Everything Wrong With Office Space in 18 Minutes or Less


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    Office Space is an all-time classic and one of the most quotable movies ever. Still has sins.
    Thursday: Sci-fi action film sins.
    Remember no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Gino diFonzo

      There is nothing wrong with Office Space; back up in your ass with the resurrection!

    2. Robert Lowry

      You've clearly never worked in an office.. Love the channel bro.

    3. Vinyl Bozz

      Also, Peter called Michael "Mike" when going back to the office for his address book. Didn't we establish during the coffee break earlier he goes by Michael?

    4. Kozy Reardon

      she doesn't know how to pronounce his name because she's a temp! her character is even credited as "temp"

      1. Kozy Reardon

        also that's why she's surprised by "Michael Bolton"

    5. David Howard

      How do you do a 20+ minute video about sins of a movie, and NOT MENTION the INCONSISTENCY of the computer at 5:35 - it is a wired combination of Microsoft and Apple. Excel is Macintosh, but the other Windows are Microsoft Windows. But beyond that, what is worse, this guys voice, his terrible takes, or his complete lack of understanding about this movie.

    6. CockatooDude

      Damn it! I'm the nodder!

    7. L V

      I started as a software engineer in 1995. I saw this movie when it came out I still enjoy this movie today. 22 year old movie and a lot still holds true today

    8. KIRAMH1023

      Really? Tossing in some Trump bashing? When YOUR guy has doubled the price of everything in 4 short months? How’s that going for you?

    9. Aaron Donchin

      I graduated college in 2000 and I remember a few years later I was sitting in an office very similar to the one in this movie. It was at a radio station, so it should have been cool, right? No, it was the sales and commercial traffic, which is the pits at a radio station. Eventually I quit the job and moved to Hawaii and work at a youth hostel for much less pay. I was poorer but I was much happier.

    10. Al McGee

      10:19 No latch on the door.

    11. InturnetHaetMachine

      2:20 Yeah, you haven't worked in a inefficient bureaucratic corporate environment which bloated middle management, have you? 3:20 That's what happens when corporate cuts all essential employees for cost cutting, and those who remain are death marched to finish the project. I'm just gonna stop the video here, this movie is not for everyone and this guy shows it.

    12. Jeff Warren

      12:37: "He comes out of nowhere. Who the f--- is this guy?". What law states that all characters must be formally introduced in the first 15 minutes or so? Take away that sin "oh-oh-oh" okay. Who posting here can say that they actually saw this movie in the movie theater in its first run?

    13. Dope92

      Corporate Mundo was built from this movie.

    14. Guardian of Ulyaoth

      Fiddle fart may be my new favorite word

    15. DrPlatypus1


    16. Justin Time

      @9:39: *"...how long do you think an employee is going to work without a paycheck?"* That's the whole point Einstein. He'll naturally stop coming to work, without having had to fire him.

    17. Justin Time

      Dig the Seinfeld "Library Cop" reference @8:12...

    18. James Schrumpf

      I have never seen Cinema Sins totally misunderstand a movie as much as they did this one.

    19. VodkaSour

      In video ad and 6 ad breaks = Never Sub, wtf are you guys thinking about?

    20. Tyler Scrogum

      Everything wrong with CinemaSins "30 seconds of opening ads" Sorry. I had to.

    21. david kline

      This and leprechaun Jennifer was hot af

    22. greg k

      half of what he calls "sins" are what make this movie so good... like just stopping milton's paychecks.... freaking hilarious. we still say we "fixed the glitch" when we fix something the wrong way at work

    23. DrasticBread

      #1: Have you seen how bland some real life American license plates are?

    24. J Thomas

      It's like CinemaSins missed so many of the jokes in this film.

    25. Chad Roemer

      programmers definitely have to work over the weekend sometimes wut lol

    26. BixbyConsequence

      "indelible condiments"?

    27. E F

      Nothing. This movie is genius.

    28. Michael Beasley

      OMFG! What was that 7 ads?!

    29. Just Jimmie

      Deidrich Bader is golden in everything he does. This channel rocks

    30. Eric Buist

      Loved the Detective Bookman reference at 8:10!

    31. Statalyzer

      Nah, floppy disks were LESS temperamental than CD-ROMs, because they wouldn't go haywire if they got 1 miniscule scratch in most places.

    32. Sig Bauer

      Everything I know about business I learned from the Dogbert Secret Management Handbook.

    33. Darren Z

      Remove 100 sins for Jennifer Aniston in her prime.

    34. David T

      I feel like your motivation was to troll for views and comments by twisting contextual themes and plots. Well done.

    35. Cookie Monster

      You called Rachel "Joanna".... What's up with that?

    36. Cookie Monster

      Great video except for the lazy Trump joke. Just going along with the crowd, I see...

    37. Carlos Hernandez

      This was great, although I don’t think you understand just how monotonous office life is. You really do get asked things 50 times about bs TPS reports, even from people u work closely with. It leaks from time to time and can be incredibly horrible.

    38. W Hunt

      They are forcing people to work on Saturdays because he's working to figure out y2k

    39. S S

      2:40 The lady doesnt know their names because her character is a temp.

    40. Peter Frencken

      Shane Dawson used Betterhelp, and how is he doing now...

    41. anthonyl2823

      Eh this is by far one of the worst ones conducted. A lot of the things pointed out are spot on in a cubical farm environment. Eh don’t try too hard. You had a lot of misses here. A lot of office space is still dead on in a corporate environment. I had two bosses remind me what I was doing after I gave an update at the 8am meeting telling everyone my work for the day is the exact thing.

    42. Alan Laing

      It's a software company...people work at weekends in the IT business because you cant just carry out software upgrades during your customer's working week..

    43. Marvin Scott

      How you gonna quietly remove a sin for "He's the one that sucks" when Michael is talking about Michael Bolton hahahahah

    44. CUTIE PIE

      13:19NO IT'S NOT

    45. Spider Daunte

      The amount of sins he took off. You can tell he loves this movie.

    46. Killary Banks

      Gary Cole will forever be known as "Jack Killian" from "Midnight Caller" to me 😩🙃😁 Yup; I'm definitely showing my age here, lol!

    47. CUTIE PIE


    48. CUTIE PIE


    49. CUTIE PIE


    50. railsplitters79

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with office space.

    51. John Cimaglia

      1:31 Lots of people like that. They drive around with their hoods on acting all hood meanwhile they are as white bread as you can get without being Wonder.

    52. Ashton Harkleroad

      "The Trump Family!" Why do you need to? I'm not here for that, I'm tired of inserting political views in videos that have no political topics. I don't want your views.

    53. Alex Caruso

      "Yea... if you could just say there is nothing wrong with this film. That would be great."

    54. Kris C

      Office Space: negate all sins

    55. Landon McMeekin

      Please, for the love of God, do Idiocracy

    56. HereIsWisdom 1318


    57. Joe Swanson

      Did anyone else watch an opening ad that look movie trade German world war two Action scenes?!? 😳

    58. k c

      Did you quote the Library Cop? 🏆

    59. Peter Onyt

      9/10 casuals restaurants pre pandemic set their tables with salt pepper and ketchup being the only condiments.

    60. TymP321

      When Tom came running across the parking lot, that piece of paper in his hand should have been a cover sheet for the TPS reports...

    61. kingizo

      Thank You been waiting for this and "Waiting" (restaurant movie)

    62. Brian Beeby

      1:44 The "PC" has a Macintosh keyboard and a one-button Mac mouse. On the monitor, you can see it's trying to look like a Windows 95 machine for the movie. But it's really a Mac running Windows / Windows look-alike software. 9:55 When did Peter get a Toyota Corolla? At the start of the movie he was driving a Mitsubishi Mirage. But it was a definite upgrade! 10:28 Now his office PC has a real PC keyboard; 101-key DOS-era with no Windows keys. Nice! 17:30 Okay, you were working at a decent-paying white-collar IT office job. Yeah, it often sucked and your boss was a dick, but you slacked off most of the time, took long breaks and even stopped showing up for a while... and you never got fired. Now you're working construction with a bunch of ex-cons from pound-you-in-the-ass prison and probably making a fraction of what you made at Initech... more so if you're just day labor. I know this is comedy, but you really think your new "job" is an improvement? I think this movie would've been funnier at the end if Peter got into some funky self-employment gig. No boss, no office politics and no office!

    63. Tomsense76

      Cinema Sins has obviously not worked in a corporate environment...

    64. romulusnr

      No sin for the fact Peter's computer has both Windows window frames AND MacOS window frames?

    65. Ellen K

      I have to believe you understand satire.

    66. Caleb Short

      2:27 yeah you'd think wouldn't you?

    67. Sandia Barrera

      REALLY?!?!? This movie is GOLD!

    68. Nick Papageorgio

      You literally had 40+ seconds of ads and intro but you shit on every movie that had ads and intros. Noice

    69. The Median Man

      If you are in credit or accounts receivable, then you likely check your aging reports Monday AM to see what accounts are due and in need of collection that week. That the corresponding accounts payable gets a lot of calls Monday AM would not be too surprising. That said, if their AP department owes an overdue invoice every 5 seconds, there probably wouldn't be enough money in the treasury to embezzle at any significant rate.

    70. Bren Wright

      That’s not “riding your brakes”. Minus 1 sin.

    71. Patrick Coston

      You missed that his computer looked like a PC clone probably running Microsoft Windows 95 or 98, but the progress bars used an Apple Mac user interface, but then it shut-down to a DOS C: prompt. Windows 95 and 98 did not shut-down a C: prompt. Windows 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x ran on top of DOS and shut-down to a DOS prompt. That's 2 sins right there!

    72. James Noble

      What's up with the zombie pale complexion of the woman standing to the left of Milton during the cake scene? Bad makeup or lighting? It doesn't match the skin tone of her arms Also a sin should've been awarded for the magazine guy claiming he made way more money selling subscriptions door to door than his former IT job. I find that impossible to believe unless he sold, like, 300 subscriptions a day every day

    73. Walter Burton

      The writers at CinemaSins shouldn't cover any movies released prior to 2010 or so.

    74. Walter Burton

      HEY KIDS: That is not what "riding your brakes" is. Not at all.

    75. volsman1978

      the Nodder...he is today's mask nazi

    76. Zachary

      How dare you...

    77. GodEmperor Bigfoot

      Haven't done much day labor jobs have used CinemaSins. You got a massive construction cleanup job go to your local labor ready or whatever temp agency that does that sort of thing And yeah there's a good chance you're going to be working on that. Also have you worked in an office before much less these days because having 5 plus bosses is kind of normal. It's ridiculous and garbage but yeah last office job I worked We had 3 team leads 4 shift leads 2department heads And the office manager. And oh God the amount of times you would have people giving conflicting orders on what they want done and what priorities they had.

    78. Jupi

      I once got approached by four different managers because I was putting 14 pieces of pepperoni on the 8-inch pizzas as opposed to the correct quantity of 12. Yes. Two bosses CAN get that bent out of shape over something as dumb as a cover sheet.

    79. Tom Evans

      Peter looks like Glenn Quagmire. GIGGITY!

    80. tony vaughn

      this is a great movie.

    81. john bush

      Please do the tomb raider reboot, that movie deserves to be sinned straight to hell

    82. Caleb Lambert

      Lmao bro you are so wrong. The only sin here was performed by you yourself. Silly head. Office space is the holy Grail of perfect genius at work. Absolutely hilerous. Forgiven. Lol

    83. ML

      More like everything right with Office Space in 18 minutes.

    84. MetalmaT

      This movie is such a fucking classic

    85. Jimmy Nobody

      “Two chicks at the same time.” My all time favorite movie line.

    86. Kroninn

      Holy shit dude. Is this a troll or do you just not understand humor? Mike Judge is a genius.

    87. Romain R

      I got fired twice and both times on Fridays. Just saying...

    88. Rubberbandman 529

      Real good movie, but I knew they were gonna find a lot of things wrong with this

    89. William Underhill


    90. Dylan Bailey

      take it down, now...

    91. Dan Burke

      2:45 That woman is supposed to be a temp. That's why she doesn't know the guys' names.

    92. A E

      How dare you find any sins with this masterpiece?!?! :)

    93. chad miller

      There's nothing wrong with Office Space. End of video

    94. Joe Cool

      4:40 - +10 sins to CinemaSins for being unable to count -- marking 12 but stating 13 individual pieces of flair.

    95. Dark Eagle777777

      Once again... sloppy. Once again entertaining. Once again, woefully inaccurate

    96. C. W.

      I have 8 bosses. It's absolutely a real thing.

    97. Jason Radice

      You can tell this reviewer never worked in an office. This is really damned accurate.

    98. Starman82

      Thank you Cinema Sins, for being the first person other than myself who was offended by the license plate in the beginning of Office Space. It was so offensive I couldn't enjoy the rest of the movie

    99. Daniel Bo

      Working on the weekend? This movie was in the lead up to Y2K.

    100. Ima Misfit

      This guy just doesn't get the humor of it.