Everything Wrong With Soul in 17 Minutes or Less


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    Pixar's Soul was well-received and it's pretty creative and charming. But it has sins just like any other movie, so we counted 'em.
    Next week: superhero sins and... romance/sports sins?
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Ransteam Jamal

      No one going to say something about "all dogs go to heaven" from $uicideboy$ ???

    2. Gabriel Kwok

      1:54 Wait that's a thing? 😂

    3. geko

      Everything wrong with soul more like Everything wrong with you

    4. Pi Crow

      Are we forgetting that a another child had a saxophone? 6 saxophones! Come on that's way to many for one class..plus when she said "Yo mama's in the back." The cat looked like he actually said what Cinema said. Lmao very funny.

    5. Not funny

      Dang gta lied big smoke never died

    6. Janelle Northcut

      A Virgo diss from CinemaSins. As a Virgo, I am honored.

    7. Von Rohr

      heres a sin lol you say 17 minutes or less but it is in 19:27 minutes

    8. Elm0 D3v

      wait, didnt they give the intro a win in cinemawins

    9. SnapDragon 3310

      The 106 yr old woman is the grandma from coco

    10. Burkenator

      19:03 oh you KNOW that anything from hamilton is going to make me immediately stop what i am doing and pay full attention to the video even if it's literally just Thomas Jefferson laughing.

    11. •Spring Lolzzz•

      Here’s an extra sin: If the cat is going to the great beyond with humans, that means animals all go to the same afterlife, so there should be thousands of bugs on that escalator.

    12. —Zahierie Is trash—

      Don’t you mean 19 minutes?

    13. וSelenzie•×

      I made a really cringe hate comment on this guy like 3 years ago on my baby account and I’m actually on the verge of death thinking about it

    14. Remy Sanders

      “17 minutes or less” *proceeds to be a 19 minute video*

    15. Darkraihs

      Anyone else reading the comments in his voice?

    16. • Itz Bia •

      I absolutely love this movie, but i, personally, have a major problem with the fact that Joe gets another chance at the end. 1. It screams "convenience" 2. The entire movie is about Joe not wanting to accept the fact that he's gonna die, and when he finally does he gets his life back 😒

    17. Nugget I guess

      1:29 you'll be surprised, if you get used to it then you can. And that's probably at the end of the school day, their probably tired af. -1 sin

    18. Grimm Book

      Our school district has licensing to play Disney music.

    19. Igor Leszczyński

      I have never seen the movie, but your "points" are a complete joke.

    20. Adam

      I’m gonna nag to recommend doing a everything wrong with on Rango 2011

    21. dozer

      I had an beter help ad before getting another beter help ad

    22. Brenna Mercer

      Why does he hate escalators? I think escalators are wonderful.

    23. Kameryn Risper

      Do never back down

    24. Egg Person

      Cinema sins when he sees 0.0000000000000000000000000000001 seconds of logos: **Demonic screaming intensifies**

    25. Sir Potato Bottom

      You’d think people who suddenly die and refuse to go to the Great Beyond would happen much more often.

    26. The One Gamer

      okay buddy how about you make a movie

    27. phanfinger

      I would say that this movie is 5x better than La La Land ahaha

    28. Arjunator

      This channel is the best thing I have seen since grub hub ad

    29. Nastasia Williams

      they need more movie ideas god dammit

    30. ded

      Tfw you see cinimasins because you are too poor to afford Disney plus

    31. SyncedCyberSoul

      he nitpicked my favorite movie :(

    32. Mr Coinwell

      Is anybody going to talk about how joe was in the zone at the end not dead so why did he get transported to the autowalk

    33. lularose8799

      as a virgo... accurate

    34. Mikey A

      As a person who has constant panic attacks and anxiety about death, that sponsor in the beginning was very coincidental with this video topic

    35. arrotive

      "That's not a sin for the movie, but it is like a million sins for New York." *adds one sin to the movie*

    36. Ditto 73

      The IT Crowd and Hamilton references at the end sent me

    37. red ren

      Jeremy just said jocat... "Just fireball" If you get it you're a legend

    38. Jared hawking

      9:26 if they can’t eat, smell, or taste then why is their even a food station there in the first place?!

    39. Cracker Jack

      Most kids actually choose sax, in both school bands, it’s been majority sax over both!

    40. Sabah

      You forgot to mention the line Joe's mom says "the suit is wool, not polyester" therefore confirming that this movie is indeed La La Land

    41. TTVDerpBoy

      anyone else but my laughing over the cat soul scene

    42. Abby Sutton

      a virgo ahahah

    43. ninjaXavier2

      yeah this was not the best time to say the knicks lose

    44. JOJO'S CAT

      towards the end of the movie, 22 ends up falling pretty close to china. chances are, since 22 is female, well, you're seeing where this is going.

    45. Singer Girl

      Title: 17 minutes or less Video: 19 minutes Me: Hey that's illegal

    46. Marcel Emanuel

      Sir…this is a jazz band…where would a cello or French horn fit in…

    47. Ignas Igneus

      "17 Minutes or Less"-the videos 19 minutes

    48. Musa Style

      7:52 I know who that kid is Pedro Castillo

    49. Rowan Miller

      Thought the sponsor was an ad and was waiting for the skip button.

    50. Forrest Klinger

      The karen voice had me rolling

    51. Max Isenberg

      - why is Marie Antoinette the only one whose spirit reflects how they died? - Joe meets a completely random soul who conveniently lives 2 blocks away from him

    52. Teddy Vision

      7:49 you missed a chance to say “Donald Trump”

    53. Teddy Vision

      L S D 2:35

    54. Psepha

      "This is nice and all, but it robs the movie of Joe's sacrifice." THANK you! Hated this about the movie - giving Joe "another chance" completely ruins the ending!

    55. broccily345 6

      not 17 minits

    56. Sarah Mihiotis

      How dare you insult the book fair! Those paragons of school events were the highlight of the year! Plus, you know it was never about the literature, all the cool kids wanted were the computer games and overpriced novelty erasers

    57. Aaku Scarce

      I loved this one

    58. Ethan Fowller

      I noticed the views is 666K views i was like wut

    59. Pls Be Gentle

      This is actually funny

    60. cooper oshima

      "Why do sound like a middle age white lady?" NEW BEST QUOTE

    61. Philly the Cheese Steak

      jesus christ this video straight up pounded me with "go get self help stop ignoring your mental problems" right at the start

    62. SirJellyfish

      0:12 those puzzle pieces don't go together

    63. Winged BluJ

      Ok, Terry did NOT just sit in that one subway and waited for Joe to just randomly show up there. The entire time Terry's been on earth, they were FOLLOWING Joe and 22 and had tried at least once before to set up a trap to get Joe. I don't know why you keep doing this unless you WANT Th3BirdMan to tear into you with a classic "Jeremy manipulating a scene" or "Jeremy feigns ignorance cliché".

    64. Foxchow400

      Wait did this guy just admit that he has a kid

    65. Dashell Rose

      128 negative things about this film. If this has that many I just want to know how many The Last Jedi or the rise of Skywalker would have or even Emoji Movie

    66. lunatic cultist

      Ima going to try to make a correction to the sin count Edit 99 real sins by my account

    67. King William Afton

      Why didn’t you add a sin to the person that said “Where are my pants” like everyone in that shot doesn’t have pants and they’re fine with it

    68. Afnan 2136

      How dare u touch soul 😤

    69. MayPlays

      “In 17 minutes or less” Meh:ummm 18 mins?

      1. MayPlays


    70. Madison Howard

      There’s no french horns in jazz band

    71. Grzzly

      Everything Wrong With Soul in One Word: Black

      1. Random User0909

        Everything wrong with the comments in this video in one word: You.

    72. Mr mimbo

      Getting sponsored by better help should be a sin

    73. PeoplePlayGames

      Everything wrong with soul in 17 minutes or less Video time 20 minutes

    74. Hyperstar Photon

      Ah yes Everything Spoiler Wrong Duh With

    75. Brendan Ganser

      I didn’t know it was allowed to say anything bad about this movie lol

    76. MAsKR lzxw

      CinemaSins should work with CinemaWins

    77. A.J. Molineri

      I'm glad somebody else was upset that Joe didn't die at the end. It was so annoying, was really hoping that well, he accepted his fate and continued on. Guh

    78. the nugget

      In new York 28 percent interest pretty good.

    79. Abnormality

      its a movie. stop trying to prove a goddamn animated movie as not a 1:1 ratio of real life. bruuuuu

    80. Jessie R

      Another sin, the first jerry calls one of the young souls “number 2” (or a low number), similar to 22. However no one is worried about that soul and is just worried about 22 being the “oldest young soul”. This proves that 22 isn’t the only soul without a purpose

    81. Lincoln Smith

      Well made!

    82. Daniel Keane

      As a Nets fan, I approve of the knicks insult in there.

    83. cyber the animatronic fox

      You forgot a sin. The motorcycle went over the open manhole without even bumping up or down...

    84. cyber the animatronic fox

      I don't need BetterHelp. I need my chaos!

    85. Luckycia Kharlong

      Watched the movie and came to watch this right after.

    86. Spencer Hughes

      Obvious product placment is obvious

    87. Jolene Fu

      Ok but why is he not removing a sin for MY SHOT AYO IM-sorry

    88. Khodexus

      It seemed pretty obvious to me that the reason Joe had a unique experience was because he wasn't supposed to be on the conveyor, and the Jerrys were in on it the whole time.

    89. NoobPrePro

      CINEMASINS SINS 0:41 41 seconds of credits and title card, even though its sponsorship for mental health i like to get to the video 1:07 Cello isnt in band, that's strings 1:56 you missed the fact that there is somehow no background noise 3:13 missed the fact that all of the other characters despite being very close are way shorter then he is he. and why is his head so big and there's aren't? 3:21 missed that her voice sounds that good at 106 years old 5:08 despite having those fat, short fingers so close together the little souls can also do the quiet coyote thing 5:08 for some reason the u-seminar isnt automated at this point and is just a plain with a bunch of buildings for emotions, even though there are over a thousand of emotions and traits 6:00 ALSO ALSO also what is the point of even counting? what point does it serve? 7:19 also what's the point of them blinking? aren't they some sort of gods? 7:24 also who set up these cabinets? 9:07 missed that one scene where they have that up reference, and since this movie already has an up reference and disney overuses them i want to sin it because i am sick of them. 9:58 the fact that she can physically interact with pepole in zone makes no sense, i thought there was no TOUCH in the soul world 9:58 skipped over that one scene with all the lost souls, yet despite all lost souls being different genders, heights, builds, maybe even a different species like a dog all the lost souls look the exact same 11:12 you missed the chilshe of a black character changing bodies in a movie. the only body swap in any movie i accept is adam sandler movies. 11:17 that woman who owns the cat looks like a character from the grinch and i hate it and the fact that you somehow missed it, i couldn't look away! 12:03 Joker reference! 12:30 missed that he didn't have his wallet or keys! 13:16 where did they get this photo? i will accept the info of his life but when did they take a photo of him smiling and waving in his soul form? 13:30-17:00 was good just skipped some scenes that could be sinned -1 sin sin for the counsellor stuff at the end.

    90. Alyssa Morgan

      An IT Crowd AND a Hamilton reference for the end scenes? Now that is my language!

    91. yoboi nicossman

      That Knicks comment aged fantastically

    92. Olivia Nava

      Everything Wrong With Soul in 17 Minutes or Less: 1 second of Joe being turned into a cat, and 16 minutes 59 seconds of outtakes.

    93. Not-A-Studio Studio

      I feel this being the only French horn in my band

    94. Nicodelgut

      The title is a lie

    95. Mr. Flamingo

      no... you didn’t really just say that...

    96. c4t 1n t0w3l uwu

      Why would you do this to a "Best Animated Feature" awarded movie-

    97. Kattia C. Abogado

      As a book worm ... book fairs made me so happy. One of the best things from high school. I hated high school

    98. Compilations._.Videoz

      Lol I'm a Virgo and I hate math 7:15

    99. Rita Richardson

      : reverse the polarity: was a cars 2 reference right :/

    100. Kori Ross

      7:48 H!tler reborn