Everything Wrong With Snakes On A Plane in 18 Minutes or Less


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    This f*cking movie.
    Next week: Classic comedy sins & classic bomb sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    Publicerades den 2 månader sedan


    1. k c

      All became OK again when I heard Hooper.

    2. Good Gamer

      There are snakes on a goddamn plane.

    3. Michael Boyd

      Saw this in theaters and people literally cheered like cancer was cured when Samuel L Jackson said the snakes on the plane line

    4. TrixSSO

      I swear, this guy can make ANY movie funny, yes, even horror movies.

    5. Ellinore Poussart Cantin

      The flowers he sprays are actually edible and harmless flowers....

    6. Nate Loher

      The fact that this vid so wasn't 18 minutes of "Absolutely nothing, it was perfect" is ridiculous

    7. Cunning Smile

      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I HAVE HAD WITH THESE monkey fighting SNAKES ON THIS Monday to Friday PLANE!

    8. Lenneth

      I waited for months for this movie. It was as wonderfully terrible as I expected it to be.

    9. Erik

      Unnecessary shots of women in bikinis? No such thing exists.

    10. 45 fottuto stronzo

      13:44 Amy Coney Barrett rose garden ceremony??? thanks for reminding me about super spreader events AND the handmaid's tale lady

    11. Sarah Phyllis

      When Nick Fury directs a Rated R movie sponcered by Disney 😄

    12. Loco Mocha Ebola

      Enough is Enough! I've had it with these mother sins of this mother movie.

    13. Marcel Schindler - musikproduktion


    14. edible JP-8

      This film made me afraid of toilet bowls ever since

    15. Syfy

      6:12 😂😂I haven't seen flirting this bad in a movie since Scar Comparison In 😂😂 Jaws😂😂

    16. Syfy

      6:12 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. Syfy

      2:26 Autograph Assault😂😂

    18. infectedrobot2926

      I saw snakes on the plane when I was really young. Wonder what my parents would think?

    19. Lust 4 Chaos

      I just love it when he sins politeness, just as simple as that XD

    20. Robert Hoddinott

      Enough is enough. I have had it with these monkey fighting snakes, on this Monday to Friday plane. Best replacement line in a tv movie ever


      Sin 1, 3, and 43 are just dumb. You just wanted to add a sin when it barely starts but hey its cinima sins and wth is wrong with 43?

    22. Aiden

      Very beggining song anyone know? it sounds catchy

    23. SkylarH 25084

      Fun fact! You actually don't need to know the exact snake that bit a person to administer anti-venom. And these days you don't even need to know the species! They can just take your blood and isolate the toxin to figure out which anti-venom they need! Cool right? Anyway, you have never needed to know the exact snake, and the fact that they say you do is a fucking sin.

    24. Jani


    25. אריאל גולני

      Who care 4 real

    26. Stuck In 2020

      "The higher you aim the farther you fall" I'd have walked out the theatre at that first line 😂

    27. DCeaZed43

      CinemaSins didn't touch this movie for a while...and then he snapped: "I'VE HAD IT WITH THESE MOTHERF*CKING SNAKES ON THIS MOTHERF*CKING PLANE!!!"

    28. jon snipe

      Bout time😂

    29. Silviu Stefanita

      The royal snake in the microwave oven was not poisonous (red and black friend of jack), it only resembles the deadly coral snake (red and yellow kill a fellow)!

    30. Just Stop

      The movie might not be great but at least we can admit Samuel L. Jackson had that one liner that lasted for years lol

    31. Rhoda Arquiza

      2020 be like: 13:53

    32. Chris Collins.SR.

      The only enjoyment I got was from that guy that got eaten by the snake. Because of what he did to the dog

    33. Ahman Millener

      2021 Sharks on a Plane

    34. die404

      was wondering when you would get to this

    35. Richi

      This movie played in goa long long time ago.

    36. Negative Zer0

      Why.....would you kill a person......with snakes......on a plane?

    37. Lachlan Gray

      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I'VE HAD IT WITH THESE NERF HERDING SITH LORDS IN THIS NERF HERDING CITY (watch How star wars should've ended. and you'll see Sam.L jackson say this)

    38. TNT 339

      He says this movie should be rated R only one problem it is... lmao


      I saw this movie when I was 7 years old, I remember it being much more terrifying at that time. But now I am just like "WTF is this even?"

    40. Levi Lang

      Love how non venomous snakes were shown throughout the movie but when people get bit by them they die 🤣🤣🤣

    41. CO-OP

      When my dad first turned this on I thought it was a marvel movie

    42. Evander Jones

      The movie, just the whole movie is wrong

    43. Chris Hill

      well a thai hooker is a scary thing as most have a super suprise and makes them like the lotto

    44. Asteri_Floral Wolf

      Thpught that there was literal snakes in a plane

    45. greatest ever

      Snakes r honestly very chill the 2 white chicks and tha baby were completely calm while unconscious

      1. greatest ever

        Let’s goooooo!!!

    46. Fat AngMo

      thanks. i had heard a lot of bad things about this movie, and therefore had not seen it yet. and now i don't have to. dam, even in a critical review this looks awful

    47. לירון דה קסטרו

      @7:31 that’s a milk snake lmao you can put it on your face and it won’t do shit to you

      1. לירון דה קסטרו

        ... aaaand he microwaved the snake that wouldn’t kill him lmao

    48. Zoney Man

      There is nothing wrong wit this movie no cap,

    49. JHaru777

      Okay, I've never seen this movie or really heard of it's plot beyond the obvious, Samuel L. Jackson, on a plate with snakes. That alone gives you a way low bar for the plot to the point where you figure it just happens because some jackass snuck on a pregnant snake or some stupid shit, why did it need an FBI criminal plot and these subplots? XD

    50. ΗeroinΕ

      I REALLY believed you would've taken at least a few sins off from that Sam L. line. Dislike.

    51. Karma

      My favourite childhood animated movie was Anastasia (1997) from Fox. Could I request a video on it? ☺️🤞

    52. YouTube Bomer

      Hahahahaha these sins

    53. Dominic Gooden

      A flight att3ndant would be in the cocpit wiht him

    54. TheGreatestPlayerInTheWorld

      I still haven’t seen this movie but I have now(kinda) through cinema sins thanks 😊 broham!

    55. Luke Pawsey

      Has anyone ever said how you sound like Jerry from Rick and morty

    56. Eric Macapagal

      Motorcycle what

    57. VeRA CRUZ

      Awwwwwwww +1 sin

    58. Maccavelly

      Parseltounge us hilarious

    59. Batman Beyond

      Let's be honest, we came here for samual l Jackson

    60. PuppyPaws

      id rather the baby was thrown than the puppy.

    61. Mo

      We need killer turtles on the *land*

    62. EpicMeerkat 16

      This video was uploaded op in February but he mentions buying hand sanitiser in March? Is something else going on here?

    63. confushus

      Who the hell puts snakes on a plane did they mistake them for the snacks

    64. Salty Queen

      this movie would have been so much better if they kept it simple. the simple concept of poisonous, venomous beasts in an enclosed space full of strangers in some freak accident works by itself. the FBI back story turns this into an even crappier fast n the furious installment.

    65. Kyrohnics

      This was pretty funny but you had some pointless reasons to increase your movie sin counter lol. Actually made you look dumb af

    66. MuMu124

      This video's title is wrong It should be called "Everything IS wrong with snakes on a plane"

    67. speedwaynutt

      I still wish this film got a sequel Snake on a Boat.

    68. Emo Muzz

      "Snakes on a Plane"? What's it about?

    69. Pyro Kujo

      Enough is ENOUGH! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!

    70. Toad Taylor

      I have never seen this movie and am so glad I never did...

    71. Brian


    72. lil smiley

      Fun fact: this was filmed in iowa and I live there

    73. Felipe Lopez

      I could’ve sworn it was called snakes on THE plane

    74. Jake M

      That altimeter at 5:30 was a joke. Not only do the “hands” of the altimeter not indicate 35,000 feet when it stops (while the rolling tape number does) but that rolling tape is from the odometer in a car. Planes don’t have decimal place altimeters like “35,000.0” that’s straight from a car.

    75. JJ Supreme

      *"I've had it with these mothafuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane!"*

    76. Lioness006

      The dude in the mile high scene is Taylor Kitsch, who played Gambit in X-men Origins and was in that male witch movie, The Covenant. I own this movie for the music video at the end. Lol

    77. oh god

      17:15 this dude just waddled his feet on a surfboard

    78. Star Lynn

      I will not stop until we get a cinemasins for the House of Wax

    79. TheTrueBatman66

      wait i'm confused was the fast and furious reference just a joke or is this part of the furious timeline

    80. Jessica Evans

      I feel like I take issue with the term "biological snakes".

    81. The WizardEmoji

      You should do 8 legged freaks

    82. oscar samame

      Why haven’t you done soul plane yet

    83. De' Marthia

      You make everyone looks like a asshole, python

    84. KingKarrot21

      This one time I think I would have put more sins then you. I.love them and know a lot so this was cringe

    85. Dre Grant

      "Awww" Ping

    86. One Punch

      My fav movie

    87. Kw1ky

      I look away for 1 second and look again and see 100,000 sins

    88. Zoomer

      Somewhere out in the vast universe there's a world where Snakes on a Plane is a documentary

    89. Goonily

      why do snakes exist?

    90. Iman Gianan

      What is this movie all about?

    91. Nathan Biller

      Summary: Nothing, absolutely nothing

    92. Jacob

      didn’t know this was a movie, legit just wanted to know why snakes can’t be on planes.

    93. Rei Ayanami

      Thats actually 3 bands Cobra starship The academy is and The gym class heros

    94. cs

      reminds me of a certain sum'n called "sex on the beach"

    95. Brandon Caulkins

      That woman has a phone in her hand. That is not a computer. It prolly has a shitty digital camera though.

    96. Vasilis Mastrogiannoudis

      Ive got ophidophobia why am I watching this

    97. Nadine Ireland

      Kill a kitty! A billion sins

    98. Asa Hamada

      No way you sinned the best line in this movie 💀

    99. HiLo Skull

      snakes would need a certain temperature to survive for more than 2 to 3 hours top and since they all are different species they'd be killing each other so by the time the plane takes off and they start coming out they'd all be dead anyways 1miilion sins for this one

    100. Skrubz Playz

      idea, make everything wrong with everything wrong with movie sins