Everything Wrong With Last Action Hero in 17 Minutes or Less


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    Last Action Hero is known as a relative flop, commercially and critically, but the movie's actually pretty fun. Far from perfect though... and FULL of sins.
    Thursday: sins of a bad superhero movie
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    Publicerades den 2 månader sedan


    1. eric carney

      Funny you think he would run as a republican.

    2. Harry Cox

      One of the best Arnold movies ever!!

    3. Dabomb729

      Ft. Oglethorpe, GA??? That’s where I’m from! Lmao. If that’s the one you worked at, I probably saw you there when I was a kid! 😂

    4. Cat Mate

      5 sins for wasting water in the shower? Dude, it's not a cinema sin, it's an ecology sin, are you fracking Greta or what :D

    5. nonnonsence

      This movie is not more confusing than Tenet. If you need a run down on Tenet I got you.

    6. TTM 1895

      I can't believe you actually felt the need to Sin this one. The only Sin it needs is being made.

    7. Medicated Jay

      Very good concept that was sadly undermined by writing. The world around it and the characters dragged the movie down. Would love to see a remake

    8. mrN3w7

      Oh man I still love this movie so badly :).

    9. Brando Calrissian

      you seriously gave a sin for a theatre serving chocolate cake?! I think more should!

    10. KingCosworth

      It had a fairly poor reception when it came out, but I always liked this movie. I think people went in thinking 'Predator' but what they got was 'Home Alone', with an Austrian accent

    11. Dixie Normous

      Wouldn't playing the prequel to an extremely popular franchise before its sequel releases be a good idea? Everyone loves watching/re-watching the prequels before the next movie, the chance to go see it in theatres again is something people would gladly pay for.

    12. 9mm Theater

      LMAO, did you just make another channel, within a channel!!! I'm sinning Cinemasins!

    13. Luke Henderson

      Some of these Sins were given for things that were wrong with Jack Slater IV, but were intentional to highlight bad action movie tropes. So Last Action Hero got Sins for highlighting sins?

    14. Marina Bre

      That wasn't chocolate cake, THAT was yellow cake with chocolate frosting lol

    15. I'm Norman!

      How was there not a "something my college girlfriend said" sin for "the climax is on the fritz" line???

    16. Vikkor Heel

      Uhh no.

    17. I care

      wow you have really shown how commie you are in this.


      This movie kind of sounds like it was adapted by a novel. Like the book story thieves.


      One of the only things I didn’t like about this movie is that death coming out of the movie theater was pointless, it didn’t advance the plot In any way

    20. Noah Hartsfield

      "Paige in Kankakee" You lived in Kankakee? Small world. I live here and that was my Blockbuster growing up.

    21. Caleb Gallegos

      There are no flaws with this movie change my mind

    22. broken foxx

      I just rewatched this recently and that Hamlet fake is an absolute highlight. Charles Dance is another

    23. Off-White Jesus

      I love this fucking movie✅

      1. Ernest P. Worrell

        Me too, it's funny as hell.

    24. G DB

      Still one of my favorite films

    25. mike roebauls

      36 seconds of narration to endorse those useless fvckers over at Skill Share... 🛎 × 36 ...sinner...

    26. David

      Magic ticket my ass, McBain!

    27. John Smith

      One of my favourite arnie films.

    28. Baggy Trousers

      Wasn't expecting the Pablo Francisco Little Tortilla Boy bit. Wasn't disappointed by it either.

    29. Florian Walter

      17:13 No sin for the worst bluescreen background ever?

    30. Sebastian

      Without sense to sin a movie for the inaccuracies it delivers on purpose as part of this movie's concept.

    31. DrakeRainbow is a Bad Editor

      “Hey look an elephant!” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

    32. DrakeRainbow is a Bad Editor

      Ain’t most or some older Arnold fans hates this movie. But I watched this movie and feel like underrated gem.

    33. Jessica Evans

      Imma take a 5-hour long shower. One hour for each sin you added to an hour-long shower. F*** you homie, I got to shave stuff.

    34. Dmitriy Steps

      @13:16 No, democrats paid you to say that d*shbag...

    35. John Lee

      The most underrated and one of the best, innovative action comedy of all time. I loved it when it came out and I still love it today.

    36. Tim the Enchanter

      Arnold is awesome, and Arnold poking fun at Arnold is equally awesome. I wish they'd found a less annoying kid to play the kid.

    37. Balockay Bumblebeetuna

      Obvious cover up of copywriting is obvious... DING*

    38. Bob Sacamano

      I'm sort of happy it wasn't that successful, because then it could be shown on TV all the time.

    39. Alex Venous

      I fucking love this movie. I was very surprised it wasn't very well taken in America

    40. marco thommen

      Screaming Mimi is a helicopter!

    41. Marvin Van Loon

      Loved this movie!!

    42. ShadowWing Tronix

      Don't you mean "why doesn't my favorite theater serve chocolate cake"? The most ridiculous thing I find about Danny is that he's a huge action movie fan, especially Jack Slater. Yet when he's drawn into a Slater movie and finds this isn't one of those cynical "in real life good people get hurt so now we're totally real life and living in this world isn't as fun as it looks" situations he spends the whole time trying to convince Jack he's fake. I'm not even as huge a fan and yet I'd be enjoying the plot armor and insanity around me...while looking to get home before the closing credits roll and I'm potentially trapped here forever.

    43. Surisis

      This episode was written by Ralph the Movie Maker wasn't it?

    44. Ricco Canipe

      am I the only one thinking there's no title at the beginning of this film compared to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight reboot trilogy?!

    45. Lunar Twilight

      Never seen the movie. This is one of the few Cinema Sin vids that left me confused. :-/

    46. Vistico93

      Missed a sin: when the kid points out that all phones start with 555 and follows it up with there are only 9,999 possible numbers, there are actually ten thousand possibilities: he forgot about 555-0000

      1. Eric Whitney

        I’d say that’s being a bit nitpicky - but I still completely agree. Lol. Even though Arnold does retort with the area codes answer, why do movies still never include area codes even when they stick to 555 numbers? It’s almost as bad as when movies include coordinates, but then if you look the real location up, they’re usually wrong too.

    47. stogucheme

      A big channel like you acknowledging ableism...it makes me so happy.

    48. Anthony Jackson

      I don’t care what anyone says, this movie is fucking awesome.

    49. Geir Ove Eilertsen

      7:37 You'll always have to remove a sin for Charles Dance, no matter the movie 😊 He's just that good 😊

    50. Sterling Archer

      This movie was amazing

    51. indefinableification

      the word in question could be what rhymes with hunt, in which case, no they could not say that in a pg 13. However british tv after 9pm, it's a-okay

    52. Baboonballs

      Those movies being on the wrong shelf shouldn't be a sin. That is just lazy customers that didn't want to put back the movies they didn't want in the right spot or give them to an employee too. You should know that Jeremy since you worked at one. *reverse ding*

    53. CUTIE PIE


    54. Andrew Murray

      This needed Kevin McCallister as the kid.....at least MCcaluey was capable of something resembling comedy.

    55. Andrew Murray

      Parodies Arnold's own movies..... a "parallel" universe were Rambo is Terminator (well, in the movie that is) Would that mean Dolf Lungren is Commmando, and Jason Statham is James Bond, 007?

    56. Random MTB

      I love this movie!

    57. Todd Schneck

      This had the best movie soundtrack song of all time in Big Gun!

    58. ryx1993

      Didn't they already do this movie

    59. Kareem Harper

      For the record: Following it's wins, the Amadeus VHS release and subsequent posters (having an Amadeus poster up felt like a video store requirement) made a big deal out of the 8 Oscars. Even as a kid that was constantly in both mom and pop and chain video stores in the late 80s and early 90s, and had no idea what Amadeus was about at the time (nor any desire to know), knew about that magical 8 number. It was everywhere. Hard to miss.

    60. Brian

      Falls in love with there psycatrist defiantly a homage to the joker

    61. DudeDoodDude

      I’m a kid

    62. wolfskin275

      Nice call-out to "Stranger Than Fiction" Will Ferrell Movie. Good Point is made

    63. Belgian Bacon

      Just reading some lines in the comments still make me laugh. That movie is brilliant :D

    64. SandStinger 345

      4:53 wait a minute.....is that a terminator reference in which the truck jumps off the bridge. 7:29 ha the predator reference ('i'll be back)

    65. SandStinger 345

      0:05 once you hear skill you know it's SKILLSHARE

    66. Zack Cross

      How the movie could’ve been better. If had been Rated R, and a hard one at that. Have Benedict bring back not only the Ripper, but villains from other Schwarzenegger movies. Get rid of the cartoon cat and just have goofy sidekick cop. Replace Sharon Stone’s cameo with Riggs and Murtaugh

    67. Alex Sturgeon

      Arnold's last great movie! And True Lies the next year.

    68. Ross Outdoors

      Shatner did meet Stewart..lmao .they weren't the same character.. you actually know the movies you mention?

    69. kensae

      +1 sin for not knowing the difference between a head of garlic and a clove.

    70. Golbez1991

      Cinemasins, you forgot to sin the Acme video store with Blockbuster signs all over it.

    71. Quinton Walker

      Please do Leprechaun 'N the hood

    72. Ethan Weathers

      Wait a minute are you talking about the Blockbuster in Fort Oglethorpe, GA???

    73. Michael Williams

      There were 10 advertisements during this 19-minute clip. Two from you for skillshare, to skippable ads that popped up during this clip, and a total of four unskippable ads that popped up during this clip. Why should I stay subscribed?

    74. Bolshevik Carpetbagger

      Do Superman IV and The Land of Faraway.

    75. Sam Lowry

      what? you're sinning the stupidities in the Slater movie? that's stupid.

    76. pikkisful

      This movie s awesome till the middlepoint where it just falls apart

    77. Jon Schwartz

      That cake in the movie theater wasn't chocolate it was yellow with chocolate frosting. *ding*

    78. ScothMcBeast

      I always figured the clip started the countdown...

    79. Chris P. Bacon

      Why did F. Murray Abram give up so soon? There's a 10 year old Kid holding a 50. Caliber Desert Eagle. The kick would knock him 10 feet back on his Ass.

    80. Cody Rush

      10:24 .....yes that's the joke. That's why it's funny.

    81. Seek1878

      I like this movie and think its a really good parody of the action genre. Bite me.

    82. Zion Belton

      the alice in chains song in the beginning of the movie tho🔥🔥🔥

    83. Andrew Gann


    84. Zidane Ilyas33

      It was a an underrated film 🎥

    85. Nathan Cruz

      I’ve got to watch this movie so bad.

    86. FallenProdigy

      Bring On The Whales!

    87. Mr. NoRide

      The end verdict should be “What the Hell Have I”

    88. Matthew McKee

      you missed a chance for "here comes 2" -grampa Simpson outtake.

    89. гарненькадівчина puellam servum ad dominum

      Great premise for movie. Great arnold. Too bad they concentrated on that stupid kid and gave too much screen time to him. Critic was right movie really does slow when goes back to real world when it should of got better. They really need to write complete scripts BEFORE greenlighting projects.

    90. namogel67

      Getting a big greedy with all the ads

    91. Martyn Currill

      I have questions as to why you named your penis 'Blood Thirst,' but I'm not entirely sure I want them answered...

    92. Una Úlfrdottir

      Abelism being used in a sin is *exactly* why I subscribe to this perfect channel.

    93. Captain Smoke

      So much wasted potential, but still by far Schwarzenegger's funniest movie.

    94. Captain Smoke

      Yeah I mean it's a parody soo...

    95. John Lord

      my biggest issue with this movie was the effects. That flying van ramp that exploded looked worse than the silkscreen of the moon, and i wasn in Long Beach while they were filming parts of this.

    96. tubbysnowman

      Sorry Dude, that is NOT chocolate cake. it looks like a vanilla sponge with chocolate frosting. If you are going to be pedantic, then get it right! :)

    97. keenen benton

      I almost choked when he said the head crusher and blood thirster line

    98. keenen benton

      My 3 favorite Arnie films Terminator 2 Last action hero Jingle all the way

    99. jim p

      If you had the ticket, would you travel to a star wars or star trek movie to steal your favorite technology or just immediately to your favorite porn ?

    100. Kira Wertz

      DUDE!!! You're sinning the F&%# out of a movie that is INTENDED to make fun of movie sins. Like, you can be a douche about the BS that's supposedly happening in the real world, but knocking what's going on in Jack Slater IV shows you're just trying to be a complete Jerk. And you COMPLETELY skipped over the best F'n line in this film. "Why am I dealing with a dime-store putz like you, when I could be doing something MUCH more dangerous; like rearranging my sock drawer." Which is ironic because... Well, I guess I'm off to rearrange my sock drawer...