Everything Wrong With Starship Troopers in 19 Minutes or Less


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    Starship Troopers is almost certainly satire, though some still insist it is not. Your opinion in this matter will impact your enjoyment of the film. Would you like to know more?
    Thursday: Recent horror sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. timothy chan

      worst sin of all in this movie is that Carmen made it out alive.....

    2. chris don

      Fascism-noun (sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.- Soo, you're wrong. The federation does not have a dictator, the leaders power is constrained by the enfrancised citizenship, not sure if they suppress criticism, the federation does not run it's economy or commerce, no racism. This is a common mistake from those on the left, VerHoven the director being one, he thought a few things which were wrong 1) VerHoven thinks fascism comes from the right, it actually has ONLY come from the left. 2)VerHoven misidentified the federation as a authoritarian fascist state, and his filmed to reflect that. In the books the federation was a robust democracy, only with a francise limited by state service, listen to Radchek and Zed they lay it out in the movie. The economy is a free market and has regulation limited to bare minimum. To see more exhaustively how disasterously wrong your read on this movie is might I suggest, "The politics of Starship Troopers" by Sargon of Akkad.

    3. Marshal martens

      the movie is about how the government will manipulate the masses into willing doing what they want using fear and hate to blindfold them,when the astroid hit they said it was from bugs who shot it out of the atmosphere and sent it flying LITERALLY across the galaxy with such pinpoint accuracy that it misses jupiter,possibly even the sun based on angle and hits little old earth? thats some world class bullshit its just a random catastrophy and the government lies and uses it as a catalist to get the masses to willingly commit xenocide.

    4. Mandorle21

      What sins?

    5. Paul R

      Regarding VHS tapes worn out. Think I just wore out the 10 second back skip button 😆

    6. Jean Roch

      I've always assumed the bugs didn't target Buenos Aires but just Earth, and it just so happened to flatten the city Rico was from. Kinda like carpet bombing before we invented laser-guided bombs.

    7. bareknuckles2u

      ...except this movie is awesome! Dumb, but awesome!

    8. Ultra Instinct Gogeta

      It's a sin that it took me so long to realise you'd done this one, hope you do the trilogy. These are so much better when I've actually seen the film

    9. Retro Demos

      This movie is perfect

    10. DriftZ TwoSeven

      Every film has a sin? Bet you never touch Schindlers List. I wonder why

    11. DriftZ TwoSeven

      Whats wrong with a fascist response to an insect like race thats trying to cause the destruction of your entire....oh..........

    12. Haedrian

      9:08 - "Why can't the computer find the most optimal route on its own". You'd be surprised but there are problems in computer science which are really easy to validate, but really hard to calculate. It's how modern day encryption works for instance - easy to check a certificate - very hard to fake one by working backwards. So perhaps finding routes in space is one of those class of problems. The more you know.

    13. B/9 Force 10

      Father Gabriel ? 🤔🤔🤔

    14. The Alex Kirsch Project

      You missed a great opportunity to throw in "Oh hi Mark at the end" from The Room at the end.

    15. William Poole

      I keep forgetting how much of a Soy Boy CinemaSins is until I watch one of his vids

    16. Orin B

      I think an exterminataus is in order for klendathuu. The inquisition would like to know your location.

    17. Statalyzer

      LMAO at 18:25 - Carmen running and pumping her left arm like it's basically fine, even though her shoulder blade and collarbone were just shattered by a 2-inch hole running clean through her body.

    18. adam shook

      Thumb down just for the tucker Carlson comment.

      1. Paul R

        Thumbs up for the Tucker Carlson comment

    19. Thomas

      You missed the cut over her eye moving. To be fair, this is my favorite movie and its the first time i noticed it

    20. Krieg Guardsmen

      Do anyone see any sins because I dont

    21. GEN 2 MEDIA INC.

      hahhahahaha “what a virgin”

    22. Jelly

      Finally we get a movie who shows sex in a very normal, natural way and how it would all have played out. And we get this guy (obv. american) prudish the hell out of all that happens

    23. Mac Aroni

      I’m saddened we only got 168 sins and not 169 🤧

    24. Michael AP

      this cinmeaSin is a cinemaSIN

    25. KLZ

      "God damn bugs whacked us Johnny"

    26. nathan gebhardt

      I've been thinking about the tucker Carlson comparison for YEARS!!! And yes, I'm ashamed. I'll go back to my corner now.

    27. Sithlord ™


    28. Sithlord ™

      Dude I was hoping you would add a huge Sin about Carmen being totally normal after having that huge hole on her upper chest. At least her left arm should have been disabled let alone dead from massive bleeding 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

    29. nick wal

      Adverts wrecked this.

    30. Toinen Osoite

      This is a shitty video - why does anyone like it?

      1. Paul R

        @Toinen Osoite ahh got it. I tend to agree with that on all these Videos from the channel. Their motto is NO MOVIE IS WITHOUT SIN. So they get real nitpicking sometimes

      2. Toinen Osoite

        @Paul R You misuderstood me - I absolutely do not hate the movie, quite the contrary, but I think this video here in SEprom is shitty.

      3. Paul R

        You’re missing out. It’s a corny cult classic. The 2nd and 3rd installations are pure garbage though

    31. Cat Mate

      Of course it's satire, duh.

    32. k c

      Dina Meyer and lil Amy Smart. _sigh_

    33. Adonai Isla Vieyra

      In the UNLP you get quite a few of your partial and final exams grades displayed on the public bulletin boards hahaha Oh the shame

    34. Thatboi

      “The school system hasn’t changed” actually, that’s America right now

    35. John Smith

      13:00 You Cinemasins revealed yourself to be a left-wing viper

    36. AUM 3000

      I watched this video with interest and I may be surprised at how much the person commenting on the video laughed during his presentation. I was hoping to find this video he collected useful. it appears that this person who created this video could not give a benefit to his effort .. Just gossips , laughing and that's it.

    37. sale a Penn

      Wearing a mask after 2020: @0:26

    38. Lycia Marketing

      I can't get over how shit this film is, and how incredibly disappointed I was when I first saw it.

    39. deathrooster14

      The Holiday World joke is funny because all their coasters except 1 are wooden.

    40. Alan Kwok

      The soldier who shot the other soldier in the head during the live ammo simulation is actually his wife in the real world.

    41. Cody Rotramel

      The public lashing is unfortunate and inhumane. However it provides us with a sense of reality that our mistakes have real consequences. He killed a teammate in a live fire exercise, endangering the rest of his team and the mission if it were the real thing. He had better be glad he wasn't the victim nor the enemies prisoner, he gets his second chance.

    42. omega311888

      LOVE the , you cant do that on television, reference. lol also, tried reading the actual book this came from.... didnt even make it halfway through. it was dull as hell.

    43. White Candle

      Of course if the movie had stayed true to the book, there would only have been a 1 minute video.

    44. Philofthefuture

      This movie was absurdly awesome!!

    45. plot hole detective

      Are you really going to sin futuristic unisex bathrooms... I mean they couldn't have known in the 90s but this is 2021 and equal rights bathroom access is a real political issue.

    46. Amber Legowik

      The book was one hundred thousand times better.

    47. Sean M

      We're not here for Denise Richards' acting skills

    48. Justine Avery Edge

      'Ye story of the year 2021 - why doth it mentioneth the University of Oxford?' Said some idiot... I mean Theatresins in the 12th century, presumably.

    49. Elantra Dude XD

      The co-ed showers actually makes an odd amount of sense given the gender equality pushes that we are already having shoved down are throats

    50. Jason Peacock

      Did they miss censoring a nip at 6:27?

    51. Korey Rice

      Someone forgot to do their job at 6:18

    52. John Pierce

      SO they can fly in ships but their weapons are still out dated lol

    53. abvmoose87

      Shut up infidel! There's nothing wrong with Starship Troopers! It's a masterpiece!

    54. Draco Padilla

      Dizzy always annoyed me when I was a kid. But that could be because I had a huge crush on Denise Richards.

    55. Kevin Bullock

      10:10 Matt Dillon/outsiders impersonation

    56. Kevin Bullock

      CINEMA SINS is gonna have a FIELD DAY with "NOBODY." GREAT MOVIE, but still, easy pickins!!!

    57. Kevin Bullock

      5:15 - isn't that Red Forman narrating? "Do you want to know more? Don't you care?!?!? DUMBASS!!!" (I know it's NOT him, but it sure sounds like it!)

    58. Elvira-Irina Reisinger

      I wonder; could this franchise not revive like with a Mandalorian style mini series?

    59. Lieutenant_Dan27 LT.D

      Sir, .....sir, there is NOTHING wrong with this movie

    60. Joe Percy

      With their endowment harvard will be around until the end of time.

    61. binkyboy9

      I'm surprised there were no sins for Carmen exceeding Port speed or nearly snapping Starship fuel lines. Would have kicked her straight back to basic training were I the captain of that ship.

    62. KingLuc305

      Here is another Sin that you could add. At the very end of the movie when they were doing that Propaganda Commercial to recruit more people and they were like we need more Officer like Captain Carmen. But before they came to her they said be like this female pilot, I can't remember her name, like we supposed to know who she is. Who the fuck is she? If she was the other female cadet that was there when Carmen was flying the shuttle craft, where was she this entire time

    63. Maarten Allegaert

      2:15 Wow that was quite a sentence

    64. Jeff

      Yeah, a government that has a strictly volunteer military that has a strictly volunteer infantry is fascist...

    65. burningb24

      All Sins were the whole Movie.

    66. Boebie 505

      Bruh sin the second starship troopers

    67. baylinkdashyt

      The thing most wrong with it is that it exists. Well, and that it's not still called Bug Hunt at Outpost 9, rather than sullying the Heinlein title (and story).

    68. docdizzle666

      There’s something wrong with your video title because there’s NOTHING wrong with Starship Troopers. Service Guarantees Citizenship!

    69. Balazs Szikora

      CinemaSins thinks Irony is the country where Irons live. "Ed and I disagreed with Robert Heinlein and we felt that we needed to counter with our own narrative," he explains. "Basically the political undercurrent of the film is that these heroes and heroines are living in a fascist utopia - but they are not even aware of it! They think this is normal. And somehow you are seduced to follow them, and at the same time, made aware that they might be fascists." www.digitalspy.com/movies/a823951/starship-troopers-paul-verhoeven-donald-trump-20-years-anniversary/

    70. Nick N

      12:50 ... I find that rather amusing since you and Tucker have the exact same sounding delivery in oration.

    71. Zwordsman

      I love that that Teacher-turned Lt is Dizzy's best wingman ever. he's been shipping them for years i bet

    72. Zwordsman

      I mean sure its cinema sins but they do actually explain in annoyingly slow terms that they sent infintry first (instead of carpet bombing) to confirm bug intellegence and as part of the grander testing. Which continues with Diz's death

    73. Zwordsman

      whipshadowing.. i NEVER even caught tha\t despite watching this movie many times

    74. Slice of Pepperoni

      Dudes, seriously do DAYLIGHT

    75. armersuender

      I can't believe you didn't mention that they played "Fade Into You" during the bar fight scene. shit's hilarious.

    76. rybářská vrána

      the actual script is a combination of two works, Heinlein's Starship Trooper and Haldeman's Forever War, both of which are fine reads the first dealing with Moral Philosphy and the later with the consequences of Time Dilatation and the evolution of Human Existence. this movie did neither justice.

    77. Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj

      12:04 cuz their rifles don't have any iron sights !!!

    78. Practical Bible Studies

      *Rico could have easily gotten into USC*

    79. Kenneth Anderson

      The 1959 novel "Starship Troopers", by Robert Heinlein, describes the coming of age of a young man. He joins the army and is put into the Mobile Infantry (MI). Basic training does the standard job of instilling the military mindset into the young man. Then they give him armor and training that makes Iron Man look ill equipped. A company of MI should be capable of turning a continent into a slag heap. The only problem with this is that the real estate the bugs want is the same real estate mankind wants. So turning a continent into a slag heap would be a tactical success and a strategic loss. There is also the problem ,stated in the novel, "if we lose one trooper for every 10,000 bugs, we will lose the war, because bugs multiply like bugs". So a movie that shows poorly equipped, poorly armed and poorly trained infantry standing shoulder to shoulder and getting slaughtered, makes a travesty of the novel and mocks the way the military treats the modern soldier. Other points: 1)The cgi of the bugs and how destructive they were was outstanding. 2)Almost everything dealing with pilots and their training was tacked on by Hollywood. 3)Communal shower scenes are just an excuse by Hollywood to show naked bodies. The comments about recruits being unable to arrange training schedules was spot on.

    80. jacob dow


    81. kingizo

      Lol so the super fast promoting explains how the other guy became a pilot trainer right away

    82. graham pilcher

      Jeremy is Legen...Wait For It...Dary...

    83. Jan Orszulik

      9:12+ because NP problems are very difficult to solve, but their correct solution is easy to verify. Hence most algorithms solving them are pretty much elaborated guess work :) 11:27+ death from above seems pretty legit for dropship infantry

    84. Mogens Munch Madsen

      funny 2021 and still same logo from adidas

    85. The Woodio Bros

      i can't watch past the point that you think a university can't be around for another 300 years if oxford university is around for another 300 years that's less than 50% than it has been already so not only is it possible harvard is still around i wouldn't be surprised if harvard is still around when the USA isn't.... americans are hilarious with their warped view of time

    86. Deathstroke 5

      Another sin for Denise getting a a bug spike to the shoulder and not being phased at all after-the-fact, AND for Xander's hair changing right before his brains are sucked out. LOL.

    87. Jack West

      Considering the drill instructor of Full Metal Jacket was a real Drill Instructor, would it seem too crazy if most mock drill instructors in movies derived from it?

    88. Jack West

      Considering the drill instructor of Full Metal Jacket was a real Drill Instructor, would it seem too crazy if most mock drill instructors in movies derived from it?

    89. Travis Mathews

      Learn what fascism actually is

    90. Jesse Torres

      I remember when my fascist high school teacher also became my fascist boss in adulthood in a completely different profession

    91. Adan Garcia

      Lex Luthor and Darkseid in one movie.

    92. marco thommen

      11:45 "Bonjour mademoiselle, je suis americain!"

    93. Nommadd57

      Carmen gets skewered through the shoulder and shortly after is walking with the same arm around one of the guys. Ding!

    94. August Drengberg

      Please sin The Black Hole from 1979.

    95. VRK

      I'm surprised CS still hasn't declared "Michael Ironside loosing body parts" as a cliché yet.

    96. James Saville

      +10 points for Hamilton reference.

    97. Anonneemuss

      I have a Ricoh printer. Its name is Suavé. Ricoh Suavé.

    98. Orin B

      So.. The lady is training to be a pilot of this starship. And a pilot, any pilot, must have a navigator and direction from the captain. But yet she just does what she wants. That is a court martial and a half.

    99. Grand Springdale

      I never could understand how people could ever confuse the society in this as fascism. This isn't even close to fascism or socialism what's so ever🤦‍♂️

    100. Robby 123

      Fun fact for all you walking dead fans sugar Watkins, the black dude who dies with the nuke at the end, also plays father Gabriel.