Everything Wrong With Napoleon Dynamite in 14 Minutes or Less


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    Napoleon Dynamite was a surprise hit and still has devoted fans to this day. We thought we'd piss those fans off by counting its sins. So we did.
    New memoir from Jeremy (the narrator): cinemasins.com/original-sin
    Thursday: sins of a terrible sports movie everyone loves.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Pancake Productions

      you guys got any tots?

    2. Darla Lett

      I lived in Idaho for a few years. This movie is spot on

    3. Darla Lett

      Boo. I loved the movie

    4. Y/n L/n

      I love that my mom was watching this when I was born- 😂

    5. Jay BirdBlu_117

      I Really Love this Movie, as I can do an Impression of Napoleon!

    6. New California Republic

      Bro you better ducking delete this video

    7. Anthony Cruz

      Maybe one day someone can explain to me how an entire sect of the population was convinced this movie was not utter dog shit

    8. Boob-Tubby Sanchez

      Is this where King of Skill got the “do it again” from?? That’s incredible🤣🤣

    9. Ashton Davis

      Kicks Napoleon Jeremy “reflexes”

    10. Ethan Nunya

      This movie is so bad I cant even set through someone ripping on it

    11. Brett Reid

      11:10 sounds awfully personal

    12. Stephen Anderson


    13. Phouq yuu

      This guy is such a good actor that i hated this movie simply because Napolean is a dumbass.

    14. Stonk

      Why did it take you so long making this video, GOSH!

    15. John Owens

      I have watched 3 videos at this point I'm shocked that somehow 9 million human beings clicked subscribe for this idiotic drivel

    16. Eczotiik

      Everything wrong with Napoleon Dynamite: nothing. The end.

    17. Billison

      This vid should have been *Start* “NOTHING” *end*

    18. Dylannskates

      cinema sins has to make a movie, he hass tooo so we can make fun of him

    19. J Codol

      I remember the days when Cinema Sins actually sinned mistakes, clichés, and plots that made no sense, etc. I don't know what this is...

    20. Jacob Davis

      Can't help but point out his percentages at 9:08 don't add up to 100%.

    21. Steve W

      Bonus for the "Service Merchandise" mention. An echo from a far distant past.

    22. Brock Hillary

      It’s honestly sad that Cinema Sins themselves are cringe.

    23. HhifiX

      How bold of you to say something is wrong this Masterpiece.

    24. Bbay person

      5:36... LOL!!!

    25. Marq Smith

      That meme movie idea…. 🤔

    26. Keara M

      High key this movie is still great though 👌

    27. Keara M

      It's 2021 now and my roommate still wears a f*cking fanny pack

    28. Austin McFarlane

      These are more like 'gold coins' than 'sins' for this movie

    29. Alexander The Great Eminem Fan Stan Shady

      Sheez whatever I don't care! It's Napoleon Dynamite's World people! We're all just temporary guests!

    30. Chach Wa

      This has been the most nit picky video they’ve made in a while

    31. Statalyzer

      Calling it "pop". *ding

    32. Statalyzer

      No sin for "Lake Loch Ness"? It's just "Loch Ness".

    33. Dougie Backus

      This was our drinking movie for months. Always played in the background somewhere

    34. Taylor B

      This is trying hard to be funny and isn’t, while Napoleon Dynamite is hilarious

    35. VodkaSour

      5 ad breaks Massive gd sin right there

    36. K B

      Fascinating to see somebody roast a movie that roasts itself lmao

    37. Guadalupe Ortiz

      Can you do a cinema sins video on the movie the social network ? It’s one of my favorites .


      Why was my first reaction to seeing you do this movie was like, hmm as if there's anything wrong with it.

    39. Scott Locke

      Commenting just to compliment you for the fantastic Its Always Sunny soundbite

    40. maddie anderson

      im not from idaho but i thought this movie really was set in the 80s or even early 90s

    41. negius hegratte

      Who is here in 2025 when the Meme Movie came out?

    42. C Perkins

      I hate this movie. I hated it when in came out. Quirk doesn’t mean quality and I never understood why it was as popular as it was. /end rant

    43. Raiff Bauer

      dog you're sinning some of the best shit. That cobweb hanging off Napoleons head in the ramp scene kills me every time. Its so perfect. How dare you consider that a sin sir

    44. the2theOnly

      Those lockers are real. Take that sin away

    45. phanfinger

      This movie takes place in Idaho?? I thought it was like Nebraska or somewhere in the midwest. This movie came out when I was in the third grade. I didn't like it at all. But I saw it again when I was in the 6th grade and I loved it. Classic movie.

    46. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      There’s nothing wrong with it, there saved you 15 minutes

    47. Thomas Fay

      So does this mean Diedrich Bader alone gets an automatic sin off now?

    48. Joseph Anderson

      Most of the "sins" were the best parts in the movie.

    49. Lane Bristow

      I cannot call this movie good. I can only call it hilarious and joy-bringing.


      Wow. I was only 8 when this move came out.

    51. Honk Ronkbonk

      My middle school choir teacher was Jon heders grandma

    52. Mr Rooty Tooty

      Could be wrong but sure those brightly coloured lockers are just the ones the school already had IRL. So not a sin.

    53. Big Gib

      I was born in 2004, the year my mom graduated highschool and happen to be an Idaho native, so I can surely say that this is completely accurate and it is still like this in Idaho. Frozen in time but the potatoes make up for it ig.

    54. CLuv

      That food has made me hungry


      This video should be 0 seconds long


      Every thing wrong with Napoleon Dynamite Nothing at all

    57. Lynn Sutton

      For the love god it’s a comedy

    58. Rob Jones-Bagley

      This guy is fuccin hilarious😂💪🏿

    59. Lord Job Jeffrey Elliott

      How dare you find anything wrong with Napoleon Dynamite

    60. Cash Davenport

      2:37 the fact you’re saying this makes me think you’ve never been to Idaho

    61. Chance Morgan

      I Live in idaho and rewatched it recently and kept looking at the background and thinking "yep, That's Idaho. Yep, that's idaho."

    62. Greg Price

      There are 111 too many sins in this review

    63. illitero

      So few of these were actual sins. Boooooo! Boooo!!!

    64. Nothing

      So you have chosen death...

    65. craigcarter400

      11:58 Is there such a thing LOL?

    66. ivankaseljanka

      This is the pettiest video on SEprom.. so low, to criticise this movie... SMH

      1. JV Reviews

        Their channel is supposed to be a joke

    67. 8 8

      Service Merchandise never sold carpet.

    68. Pablo Josue Vazquez

      Holy shit you still exist?.... good for.you CinemaSins!

    69. Knockout King

      How can you sin this MASTERPIECE?!! It is HILARIOUS!! 🤣

    70. Shy Guy Dood

      11:43 you can see a cast/crew members leg in the reflection of the phone.

    71. Rodney Austin

      Watching a video from a channel with 9 millions subs but d-bag creator still wants money and forces me to skip through three commercials in first two minutes. SIN TO UNSUB.

    72. Purplealchemist

      “In the aaaarrmmmss offff the angeeeellllsss” 🤣🤣

    73. insomnom nomnia


    74. Person

      this you-tuber's mom goes to college.

    75. Nolan Massarello

      who else heard the audio from the Ron/Lily episode in Barry? two of my favorite comedies right here edit: oh shit there’s the big Lebowski too. Make that 3

    76. Chris Goble

      He started doing the one thing that I didn’t want him to do! Sinning comedies and kids movies!

    77. Megasaur 99

      bro Napoleon comes riding in on a white horse in the post credits scene i think that’s worth a negative sin

    78. leon zetsu

      this is the one video i question that sin counter going up at some scenes

    79. Grant Kennell

      Didn’t sin Deb getting hit is the face with the tetherball at the end???

    80. Savannah Rydalch

      There is a cheer competition held at this school and I have gone to it twice it is only about three hours from my school and yes that is how the lockers are it’s confusing

    81. Neil oppa

      Only thing wrong is there is no 8k release.

    82. The Masked X

      very bold

    83. Noah issiah Perez Ruiz

      I'm just going to pretend this video was never made

    84. Mangoes In Space


    85. T Decker

      This is one of my fav movies. I know it’s silly, but it’s pretty wholesome given how movies can be, and I thought it was funny and entertaining.

    86. Asher Scull

      How dare you sir shame shame

    87. McJibbin

      "Back in the day I would have been able to throw the football over them mountains" - Uncle Rico

    88. javier garcia

      Napoleon was so funny, a Jon Heder master piece of comedy till meet Adam Sandler and did Benchwarmers, which it sucks, and later get his so earned comeback with Blades of glory

    89. Padme Raven

      There is NOTHING wrong with Napolian Dynamite

    90. javier garcia

      Hi, Are you did a review for The Core? i think is from 2001 or 2003, but O man!!, so ridiculous Sci-Fi Movie,

    91. Gena Lane

      I adore this movie..y pick it apart. Love John Heder too. Check him out in " School for Scoundrels" with the great BillyBob T

    92. James

      How long is this Fcking movie???

    93. Peter Dick

      I watched this and i still dont know what is this movie about. IMO one of the shittiest movie i dont want to see

    94. Peter Dick

      This guy looks like hes permanently stoned

    95. Danica Fugit

      14:35 what is the name of this music?

    96. Brandon B. Rich

      I remember when this channel was funny

    97. Everything Thrice

      The only thing wrong with this movie is that it ends

    98. Serious Silliness


    99. William Underhill

      "malfeasance" 😂

    100. Jay WasHere

      please don’t sing “in the arms of an Angel” ever again, I cringed tf up