Everything Wrong With Superman 3 in 19 Minutes or Less


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    Superman III is just not good. I'm sorry. The first two are great. This one is just not great. I'm sorry if you are only just now finding out. Oh, and it has sins, too.
    Next week: Comedy aughts sins and sci-fi aughts sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Will Garmer

      Do Brewster's Millions!

    2. Israel Asiku

      I actually thought Superman was carrying Steve Harvey 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    3. Xander Dorn

      you didn't sin the Dalek?

    4. Bob Blueford

      Whatever. It's still better than ANY Superman movie that came after it!!!

    5. Josh Gay

      Richard Pryor is in this movie totally forgot feel bad

    6. castlev1986

      what is sad here is that busting up the bowling pins was done in the move critters but better done

    7. castlev1986

      the first line in the video when you said they all losing their jobs after this move was made LOL one of the best lines i seen a video

    8. Robert Bullard

      Robot Chicken explained what Clark does with his clothes.

    9. Alrek Arinbjorn

      The woman that played Lana Lang in this movie played Martha Kent in Smallville.

    10. Willowy13

      I haven't watch this movie in forever... Superman is turning into Doctor Strange with the gray hair.😂😂 The movie has Richard Pryor. There is no way it wouldn't turn into a comedy (a horrible one at it).

    11. Lee Van Cleef

      I can’t believe this movie got 3 Oscars

    12. HereIsWisdom 1318

      7:23-When Superman stops that tractor, he gives the guy a real dirty look-like hes thinking “you should have seen this kid laying here in all this tall wheat! Shame on you!” You should have SINNED THE SHIT OUTTA THAT SCENE!

    13. Woody Kelleher

      What's wrong with Smallvile having an airport??

    14. J. P.

      #31. What’s so odd about that statement about the check? Wouldn’t it be more rude of him to not say anything to someone he sees on a regular basis? You’d certainly sin him if he didn’t say anything

    15. J. P.

      #19. I know you’re just being a dick, but you KNOW this came out 20 years before Office Space. At least have some integrity in your pettiness

    16. J. P.

      #18. Really?! You’re seriously sinning the movie for complaining about minutiae that nobody else cares about? Didn’t you just assess a sin for a fake number on an irrelevant prop matchbook that appeared onscreen for a second in a movie from 1983??

    17. J. P.

      #14. No, I don’t remember, because it was the f’ing early 80’s. Do you actually remember it, it have you since read about it?

    18. J. P.

      #7 Actually I have a blind friend who’s black lab service dog gets way too excited around other dogs and actually plays with them.

    19. J. P.

      #6 Who buys stuffed penguins at all? Is your issue that they exist or their being sold there? Maybe they’re surplus from the zoo, maybe they’re stolen.

    20. J. P.

      #2 Back in the 80’s there was no Internet, they didn’t have movie geeks poring over every frame of every movie and complaining about the mistakes. Why would they go out of their way on a throw away prop to make it a real phone number that people can call? At that point in time, it would have taken much more time to create than would have been worth.

    21. J. P.

      #1 what’s wrong with the opening scene being in the unemployment line? I’m fairly sure it’s relevant to the plot

    22. Igorowan

      16:56 You could say 🎵 She's a Braniac 🎵 Braaaaainiac 🎵 On the floor 🎵

    23. ItsTheMongoose YT

      For a CinemaSins first, you should redo a movie, specifically Superman Returns, because that shit is WAY underrated.

    24. Fish

      Cake Balls

    25. Nathan Roy

      My Favorite part of that movie is that Lana Lang is played by the same actress as Martha Kent in the Smallville Series.

    26. Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy

      This movie really badly needs to be made into a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode!

    27. Robert McPherson

      Was this always a terrible movie, or did it just age badly?

    28. FrontFeeble twitch

      Sun number 231 was a big chuckle

    29. Matthew Brown

      I was very young and naive, when I first saw this movie, so naturally, because it was a Superman movie I thought it was great. But, when I saw it again, many years later, realized just how wrong I was. This film is both awful and ridiculous!

    30. Batman

      I like this movie

      1. Bob Blueford

        Me too!

    31. MetalmaT

      This movie sux ass but it's still watchable. But Superman 4? .... oh boy that one is terrible.

    32. MaXuspoint

      Me and the coworkers are starting to bitch about the high taxes rn 😂

    33. Smallstudio Design

      It was a pretty shitty movie.

    34. Christopher Montoya

      Can you do everything wrong with superman 4 the quest for peace

    35. Guardian D-mon

      I loved this movie when I was a kid, but unfortunately the older you get the more you realize that it’s total garbage.

    36. Alexander Asher

      Clark Kent was the original mentos commercial

    37. Christopher T

      This is by far my favorite and the most re-watchable movie of all the original Superman movies! I'm sorry, but all the craziness in this movie and Richard Pryor's goofiness is no match for the s*** that is the other original Superman movies. Superman turning back time, pulling his s off his chest and turning into some sort of net... The absolutely horrible Lois Lane performance of Margot kidder, lois lanes iner monologue poetry, and gene Hackman's awful and over the top performance of lex luthor! give me Richard Pryor and Superman fighting some crazy machine any day! Cheers.

    38. House of Pain

      Somewhere Batman is rolling in his grave from your lack of a “it’s boiling acid joke” on a Superman video

    39. NADA

      Great stuff! Just one change.... Lawrence line "I tell ya what I'd do man...." (end quote) BEFORE he says the 'two keys" line. And yes, I'd be excellent at CinemaSins :D

    40. Amokra

      and this film is referenced in the CW's Crisis movie :)

    41. albert mooney

      do we suspect there may be some kind of connection between clark kent and superman?

    42. Jeffery Cox

      Superman is an alien.

    43. Loki Vato

      Let's all agree that ALL the 70s 80s Superman movies suck (besides the opening 20 min of Superman 1). It's Christopher Reeve who is ICONIC.

    44. Charlie Martinez

      Ur hair is winter fire ... Why so serious!? 🃏😈

    45. Knight of yeet

      Sinner:(talking about blind guy)"this guy is blind" Me:D finnaly happened +1SIN

    46. ShadowWing Tronix

      This is a movie with some decent ideas buried in tons of stupid. Which is still more positive than anything I can say about Superman 4.

    47. SirOlrox

      Funny how Lana Lang from this movie, is the mother to Clark Kent in Smallville.

    48. Fernando Mirandilla

      I miss this old movie when I was childhood of ages ago.

    49. Charted Studios

      I low love this movie purely because it was shot in my home town

    50. August Drengberg

      Please sin The Black Hole from 1979.

    51. Dee

      There was one sin that wasn’t valid Either Kent could have contacts or he could have took the glasses off for the photo because that’s what I do

    52. Timothy OBrien

      Isnt hacking tankers the plot of the movie HACKERS


      That movie hurted

    54. Sabiq Rusydi

      When I was a kid, I thought, in 80s, coding were that easy

      1. Robert Price

        In the '80s, it was.

    55. Κωνσταντίνος Γουίλερ

      9:50 that inspired the beginning of triple X the return of Xander Cage...

    56. muziktrkr

      Annie Ross (Vera) was an accomplished jazz singer (her song "Twisted" was covered by Joni Mitchell) & had been involved with Lenny Bruce, someone who was heavily influential on Richard Pryor as a comedian...but I doubt they discussed any of that on the set.

    57. muziktrkr

      Richard Lester was more famous for directing The Beatles in "A Hard Days Night" & "Help" - the first is pretty sinless, but "Help" definitely has sins... not sure if CinemaSins wants to take on The Beatles though! Richard Pryor 80s movies are sinful...esp. The Toy.

    58. FeltWarrior

      You missed the sin for the Johnnie Walker Red.

    59. EnderZ13

      It's almost creepy to see the woman who played Martha Kent in the Smallville playlove-interest, Lana Lang, in this movie. And then you remember she was Beverly in the TVmovie IT.

    60. Senpai-Scarx

      7:30 that guy looks like lazerbeam

    61. PhillyDjHook

      Also, why doesn't the bowling ball, lane and, the pins freeze, when Superman blows his freeze breath? 🦸‍♂️ 💨 🎳 🧊 🤔 5:57

    62. Zack Efret

      "I have to tell you something - my oil pan is leaking" is the only line needed to redeem this movie.

    63. Cody Li

      The near pendulum mainly prick because macrame developmentally jog minus a alluring doctor. gleaming, efficient shears

    64. NinjaNezumi

      I agree with all of the sins, but they are all removed because Christopher Reeve.

    65. Nick McCormack

      If you had read the comics you would know that Clark Kent's clothes are made from special highly compressible fabric that he stores in a secret pouch in his cape? Nine million sins for you for not knowing this.

    66. afattori316

      Words cannot describe how disappointed I was when I saw this in theatre’s. This movie sucked balls. And after watching this video I even hate it more!

    67. Kaleb Stearns

      are we going to point out that lana is plays martha kent in smallville?

    68. Ripping_Face_Records

      Playing the Atari 2600 Pac man was much more enjoyable than watching this movie.

    69. J

      This movie was a disappointment for fans and critics of the first two films If there’s one movie that killed the franchise it was Superman IV I feel bad for Richard Pryor

    70. Tech News for Tech Noobs

      Everything Wrong With Superman 3 in Less than 1 Minute.... They made it.

    71. Andrew Parker

      I think this was my first Superman film I ever saw, ITV used to show it at least once a year during the 1990s.

    72. BCBaron

      Man, Annette O'Toole was seriously cute in this.

    73. Rosemary Kaye

      I never got why two natives of rural Smallville had a picnic in freaking wheat field?! No person who knew about farming, etc, would ever sit in a working field! They'd pick a duck pond, a park, etc.

    74. Amy Durham

      Ok I respect your points and views but I frickin LOVE Superman.

    75. CatMuto

      I can't even get through the video in one go, the movie is so boring.

    76. Christopher Coupland

      If you wanna know what happens to clarks clothes when he changes into Superman it's in the comics

    77. Favorite Mustard

      @11:00 Milton _definitely_ ain't gettin' a piece of that 🎂, either!

    78. Favorite Mustard

      Sin Tally: 236 ...seems kinda low...

    79. sawyer95

      Not construction equipment, it’s a type b line marking device, it’s how they do the words on the road

    80. Paul Vanukoff

      Superman III was a bad Superman movie, but it was a workable Richard Pryor vehicle.

    81. jackieboy johnson

      Is this channel becoming less popular now? Most of the videos fail to hit a million or more views like they used to.

    82. 36OrangesÀwÁ

      Penguin go brrrr

    83. Doctor Beer

      Definitely a missed opportunity when they didn't name (or even hint) the computer Brainiac.

    84. Diamond Lou

      I swear Jim Henson lives. Through this man’s voice ... Riddipppp 🐸

    85. Jonathan Sherry

      Here's a sin you missed. Not only did he pay for the paper, he took the display copy out of the door instead of one off the stack, denying others a chance to see the headlines first.

    86. Michael

      16:56 I was like 8 or 9 when I first watched this and it aroused me instead of scaring me

    87. Boyd Merriman

      Yup, I remember that one. Terrible. Just terrible. Say it ain't so!

    88. Josephus Mutzenbacher

      Ad a Columbo Fan, I can't help noticing, that this movie has TWO Columbo Murderers in it! This is also the only reason, why this movie has at least something with mentioning

    89. poshboy111

      Ads ads ads greed greed greed unwatchable unwatchable unwatchable

    90. MFDOOM1415

      #140 You just noted that the book that spins the bar 180° is on THE OTHER SIDE. How is it inconceivable that a different book makes it go the full 360°? Asshole.

    91. William Close

      Superman returns is the worst of the Superman movies

    92. Michelle McKillop

      May I make a request? Cinema sins airplane 1&2 and young Frankenstein? And can’t buy me love and weird science and sixteen candles. And , while we’re at it, pretty in pink and the breakfast club. How about it? And adventures in babysitting.

    93. William Rhea

      Holy shit, "who cares about bowling - OMG that kid sucks" joke was one of the funniest CinemaSins jokes in a while.

    94. Jason Todd

      One of the problems with putting Superman in a universe where there are no other superhuman people means you have to dumb down his powers to have anything going on. That's why Superman II is the best. And please don't tell me that "Superman IV has a super-guy too!" because I WILL SMACK YOU

    95. Jason Todd

      "Send the satellite to where Krypton used to be" Remember: Superman aged something like two years in the time it took to travel from Krypton to Earth.

    96. Jason Todd

      For you young'ns: this is the film that helped kick start the whole $20M-a-film thing. "Script? Story? Coherence? Dude the seventies are OVER! Let's just sign a huge star (or two) and start the cameras rolling! People care about STARS now, they'll pay to see Big Name Guy or Big Name Gal regardless of how stupid the film is!"

    97. Jason Todd

      With all the Clark Kent v *sshole memes, (which is a good part) I forgot how otherwise crappy this movie was. Annette O'Toole is radiant though. And Robert Vaughn is masterful as always. They're both wasted in this movie.

    98. Fake Name

      I saw this years and years ago, I had forgotten most of this and was happy for it. That opening scene was God awful.

    99. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

      Thanks in part to Superman movies, I've always wanted to buy a newspaper from one of those newspaper cupboards.

    100. Adam

      This guy's voice is beyond obnoxious. Can't believe they have 9 mil subscribers.