Everything Wrong With Happy Feet 2 In 16 Minutes Or Less


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    Yes they DID make a second Happy Feet movie, and it's okay. If you like that sort of thing. I'm not here to judge movie quality, I'm here to count sins.
    Thursday: Animated heroes sins
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. ccc310

      These movies are just an excuse to look at penguin feet without seeming weird. 🤨

    2. Oof Mcscooch

      W-why do I have a strong urge to ship those two shrimps?

    3. LK_ 91

      Pilf lol 😂😭😭😭😭😆😆😆😆😆

    4. Jasmin Malta

      7:09 I just realized that the little penguin girl sounded like Peppa Pig at this moment

    5. Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre

      7:50 *_S T A L K I N G_*

    6. A C

      Eriks singing was too funny! Sounded like a chipmunk on helium itself! I couldn’t even take it serious no matter how gloomy the lyrics were

    7. Andrew Rigsby

      Jeff Buckley? Leonard Cohen!

    8. Ian MacDonald

      I'm going to sin CinemaSins here for calling out penguins on not noticing the gradual change to their habitat, when humans are doing the same thing right now.

      1. Ian MacDonald

        Unless that was the joke in which case I will sin myself for not getting it.

    9. Jordan's Animated Stories

      Why do you just count stuff that wasn’t even a sin? Like you make a bad joke and then count a sin.

    10. MSanta_2

      "Gloria is a PILF" ahahaha that was GOLDDD!!!

    11. Luna Swan

      Okay let me remind you that when we ended the first movie he was getting his new molt or whatever to look like the other penguins and it reached just before his chest. By now as he already had a egg and it hatched he should look like the others in his tribe

    12. M.A.

      Happy feet 1: amazing Happy feet 2: ok Happy feet 3: dead

      1. M.A.

        @Angus Ng exactly

      2. Angus Ng

        I agree. There will not be a Happy Feet 3 because if they replace Robin Williams with Will Smith not a good sign.

    13. Dorothy Allspice

      I remember seeing this when it first came out in theatres. We were originally going to go see "The Muppets" (which I was BEGGING my Dad to take me too), but I figured this would be a good back-up flick.

    14. Cactus Cat

      Gotta love how they completely throw out the slow symbolic molt from the first movie in order to make Mumble more obviously Mumble, indirectly insinuating that he will be a juvenile for the rest of his life and that those kids can’t be his. In this essay I will-

    15. {G.O.C}-Ashmit God Pro.

      No happy feet two uncuntable best

    16. Rydian Black

      I watched the entire ad just because it was the Satan Minto Mobile one. XD

    17. That One

      Did anyone notice that at the end of the first movie Mumble loses most of his baby feathers but in the second one they magically all grow back?

    18. alien max

      The water cracked water doesn't crack what 0:50

    19. Gaming Bro's

      I know it is a bad movie but to many comedy makes it good

    20. Soviet

      why mumble still has baby fur and why he grew back his normal appearance Mumble still has baby fur because he was dropped as an egg I'm pretty sure Mumble never gained feathers, as it resembles a vest, i'm thinking the aliens could have gave it to him at the end of the movie. Or he revoked his age. The only 2 things that make sense

    21. spicysonic

      11:36 LMAO I laughed at this way harder than I probably should have

    22. Jake

      I hope if anyone ever feels they need to bring this series back, they will instead seek professional help as they are obviously seriously ill

    23. Sebastian Silva


    24. demona6662

      doesn't mumble still suck as a penguin? cause sure those other penguins didn't tap like he did. but they did already sing and dance in together without training. just not specifically tap.

    25. demona6662

      they made a second one?

      1. Dean Robert Maguyon

        Yes, 2012

    26. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      So they milked Freddie Mercury. I’m both mad and happy.

    27. Abby Smith

      0:30 We busting out the drugs this early my guy?

    28. elsa1942

      I may not like this movie, but I do like how Erik takes after Mumble a lot.

    29. max r

      obsessed with the knowledge that brad pitt played a gay shrinp

    30. _AceyVii _

      I saw this movie with my aunt when it came out we loved it

    31. Isaac Hirsch

      do elvin and the chipmunks its so bad

    32. Kylie

      Okay but like do these penguins decide when they are just all going to break out in a concert or is it just a spontaneous thing

    33. Bonnie The Tattletail

      I thought Roman would leave Carmen alone after she showed no signs of interest BECAUSE ONCE A PENGUIN GETS REJECTED IT NEVER RETURNS TO THAT ONE PENGUIN.

    34. Deadeye Navigator

      2:41 Ok, I really do like this channel and agree with most of your sin assessments, but do not diss the NCIS even if I agree with your statement. Doesn't matter, just avoid it

    35. The_One_Titan

      That fucking intro killed me

    36. E

      This movie was quite depressing.

    37. Platonic

      I want a entire movie with those little stupid shrimps

    38. StormwolfPlayz 5

      ngl, lowkey kinda hate this movie

    39. Ross Sapp

      I lost it at the cocaine dealers sin lol!

    40. #MAGA MAN

      I love this movie.

    41. Luke Emberson

      It's funny I watched this movie just for this video and it was not what I expected. I didn't like the first one so I expected this to be garbage. Honestly I enjoyed this movie more than I expected. I'd even say it's better than the first one. Obviously it still has flaws but I'm glad I watched it.

    42. indefinableification

      i do wonder what penguins taste like.. chicken or fish... or disgusting. eh meat is meat

    43. Serasia

      When my dad was in college he and his roommates would all get together at night to watch TV, and he never liked the shows, but he loved to laugh at the commercials. Apparently it annoyed everybody but my dad had a fun time, especially if the commercials were stupid.

    44. Davaroni

      That first gag fell flat as roadkill. This channel is the poor man’s film critic.

    45. - HERO2YUH -

      He said 16

    46. Christiaan Bothma

      I loved this movie. I remember seeing this in cinemas on opening weekend back when I was in second grade. To this day, it's still my all-time favorite musical.

    47. Baggy Trousers

      Film is meh, but that cover of rawhide in an Ocker accent has been stuck in my head for years.

    48. ConnorDaRobeats

      how did you find so many tv ads like damn

    49. RedenGames

      I miss this movie, nostalgic.

    50. Krys Lucas

      Am I losing my mind that I do not remember the human parts of this movie?? It looks like it's been added in... Then again, I did fall asleep to this movie... twice.

    51. James Stange

      It may be a mediocre children’s movie but oh my gosh that computer animation is gorgeous plus Brad Pitt I think I might have to see this anyway hilarious video

      1. James Stange

        I’m watching it on my phone in a hot tub in 10° weather and I trudged through 400 feet of me to waist deep snow all the memories and the irony

    52. Milo McMahon

      okay but the cover of Hallelujah in Shrek was pretty good

    53. Miss Trinity

      I don't care what any of you say, I LOVED both this and the first movie.

    54. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      i would watch oceans 500 trillion strip a planet for resources just to have a twists where they were secretly building a planet sized theme park and couldn't afford the resources so they had to get creative

    55. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      as far as i can remember i like this movie, especially the krill

    56. DJ Subatomic says Non-binary Rights

      5:20 Jeremy becomes Princess Carolyn *ding*

    57. e e

      To be honest, I don't think we needed a second one...

    58. Games For Cykits

      You know the drill, plus all the sins to cinemasins for reupload

    59. Princess Ruto

      1:50 Screenplay of Norm of the North accidentally makes it into CinemaSins script. Ding!

    60. Sreekrishnan R Menon

      Their sentence should've been global warming

    61. Anomisk

      To be fair, it would be worth hiring Brad Pitt and Matt Damon to voice act as shrimp, but that would depend on how you write the shrimp and in what story. Heck, they could've made a short movie of just the Krill, 3D animation not required (but would still work because the krill designs here are so nice to look at), make it PG-13, add some nicely-done slapstick humor, maybe some action scenes as they try to survive without the swarm, followed by a believable arc that could combine both an existential crisis from Bill played off with an existentialism mindset from Will.

    62. Anomisk

      I've been waiting 2 years for this!

    63. Daijah Allen

      Do Bliss from Amazon!!

    64. 1998jaco ____B

      Who else just found out this movie existed

    65. Szymon Kałuża

      i hate this movie

    66. Onesadcatto

      I remember loving happy feet as a kid, the second one made me fall asleep but watching the first one now makes me ask why I liked it as a kid

    67. Calvin DuBose

      U didn't like Bo Rhap?!

    68. Casper

      I’m sorry.. HOW did this movie get less sins than “Hunchback of Notre Dame”??!??

    69. Liam Redfield

      silence of the clams wouldve been a better movie

    70. T. Stamp

      You’re supposed to snort a line FIRST, then smoke Weed 20 minutes Later Dude

    71. honey bee


    72. Randall Colombo

      Th3Birdman is better then this shit.

    73. Tereahh

      This movie is perfect don't hate on it

    74. Guy Williams

      Shrimp is the plural of shrimp... if ANYONE should know that, its YOU asshole...

    75. Total wreck

      Please do What Happened to Monday!!!!!

    76. Natalie Raleigh


    77. JUSTanfnfchannel

      he should do an everything wrong with on a movie called spy high, if you have seen it you know why... exactly why

    78. Isaiah Gunn

      You should do a jet li or Jackie Chan action movie

    79. Toon_Robin-Joins_The_Battle

      Short Answer: EVERYTHING

    80. PrinceQuakk


    81. LewisThePerry

      U only did this now ? Smh

    82. MB Motsoeneng

      Think we can make Brad Pitt eating in a movie a cliche now 😄

    83. Matthias Mielonen

      10:07 That space station is the MIR space station built by the Russians and de-orbited in March, 2001. This Movie was released in 2011. That's another sin

    84. Tem Plays

      It is finally here! Did all of you like the movie, the songs, the beautiful CGI world?

    85. Nuka-B4T Gaming

      I remember playing happy feet on my Xbox 360

    86. Joe Mit

      Please make a CinemaSins of Cuties. I think it can beat Home Alone 2 for sin count.

    87. AstroHippie ET

      Can't believe they missed the opportunity to use "Woke-ipedia" Woke-tionary? Come on now...😆

    88. I'm Sorry for Being Kind


    89. House of Cards

      Is the good movie cutoff 100?

    90. Ray Taylor

      Film: "No worries." Cinimasins: "Hakuna matata." Me: 🤣🤣🤣

    91. robert spry

      this guy makes great content

    92. Koryn !

      everything wrong w lighthouse

    93. Emmanuel Rainville

      5:45 - Diabolus* Ex Machina


      This movie is perfect for someone who has a penguin foot fetish.

    95. Coyote Pup

      theses are the times you know animaters aren't trying anymore

    96. DeadZero

      I legitimately thought this was the first one idk why.

    97. Right Guy

      Bruh.... unless you are doing METH, why would u suggest WEED is a psychedelic...? Cuuuuuz its not

    98. Christina Drawz

      Ok but we can all admit that the best part of the film were the gay krill

    99. Esther Barbero

      Glad you mentioned that Bohemian Rhapsody reference, but what about the movie? You have to sin it!

    100. Lily Greene

      This is one of the best movies because the penguins are the best animals are amazkng