Everything Wrong With Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle in 16 Minutes or Less


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    We decided to sin Harold & Kumar go to White Castle because of 4/20... a date that has no particular special meaning at all. Anyway, movie's got sins, yo.
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    1. eric carney

      The cop would have had to be black to accurately portray the anti-asian hate crimes in America today.

    2. Luna

      Love this movie a lot, can you do Escape From Guantanamo Bay? :3

    3. Dalton Coté

      I love this movie idc

    4. mrfarenheit0323

      There’s no White Castle in cherry hill!

    5. 303HQ

      12:26 "Harold & Humar" **DING**

    6. Cruz Smith

      This movie is a little dated now. Lol

    7. Jared Zeno

      Holy shit! Doogie Howser was in this film!

    8. bian goole

      Hey man F U for sinning this movie. Harold an Kumar is amazing and you know it! But I forgive you because "NO MOVIE IS WITHOUT SIN!!"

    9. Keith Woodcrest

      Padding. The. Sin. Count.

    10. Tyrece Santana

      The itchy hall biophysically slip because yellow moberly return apropos a swift coffee. savory, useful multi-hop

    11. Ollyoxenfree

      Do you wax or pinch and pull?

    12. Rob Sajous Comedy

      Sin Dragon The Bruce Lee Story

    13. J.D. Johnson

      Until now I always thought she wanted to watch the movie Blind Date, and not the show. Due mostly to the love of 80'S movies shown later in the movie.

    14. Kingdom Beats

      Why these guys review movies that hurt their feelings?

    15. ImAKAJenks

      All these movies still hold up great tbh. Most cringe part was when you did that impression of what you think stoners sound like

    16. Foolish Waize

      A lot of these sins are criminally unfair

    17. Hydreigon5466

      N E W J E R S E Y

    18. Alvex Ok

      Damn right that nothing screams 2004 like hearing 🎵"Let's get it starte-e-ed, let's get it starte-e-ed". It's like nothing screams 2003 like 🎵"Wooaa-oooaa, wooaa-oooaa, come on baby, shake yo tail feather"

    19. Snails are Dumb

      I get stoned every day. do you know how easy it is to go to white castle...? I just walk to my kitchen and open my box of microwave white castles....

    20. Alex Reilly

      I watched this film exactly once at a mate's house, when I was like 18-20(36 now). Occasionally I laughed. But even high mosta the time I was l like meh, and i've never wanted to watch it since

    21. Taqiyya Con Carne

      That virtue-signalling didn't age well, huh? Broken bones, hospital visits, worried families, lives and money lost besides a sense of insecurity inflicted on a whole community by another -- but, o wait, the perps were the wrong color for the narrative? Actual hate crimes across the country -- many of them filmed -- and charges dropped. But you ain't going to get on a soapbox for the that one now, will you?

    22. domanddev

      15:22 also didn’t they say they were going to Atlantic City? They mentioned the White Castle was in Cherry Hill and for all of you not from Jersey, that’s about an hour drive lol

    23. domanddev

      13:57 He didn’t recognize Harold and Kumar. He recognized the vehicle because that group of dudes were wanted by the police

    24. DanTheLatch

      14:26 Not only are there no cliffs like that in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, there has never been a White Castle in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

    25. Maneggud

      You got no love for Harold and Kumar smh

    26. Mike G

      Scissor sisters is one of the worst bands ever

    27. keith reeves

      Are you sure the reference to "Blind Date" was the show and not the Bruce Willis vehicle from 1987? Yeah, I'm old.

    28. King Cosmas

      I almost feel like the idea for Barney’s character stemmed from Neil Patrick Harris in this movie, I got such Barney vibes from his character

    29. plot hole detective

      Do pineapple express

    30. Noah Guinn

      do you think you could add a movie length indicator type thing like each cut shows you when it happened in the movie ?

    31. Danielle King

      Yes, I have to agree that the cheetah was by far the dumbest part. And how tf it suddenly became daylight. My only reasonable thought to excuse this is maybe it took them hours to set up the hang glider. Who knows....

    32. moss pally

      Dude I like your channel. But 4 ads in a 16 minute video??? Jesus.

    33. Alexander The Great Eminem Fan Stan Shady

      Whenever I get high, this is 1 of the movies I always try!

    34. Jack Wasserman

      Do the second one!!

    35. Interceptor810

      There is no white castle in Cherry Hill...they were more likely to find one in New Brunswick and central/northern NJ

    36. Gavin Shawn

      The writers of this movie actually went to my high school. I live in NJ and there is a ton of references in this movie to my town.

    37. Khail

      to be fair racoons can collapse their bodies to fit in weird ass places

    38. CodeName PizzaJr

      Again. Nothing is wrong with this masterpiece

    39. Matthew Tomasek

      Well played, SEprom played a White Castle commercial during the White Castle commercial scene

    40. Aleksandar Radovanovic

      Jamie Kennedy cameo is worth removing a sin here, come on! "Is this your bush!?"

    41. tyler gardner

      Raccoons can fit into holes as small as 4 inches so under the seat could have been possible

    42. Anderson Chemey


    43. Kyle Adams

      I never turn on the radio or listen to music while driving.....Did not know that made me a psychopath.

    44. br1ann88

      New Jersey overall deserves 100 sins, and I live in Jersey.

    45. Noriaki Kakyoin

      1:58 The Definition Of A Pit

    46. Tre916

      Nah, bro. Let's Get Retarded was the original version, the alternate version is Let's Get It Started, that was changed after people got upset.

    47. KickenItOldSchool


    48. Farookh Faz

      "waaaah this movie from 17 years ago doesn't conform to my modern libtoid ideas of what is funny reeeeee" DING!

    49. CLuv

      I'm not your bro bro, I'm not your buddy friend, he's not your friend guy

    50. J

      I thought this movie was eh Didn’t laugh at it as much as the 2nd one

    51. FatalJapan

      This movie will get anyone hungry for white castle... hell now i want some.

    52. NotThatGuy,YepThatGuy

      As someone living adjacent to New Jersey, i can attest that all New Jersey Sins are valid.

    53. Dunmore's Movie Mania

      13:17 -- I disagree with this sin. Neil Patrick Harris can drive the car while standing in the sunroof with two naked women because - he's NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. If anything, you should take a sin OFF for that awesomeness.

    54. Dunmore's Movie Mania

      7:39 -- Pet peeve of mine: PEOPLE LEAVING THEIR CAR DOORS OPEN WHEN THEY EXIT THE CAR. FUCKING *FUCK* that pisses me the *FUCK* OFF! 1000 sins. BRRRRR-DING!

    55. Guy Williams

      Tommy Boy did the "gay song" bit much better!

    56. Guy Williams

      Other than the main characters, how many secondary characters are NOT JEWISH!?!?!?

    57. Guy Williams

      Neil Patrick Harris pretending to be the straight guy, the ultimate straight guy mac daddy, is almost as big as insult as the entire show How I Met Your Mother... It's just dumb and unreasonable, it reminds me of the bag of sand story from the 40 year-old virgin... When dudes who haven't really done the thing that they're talking about having done, it sounds stupid... forced and fake...

    58. Guy Williams

      This entire movie and its popularity is a sin... its TERRIBLE... like Ted...

    59. TheAerosolNinja

      I thought only I did the pinch and tear!

    60. Iago Sevatar

      I finally discovered where the "But why" meme comes from !!!! My life has now a meaning.

    61. IanZo95

      You need to do a Scottish film called neds would love to see that

    62. Diogo Costa

      Jesus have you gotten woke... Or should I say just stupid

    63. Mark E Kar

      "someone said tis chris and ME" another sin for cinemasins @10:08

    64. Mark E Kar

      1 sin for cinemasins for assuming racism when there isnt any. maybe dr patel looks like him, u ever think that? u lil wussy

    65. MemeXD

      Do the second one

    66. Wolf Wizard

      My mom’s dad’s used to own the building where White Castle got its name from

    67. Ale

      Do Pineapple Express!

    68. Cabé

      Sorry what were you saying, Cinemasins? I was too busy watching the hilarious clips. I didn't hear a word. Also, no sin removal for "I'm so high right now. Nothing can hurt me," "Noooo," bit?

    69. Jerod Bryan

      "everything wrong with harlold and kumar go to white castle" nothing, nothing at all this movie is a cinematic masterpiece


      If you are a aldult man and say pee pee hands you need to be shot

    71. Gilbert Ortega

      Regarding the sin about driving without music for 10 minutes. I always drive in silence lol

    72. Brayden McDaniel

      glad its uploaded in 420

    73. dj andrews

      Little known fact the location of the start of this film (hoboken NJ) there’s literally a white castle less than 15 minutes away in jersey city 😭😭😭😭

    74. Jamie P.


    75. Cheddar Squire

      4:49 absolute comedy right there

    76. melch360

      The white castle was not in Cherry Hill. That's worth an extra sin.

    77. Grzegorz Niedzielski

      Why haven't you taken a sin off for the jaywalking cop car scene, that's the best scene in the whole movie.

    78. Doug Burns

      Now do the ENTIRE Askiewniverse!!!

    79. Ed Hatch

      The fact that you didn't touch on Jamie Kennedy randomly being in the middle of nowhere to piss on the special bush next to Kumar is a sin lol

    80. dreamomega

      I'll tell ya whats wrong with it, fuckin nothin.

    81. Slade Allen

      TL;DR there is nothing wrong with Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, not a single thing. there I saved you 17 minutes of your life.

    82. Josh Legacy

      This was a weird film.

    83. Spider Daunte

      After bringing up Pineapple Express, you should really sin it.

    84. Alden's World

      I love this movie so much this whole video makes me mad

    85. Darrius James

      I’ll be that guy.wherever a raccoon head can fit it’s body can fit..but you right Idk what’s built under a seat of a car so he probably didn’t get his fat head under shit

    86. rafikz77

      John Cho was great in Off Centre

    87. steven resendez


    88. jomamatan

      Eurotrip !!!!!

    89. Aziz Ali

      Please do the Boogie movie with pop smoke... i wanna see you shit on it💀

    90. Weirzy

      I've been waiting like 5 years for this!!

    91. BoNeStOrM92

      Another sin: in the German synchronization of the movie, Kumar had an Indian accent... In the original: he had not.

    92. URKillingme100 *

      This movie is loaded with sins, but seriously, isn't that why we love it??

    93. CUTIE PIE

      15:21BEAUTIFUL WOMEN🤔......WHERE

    94. CUTIE PIE


    95. CUTIE PIE


    96. ALEX

      Still a GREAT fucking movie!

    97. Alex D

      "This kind of friend"......Im that friend.

    98. Jena Cide

      "See, NOW the movie is making fun of and pointing out anti-Asian racism in America, and it's on point." You're joking right? This was another joke?

    99. Cody Banks

      do GUNS AKIMBO ....

    100. Christopher Iuliano

      what always drove me nuts about this movie is the geographical locations they go. They start in Hoboken. From there we know they drive through Newark (24min drive). Then they go to Princeton, which is another 55min drive. From there, they go to the White Castle in Cherry Hill, which is another 47min drive. Now Im not 100% sure about all these locations back when this movie was filmed. But there is a White Castle in Union City and Jersey City (both like 15min drives from Hoboken). There are also WC in Hasbrouck Heights, Little Ferry, Clifton, and North Bergen. Not to mention one being in Newark, which we know they drive through. Now, sure, maybe most of those locations opened after this movie was made. But I know, 100%, that the Clifton location was there during the time of filming. So these fools drive over 2.5 hours, when they had a perfectly good WC less than 30min from their apartment.