Everything Wrong With Prince of Persia in 18 Minutes or Less


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    Prince of Persia is a movie based on a video game, so right out of the gate you should lower your expectations. Then... lower them some more. We counted all the sins so you don't have to.
    Thursday: Princess sins.
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    1. KyloArsenal

      I watched this movie like once a week when I was a kid

    2. Seraaphim

      This is all well and good but... these Persians sound very British and American, strangely enough.

    3. Omari Aaron

      50 Sins for them not having Persian accents

    4. Werner Moser

      "Seems like their most trusted general would have more tactics than just attacking head-on" WW1 wants to have a word with you.

    5. Joshia Mosby

      Wasn't there a game on wii that made this? I think it was could Prince of Persia the forgotten sand

    6. Stephen Jacewicz

      This film did not even seem like a movie. It was... Empty. Jake Gyllenhaal has been in much better stuff.

    7. phanfinger

      I clicked on this because I saw this movie once. But I gotta say, I didn't retain one ounce of this movie. Kind of unmemorable ahaha

    8. Michael 55

      All this time i thought that the game is based on the movies. I don't know how this happened.

    9. Daniel Georgiev

      I can't believe that the papyrus typeface is not a sin

    10. koldbloodedkiller

      To be real the movie should be diffrent sinds the storie of the game dut how you see what is rong is like wtf i mean you even would say a a ant it should not be there a sin

    11. Vess Bear

      This came out 11 fucking years ago!?

    12. JUSTIN JOD

      Prince of Persia new movie

    13. 黒い人新鮮な

      I really enjoyed this movie and never thought until now he funny they messed it up

    14. EvenintacoMC

      But if you go back in time with the sand then you will go to the time that you haven’t used the sand yet

    15. Lucca Caixeta

      It would be better if it were an animated movie and if they brought back Yuri Lowenthal

    16. Omar Cuevas

      fu* you I loved this movie and I'm 23 a lot of scenes are incredible and the scenes are really well made

    17. Willowy13

      It has Jake Gyleal (too lazy to see how it is written). It is enough.

    18. Kayla McAllister

      Out of all video game movies, I think this angered me the most. I loved the games this was based off of..and they changed EVERYTHING. Not to mention the white washing of the character casting. To be honest this movie is pretty much the exact same movie as Assassins Creed only with slight changes in script. Doing the same thing to its franchise of games.


      3:29 If you where on a hill or in a flat plains area, you could see the light of a single match from more than 5 miles away with nothing blocking it, so its not a sin they saw a torch down below them, even if it was far away, no sin there.

    20. x g

      Always wanted to "see" this movie but never wanted to watch it.

    21. Roger Travis

      "Marriage; is what bwings us togevah, today." CinemaSins thought we wouldn't catch that Jensen Ackles audio, but we did.

    22. Ethan just Ethan

      6:42 Jeremy realizes that he works for Alfred Molina

    23. Halal Sweets

      Me, a middle eastern, who found more sins that CinemaSins: *Do I get a Sin for that?*

    24. lost baby forever

      I liked the sins but the movie does explain about the time travelling dagger that it shouldn't be used too much? If used something bad will happen. Idk I have watched it a long time. and also I felt about using the dagger when the heroines kingdom is at stakes. Anyone helping me here?

    25. Hirmani M.

      15:44 I don’t know why I laughed 💀💀💀

    26. renren221

      That bonus round is just your jealousy at not being able to look that cool when jumping

    27. PhateKills

      Am I the only one getting a blank screen?

    28. Loki

      Wow. There is A LOT of white in this Persia

      1. Sabiq Rusydi

        Skin wise, most of the Iranian today (modern day Persia) were white. But if what you mean by white is European / American, then yes.

    29. Tristan Dimitrijev

      why the hell do they have british acsents


      um 2:13 if you look closely there is a arrow on the wall he stands on but its hard to see a few re watches leading up to that and you'll see it


        2:11 there you will see the shadow of the arrow he stands on later

    31. TymP321

      Isn't he, well, John Carter?

    32. Ry Kali

      When I watched it in the theatres, I knew Ben King was the bad guy because his guyliner was little too thick. It should not have guessed it that easily or for that reason.

    33. ArmaBiologica35

      One of the most dissapointing films I´ve ever seen. I´m a huge fan of the games.

    34. Anonymous Person

      This movie is so much more cringy then I remember...

    35. HaitokuNoHonoo1000

      the game had a nice story, why not go with it? why make up 99,98% of BS?

    36. J. Merritt

      Honestly I feel de javu of this episode being out already

    37. J. Merritt

      What the ?! They spelled Minis Tirith wrong 🤣

    38. Kenneth R

      I was sooo hyped about this movie and I left the theater like 🤡🤡🤡.

    39. Hy6Gfr HhyE45yy

      Persia not Africa. North Africa didn't get conquer until after 5000bce by Persia, Greece India China and roma aka. All that and still a hard W

    40. RonoMorph

      In my opinion, this is the best video game movie out there (except for Sonic maybe). It's still not good, sure, but it's a fun movie nonetheless.

    41. Luis Soto

      To be fair, most of those sins are game tropes, so if anything they are wins in my book for being faithful to the source material

    42. Elvira-Irina Reisinger

      I have the damn steelbook! Don't need Assassin's Crapmovie

    43. Chris Polanco

      i fucking hate how british accents are used in lieu of basically all others. probably because a white guy with a persian accent would look and sound ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as persia being in the fucking name and everyone having a british accent.

    44. Mighty_Puff

      They have british accents...in persia....🤔

    45. Arrow8D

      i was so upset with this film that it didnt follow the game with the sand zombie monsters

    46. Benji Tri

      I love watching things like this rather than the actual film - so much more enjoyable (I have never actually seen the film).

    47. Charlie

      "What they lack in beauty they make up for in fighting spirit" Hey that's our staff 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    48. Synthetic Reign

      Always on-board for silly sins. But the constant sinning of not using the dagger even though Tamina says RIGHT OFF THE BAT when Dastan uses it that he used up a lot of the sand, thus making it evident that there is limited use of the dagger, so they wouldn't use it unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, was irritating.

    49. RalfsStuff

      I forgot all about the plot. The only thing I remember is being one of four viewers and the staff forgetting to start the movie.

    50. Arc

      There is a camel in this video 18:14

    51. Hunter O' Tails

      How about a sin for those British accents in Persia?

    52. John Avenger

      I hated this movie!I'm not even a fan of the games.

    53. Emmanuel Ofori-Kuragu

      The "camel-riding" is just as useful as that stupid parkour move Jake did when running from the horseman. and also a little bit racist

    54. Kiowa BlackWolf

      And 1k sins for bad accent's

    55. Xzane

      Is it me or is Gemma Arterton weirdly hot?

    56. Leon Paelinck

      This movie is stupid but damn you can't deny it's fun

    57. FlamingAtheist

      Lets not forget the biggest sin Movie set in middle eastern country cast by 98% white people doing weird english accents in the most hilarious way

    58. Noctua

      I loved this movie.

    59. Kev Sincere

      That moment when he spells *Minas Tirith wrong too

    60. A Black Guy

      The movie didnt have those moments where he panic rewind before using the last sand to die in slow motion.... 0/10

    61. Asurael

      So... no sin for papyrus font?

    62. Steven Farmer

      Missed me a good bonus round

    63. 55TheInTIMidator55

      Gyllenhaal's a great actor but this ain't it, chief.

    64. Hannah Trivass

      This is my guilty pleasure film!!!! I love Jake Gyllenhaal in any movie he is in!! This was just a fun film for me!!!!

    65. Nick Papageorgio

      When he did that pointless little jump off the wall all I could think about is “hardcore parkour!” From the office.

    66. Christopher Alejandro Meza Parra

      Camel poop.

    67. 2nd3rd1st

      Also known as Brownface, The Movie

    68. Avi Chetri

      The biggest sin was getting a non-Iranian actor to play the Prince of Persia.

    69. Terence Johunkin

      You can't really sin the jumping and parkour. It's true to the game series pretty much. Even the 2d prince of persia was about parkour and jumping out/over dangerous situations.

    70. Afrofuturism Productions

      They didn't dig the hole in hours, they have been digging since the king died.

    71. Genomcyber

      Now I feel like watching this movie.... for the 1000000th time.

    72. Lizzie87

      Can't believe you missed how a male ostrich is being called a female in the scene where Alfred Molina catches them again.

    73. Brandon Fischer

      this movie is my guilty pleasure

    74. Yzdjan Ali

      This movie 🎥 is shit mugals empire WES IN 1600 and HASASI ORDAR IN Alamut WES IN 1187

    75. Ms. Joy Ngcobo

      Idk why 'fuck this urn!!' had me dead 😭😂😂😂😂

    76. Jakk Frost

      Just to further add to your engagement, 4:03 is not a useless parkour move, not by the movies physics at least. He does that to build momentum for the move immediately after, where he gets a little higher up the other wall and launches himself at the horse's rider. Basically he uses the wall as a halfpipe, even if that might not be how it works irl. But you knew that already, I'm well aware. 🖕😜

    77. George Oldsterd

      Molina's character claims to have bought skeletons from some gypsies in Bukhara. That's impossible from a historic point of view. *DING!*

    78. George Oldsterd

      Finally! A CS video that points out ACTUAL sins of a movie!

    79. Just Time

      99.98% recovery rate and no homeless deaths. Keep wearing dat dere mask you stupid sheep.

    80. Just Time

      So Taiwan is no longer sovereign? Huh...

    81. Just Time

      What ever happened to "Free Tibet"?

    82. Stuart Fury

      One of my greatest fears is this shit autoplays while busy in another room and i have to hear the distant ranting of this edgelord.

    83. Drum Monkey

      Always love the super Mario Bros bonus round music.

    84. Shaznit

      Prince of Parkour

    85. 2cool0

      the king or sultan or whatever didn't wear a fucking crown in real life. don't think any middle eeastern countries had crowns like that. that's a total european thing...especially british. not to mention the fact all these people are straight european not even remotely middle eastern. the temple in the movie or maybe it was a castle or something had hindu gods....like wtf hollywood you piece of shit you can't even get that right? why is the prince and many others speaking in a full british accent?

    86. Sentinel creed

      This movie was my childhood. Idk why I liked it so much but I did. Still sticks with me to this day

    87. Tobias Bäcklund

      So it is not offensive go to blackface when it is not completely black?

    88. Tobias Bäcklund

      Is anyone persian in this movie? At all?

    89. joseph frank

      I think I will rewatch the Prince of Persia just because nothing else is on..

    90. John D

      Admittedly I didn’t have the patience to watch through the whole video so if he comments on this later on then fair enough, but is anybody talking about how Jake Gyllenhaal is white in what realistically is a role for a middle eastern actor? I love Jake, but his presence here doesn’t really feel appropriate. He’s certainly not the only whitewashed role, either. Just bears mentioning I feel

    91. Eucenor

      8:29 aurangzeb intensifies

    92. Cynfael Alek-Walker

      This movie is so American it doesn't even have a persian rug, and it doesn't know that Persian's are not arabs

    93. Jim Nixon

      There are not enough sins for how bad this garbage fire was.

    94. Alöys Schíkélgrübér

      "Meet me In Montauk"😂🤣🤣🤣

    95. Beat The Yeet

      OMG it’s the kid from day after tommorow

    96. Daryl Gonyer

      So, we're going to ignore the similarities to the plot of Ocarina of Time? I mean, not exact, but... yeah. A blade made by the gods? Check. Time travel to fix things? Check. "We've never met, but you have this air about you that tells me you've gained knowledge of things that you couldn't possible know"? Check.

    97. Mukhtar "Billy" Vanmali

      More whitewashing bs. Yeah yeah I also read something about Persians being technically Caucasian or something at the time, but besides Ben Kingsley, would it have killed them to cast someone with a little brown in them??? Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes from 300 or the Persians in "Alexander" had the right idea, and it looked authentic or at least not as odd as Jake and Gemma in these roles

    98. TheRiddick27

      Alfred Molina was far & away the best thing about this movie. Not only should he be in more comedies, he should be in more films.

    99. JC

      4:06 Weeeeeee!!!!