Everything Wrong With Tenet In 12 Minutes Or Less


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    Tenet has sins, then it has reverse sins, and... f*ck this movie is confusing. We did our best to sin it, though. :)
    Next week: Time Travel sins and Aviation sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Elliot Persell


    2. Phillip McGough

      i agree with all of your comments - and i know you enjoyed it too. but the only protaginist knew the CIA death capsule did not really work. so there was extra, flex time built into the plan. but cat almost ruined it by 'going early'. it's all ridiculous, except from the perspective from someone with detail, on the ground, knowledge of the path. tenet is ONLY about the intelligence gathering phase of the operation - not the execution. so, anti James Bond

    3. Steve White

      .struh niarb yM

    4. Shaun Rogers

      You know it’s only because of this video I had the idea of investing money in the desalination of ocean water. The planet is is mostly salt water, and sea levels are rising. So why don’t we find a way to take the salt and micro plastics, out of ocean water and drink it and use it for irrigation and crops, etc. This provides drinkable water for everyone and also helps fight rising sea levels in a way no one seems to have thought of lmao, by drinking it!

    5. Logan Roussey

      Hollywood: NO IT'S THEM! Movies: HAVE MERCY! Cinema sins: Omea wa mou shinderu and thus the movie world vanished and hollywood was now a memory

    6. Dragunov 1947

      95% of the mistakes are just nit picking. And please do not expect 100%pure science and event follow in movies, instead watch documentaries. Better make a video with 5 mistakes but all of them strong.

    7. RBJ

      why kat seeing herself in the speed boat while shes in the yacht (before she dive) is she inverted? or is she in the main timeline or in the past?

    8. TheClmcdonald32

      Ok, but if he is catching the bullet wouldn't it be in the chamber and not the magazine unless he uncocked the gun? Which he did not. How would the bullet have gotten into the magazine?

    9. Tom Horseman

      I honestly really liked the movie. I loved the fact that he was essentially fighting himself.

    10. Tom Horseman

      Eh.... "climate change" is a natural process that will always be happenin. We have no impact on the earths current climate.....I Think its more delusional.....for people to believe our climate is supposed to stay the exact same forever. They started the "Fear train" for this crap years ago....YEARS AGO "MAKE SURE YOU BUY GREEN!!!!" Literally no outlandish predictions ever came true. But coorporations are making an extra buck on "clean, green, sustainable E.T.C." BS!

    11. Ana Carolina Buzelim dos Santos

      Cinema sins is so smooth with some jokes and i'm here for it

    12. X X

      So if someone dies and gets inverted do they come back to life

    13. J_Viking32

      Sin for thinking that Talinn (the location of the car chase scene) is in Ukraine when in fact it’s the capital of Estonia

    14. Yuri Lopes

      oh, yeah, the fight is amazing. the perspectives, first off you see through regular time protagonist, and at the beginning he's lost cant cant do shit because other dude is inverted, but halfway through the fight he gets the vibe and fights back. then when we see inverted protagonist's perspective, at the beggining (when he leaves/enters with the plane blast), he's kinda lost because hes reversed, but then mid way through he starts getting the hang of it and can escape through the turnstile

    15. Yuri Lopes

      the free will vs determinism paradox actually got me in this movie. i still cant make sense of it. specially when she says "ah it would have never moved if you hadnt put your hand there" yeah but i can stop at anytime. i dont get it

    16. n1lknarf

      tenet is what happens when an expressive artist wants to create something realistic

    17. Jorje Washington

      Should have had the timer count down as well as sin counter. 🤣

      1. Jorje Washington

        Wait, sin counter does count down 🤯

    18. Jeffy Bean

      Whatever...the movie was entertaining. Do better.

    19. Daniel Olusanya

      24mins ??? More like 2 hours

    20. Kevin Klein

      Notice he reversed the sin counter when they were “inverted?”

    21. vaibhav thathola

      There is no such thing as reverse entropy... Infact if there was something that could reverse entropy it would not reverse time for the object....

    22. Siddharth Khokhar

      Cinema Sins watch the movie again , that bullet hole in opera house was not there forever , in forward time inverted actions appear only during recent times forshadowing the events to come.

    23. Toppertje 1

      Missed opportunity to have the sins also inverted

    24. Mr Implicit

      I rated up this video and then I watched it to fulfill my actions.

    25. Toaster Stroodle

      I heard that even the creator of inception was confused when he watched this movie

    26. Jamaal Davis

      Just realized Tenet is spelled the same forwards and backwards 😳🤯🤯🤯

    27. Yash Chhatani

      Everything Wrong With Tenet In 12 Minutes Or Less so it's 12mins forwards and 12mins backwards which makes it 24mins? Genius!!

    28. NYTXboy123096

      Wait why are the sins going backward..

    29. Ellis JP

      At 19:28, he says "I repeat", instead of "I say again". If you were to say 'repeat' on an army radio, some serious stuff would go down.

    30. Dhaval Patel

      Just some covid frustration here !

    31. Kory M

      Didn't they say you can't interact with your past self or am I thinking of another movie?

    32. Rhett Ohlerking

      James Newton Howard? Excuse me? Hans Zimmer did dark Knight. Most of these “sins” are ridiculous

    33. Private Viewing

      For a laugh, try the video at 0.25x speed you’re welcome 😊

    34. ZombieWilfred

      03:05 Didn't sin the fact that the inverted bullet was in the magazine, when it should've been in the chamber...

    35. jcwilder86

      i tried to like this movie

    36. Drewku

      This dude is seriously inverting his sins😂😂😂😂

    37. MisterNatMan

      Here's a sin, lol: not understanding that the dead man switch didn't activate the algorithm, it simply transmitted the location so that in the future the algorithm can be activated by finding all the pieces in that buried spot. They just had to make sure the algorithm didn't stay there after Sator died.

    38. mak fard

      20:26 had me dead :))))

    39. Wez

      Complicated and not even a decent film to want to figure out.

    40. cdrath

      I would never have put that Kat is Ayesha from GotG2 until you put that line in there.

    41. Becca.Bender37

      sin: the main character's name is "protagonist," he doesn't have a name.

    42. Ndirangu Mutembei

      You're wrong about the bullet hole in the opera house. It wouldn't have been there forever prior to the siege. According to the movie, effects that happen in reverse only start to appear moments before their cause. Two other examples from the movie include: 1)The reverse protagonist bleeding arm in Oslo airport that starts to bleed moments before the the forward protagonist stabs him. The other example still in Oslo airport inside the Rotas vaults, we can see cracks start to appear on the glass which is an effect whose cause is bullets from the confrontation that is about to occur.

    43. Passive Agressive

      “My Cocaine” is brilliant 👍🏾

    44. masusockvevo

      I came out even more confused than I was. thanks

    45. earthwatcher2021


    46. 张昭春

      9:04 andrei sator...and i read it andrei gator in the movie

    47. johnnyq1992

      I watched this with headphones on last week and had no issues with the audio and dialogue

    48. Lx Sin

      So many valid critisisms to be had but the Cinemasins resorts to nitpicking. Maybe they didnt understand the movie too.

    49. Fharish Ahmed

      12:54 The countdown timer on the top right reverses.... WHAT?

    50. Fharish Ahmed

      So, I watched the review, then the three parts of Cinema Wins, now I am watching Cinema Sins.... I swear, This movie is going to be totally confusing when I watch it tomorrow.

    51. Motivique Studio

      Cinematic sound mixing has seriously gone to shit.

    52. sorzen

      Wow, a cinwmasins episode that actually makes sense

    53. prod. acoya

      ur telling me nathan fillion isnt narrating this video

    54. ABHIX

      No one can spoil this movie I swear 😩

    55. Rugby League

      Apparently Sator never needs to charge the battery on his heart monitor. He also never removes it to take a shower or anything, so his wrist probably STINKS like old gym socks that somebody pooped on.

    56. Jay

      Wouldn't the human blood circulatory system go backwards? What about the weather? Wouldn't rain and snow reverse and rise upwards? Wouldn't people speak in reverse syllables?

    57. Catalepsy

      I didnt get past mumbai scene. Terrible movie.

    58. paleo23 5

      Go easy on Christopher Nolan guys. This is his very first movie. I'm sure he'll get better over time.

    59. musiquefrique

      Still have ZERO frikking clue what’s happening here!! Where’s Bella?!?

    60. julesdingle

      Tenet really is utter garbage, fun shooty action garbage, but incoherent garbage

    61. Aztro Boy

      Ah yes, invert sins

    62. Classic Jay

      I think this guy just doesn’t get this movie so he just bashes every scene haha 😂

    63. Kudakwashe Maxwell

      Took a while for me to get that the sin counter got inverted lol

    64. **Mahina808**

      The bullet is worse because it goes in backwards already mushroomed.

    65. the Bode

      Its as if Nolan was upset too many ppl understood Inception, Interstellar and Memento, and decided to make Tenet

    66. Guy Vizard

      Me: "Wait. What's happening? I missed something." GF: "They're going after Branagh, who's wife sold him a fake picture, so he's blackmailing her, and he has a bunch of gold and a weapon from the future cult." Me: "... oh. Of course."

    67. Guy Vizard

      I'd much rather watch a movie unraveling the mystery of a re-composing skeleton for 2 hours. That sounds awesome.

    68. Guy Vizard

      AKA Christopher Nolan's "Timecop."

    69. Guy Vizard

      This is either the best or worst stoner film ever made.

    70. Guy Vizard

      I thought it was just me who couldn't hear the dialogue at all. Good.

    71. Heavy D

      Kinda missed the biggest one in the movie: they just STATE that reversing the world's entropy results in universal destruction, but they never even attempt to explain why/how. That's the biggest suspension of disbelief required by the whole movie.

      1. The Techsite

        They say, that it's most probable it will end in destruction and the future people are desperate enough to try anyway.

    72. Han Liao

      saying "mine cocaine" in a drunk slur.... will sound like michael caine saying his own name

    73. Neil Godfrey

      You should have started the video with 71 sins then removed them as the video went on.

    74. UHFStation1

      Star Trek TNG episode, "Time Squared" had similar theme. And for those that like parallel world fiction "Counterpart" was an awesome show. Ended a season too soon though.

    75. Chummy Wiggler

      This film was lame.

      1. The Techsite

        @Classic Jay What about the sound mix and weird editing, including a blatant editing mistake around the 6:00min mark?

      2. Classic Jay

        Cause it’s too advanced for your little brain 🧠🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    76. Alex Durdan

      this movie was terrible...

    77. NazKool _Productions

      no subtitles for this english speaking movie 😎

    78. NazKool _Productions

      poor mans honest trailers 😜

    79. Thelonious Breskin

      yeah i know. it was hard to understand. but I LOVED the volume. absolutely loved it. I also want to have Christopher nolan's babies and I'm a man but whatever.

    80. R U Experienced Design

      You let Tenet off too easy. I think this film has more sins than any other film you've ever done. Almost like future Nolan knew he was going to get away with it.

    81. Teralynda Dalinoc

      The main actor is very handsome. Acting, eh a bit dry. Lol diversity hires. RIP Hollywood.

    82. Fred Doug

      The fact that Pattinson said when filming tenet he didn't understand what was going on for weeks yet he plays a character that "always knows too much" is just prime example of how far the guy has come in his acting career

    83. Barney Wiggins

      "My Cocaine" LMBO!!!!!

    84. Patrick Wong

      Surprised you couldn't weave in the Chris Pine Jack Ryan Russian Branaugh in the outtakes.

    85. Kealun Leday

      This was a deliberate attempt on my cognitive faculties

    86. Aldo the Lizard

      So.. I went to the toilet, absorbing $hit from the toilet, then gave it my nutrition and vomitted it from my mouth that later turned into a burger

      1. pnutz 2 - fmr. capnazrael

        na you just chewed up the vomit and then spat out lumps of bun and meat one mouthful at a time until you had a burger. and then there's the part where the meat unminces itself into a cow's genitals

    87. Neri Kafkafi

      Sin 19 is not a sin. It is actually explained later in the movie. The hole will be formed only minutes before the shot. Or in inverted time it will disappear minutes after the shot, due to the overall entropy of the universe being stronger than the inverted entropy of the bullet. But I think you caught some very good sins overall.

    88. VictoorStaHursky

      waaaaait wtf betterhelp after all this drama still is offering sponsorship to ppl??????

    89. Sidewinder Punk

      I saw this movie. And was insulted by the crappy explanation and then the movie telling me I’m too dumb to understand the bad explanation.

      1. The Techsite

        I mean, I don't like the film very much, but for different reasons. It explains its concept quite well. Not saying that watching it unfold is intuitive. That's one of its problems.

    90. Cappy 22

      ...Horrible movie

    91. Aka Tricyclops

      This movie is a house of cards that collapsed under its own weight. Yay Nolan and bye-bye physics.

    92. Ghost The Golden Wolf


    93. Bradley 422

      Does reverse poop go into their but when they go to the bathroom?

      1. The Techsite

        Yes. By the rules of the film, it would do that 🤷‍♂️

    94. evilcartmen Solo

      So wasnt the mom now in 2 places in the same time so one goes with the son and the other gets screwed ahhh im confused.

    95. Edwin Cervantes

      Tenet and WW84 were my top 2 movies I highly anticipated last year and they both left me flabbergasted for all the wrong reasons.

    96. Marik Ishtar

      Didn't Hans Zimmer write the score for the Dark Knight, not James Newton Howard

    97. DJ TinyTim

      There is a laundry list of people in my life I’ve recommended not to watch this film, because I PERSONALLY don’t want to have to try to explain it to them, but now that the single greatest episode of CinemaSins exists for this film, I have to drag these Luddites to this dumpsterfire of awesome, just so they can later enjoy this CS episode. I’m not sure if that’s a sin for the movie, the review, or my friends.

    98. Corion2121

      This movie is utter trash. 🗑👎🏿

    99. Lukas Cozad

      This movie was damn confusing.

    100. MavericSun

      the Goya holiday was in Amalfi not Vietnam. I sin this sinning for not following this movie...... Also the blowing up of the building is supposed to be a distraction which then gets undistractiony when Neil goes beep beep beeep.

      1. The Techsite

        The moment they both go back to, where he thinks their relationship seemed to be kinda happy was indeed in Vietnam. But I strongly suspect they just shot it in Italy.