious in the comics. But at least they were better written. Mostly.

    91. Daniel Rossy

      BUT.. I like this movie.

    92. The Gaming Cathedral

      6:17 Sinning something that the movie literally explains a couple of seconds later is a sin.

    93. Samaul Redman

      I've had the wonderful chance to stand with the exact car they used from the movie. Absolute mammoth of a vehicle. Based on a Cadillac front wheel drive chassis. It's in the DezerLand Museum in Orlando now.

    94. Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

      Much better that Affleck and his friends lol

    95. Pheonix Reviews

      Rip Sean Connery 😢

    96. Dunca Edge

      This channel really has gone to shit, you just nitpick the dumbest things. Connery said stay back if you value your life, you say what if I don't and you tally a sin??????? we need a Everything Wrong With CinemaSins at this point

    97. Liberi Arcano

      Actually, the Hyde soldier was Dante, Moriarty's right-hand man. Sanderson (the man who "recruited" Quatermain in the beginning) became invsibile so that he could ambush Tom.

      1. Liberi Arcano

        @Gogoroth2 Yes, you can recognize him by his voice, when he says "What makes you think I'm Skinner, huh?".

      2. Gogoroth2

        That was the guy from the beginning? I never put that together

    98. Titty Leds

      I actually loved this film as a kid, ontop of that Hyde arleast looks like a monster in this unlike the mummy movie. Honestly id love to see this remade ..

    99. Andy

      Add a sin for not knowing Africa is not originally a Weezer song

    100. Jeffery Cox

      Weezer song?