Everything Wrong With Groundhog Day in 19 Minutes or Less


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    Guess what day it is! GUESS what DAY it IS!!! No, it's not Hump Day. It's GROUNDHOG DAY!! So we went looking for sins in the movie Groundhog Day. Seemed like a good idea.
    Thursday: Animated '90s sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. oc3

      What if he doesn't go to sleep🤔? Ding🙂

    2. Grimm Book

      "While you were sleeping" was a fuckin Sandra Bullock classic! And you only need 10,000 hrs to master anything. I think he had time.

    3. Bobby Hill

      6 I bet you don’t even drink milk

    4. John M

      "Everything wrong with groundhog's day" should be "In 15 seconds or less." and it should say "Nothing. Abso-frickin' lutely nothing. It's wonderful."

    5. Mikel Jackson

      Groundhogs Day and Lost on Translation are my favorite Bill Murray movies. They make you think a little about life. As a journey, not a destination

    6. KIRAMH1023

      Did you say charge your phone? There weren’t cell phones when this movie was made, dummy.

    7. jesuscross9

      I subtract all the sins from the movie for making me feel all warm and fuzzy at the end. The biggest sin not mentioned is that if a person got to live in a universe with no consequences he would get a lot darker than just suicide. Ever play GTA? After a while you stop trying to do missions and just start blowing stuff up.

    8. Michael Turner

      I always thought how fucked up it would be if he had to relive the day after all of his groundhog day adventures.

    9. S. Adam Bernstein

      2:41 Sin of the Sin: cell phones were not widely used when the original script was written (1990) or even when filmed (1992). Yes, they existed in their early stages, but Punxsutawney would not have had coverage, hence a hotel that didn't even have espresso wouldn't have provided extra space to charge one (a huge device back then anyway).

    10. Shawn Ritzheimer

      in the broadway show Nancy does get more story, she’s literally has a solo song as the opening of act 2 and becomes the love interest to Larry

    11. Ron Weasels

      5:32 I hate to niTpiCk, but it’s still the same scene outside, just probably a few seconds later, because he spends a few seconds being confused about the radio

    12. Joe S

      I'm so happy that the Groundhog Day musical gave Nancy at least SOME more development, including a song

    13. ullas babu

      If you wanna evolve in life, get insurance.

    14. Louis Hart

      “Vaguely threatening Jeopardy questions”😂😂😂

    15. Blogger Blogg

      14:11 While you were sleeping reference gotcha Jeremy. I love this movie, sue me. Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman has a great chemistry and makes the movie charming. Fun fact: the original title was: Coma guy. Eventuality, they changed it, who wants to watch a movie with this title, anyway :D ?!

    16. Alkaline 7.62

      One of my favorite theories is that Ned is the devil and that he only releases him when he agrees to buy everything

    17. K1-B0

      Cinema sins How to watch movies in under 20 minutes for free

    18. Brad Smith

      He was in the time loop for 10 years per the director. But, originally it was for thousands of years. In any case, 99.999% of people would go crazy be it 10 years or thousands. And, at no time did Phil do the same things everyday. For example, it would be very easy to get a thousand dollars for a 1-2 hour period of time for a piano lesson. He'd likely get caught later that day. But, why would he care about that? Except for taking care of the old dude, most of the stuff he's shown doing wouldn't take that long. The longest is taking care of the old dude and piano lessons. And, I doubt he did both on the same 'day'. It doesn't matter for the purpose of the movie, why he's in the time loop. It doesn't even matter for how long beyond a few months, because the thrust of the movie is that over time even the worst of us has a chance to change for the better if given enough chances. Maybe, he is in purgatory trying to unconsciously redeem himself.

    19. The Raging Platypus

      Well, if you're going to Pittsburgh from Punxsutawney, Harrisburg is three hours in the wrong direction and if the interstate is impaasable, surface roads through PA in a van you already pointed out is a death trap is suicide.

    20. The Raging Platypus

      Pittsburgh is a thriving metropolis of over 2 million. Pretty sure you can get any coffee you want.



    22. Phil Chill

      You sinned, bia... ...atch! Fox delivers more truths than most mainstream news stations whispers, I know, ignorance is bliss... Try adding some research, and you might just be getting some actual facts, holy cow! Be careful how you point your fingers, it just makes you look silly... Luckily for you though, many will still jive with you 😋 🤔

    23. anthonyl2823

      Ok for some reason I watched resident evil first and it had a lot of good calls. This is the forth one after that and it’s just really stupid now. Night stand have any room to charge your cell phone?? This movie was made in 1993. What cell phone? People had beepers and they took batteries. Eh this channel is a one hit wonder.

    24. Dwayne Barclay

      your blasphemy is a turn off

    25. Brian Smith

      I feel like a lot of this is complaining about the concept of Groundhog Day, not the actual movie.

    26. QuantumBraced

      "Charge your phone" LOL. That was a joke, right?

    27. Dennis Greenwood III

      Saw this in theaters a long time ago. It was funny.

    28. Tony Perez

      Now that he's out of the time loop, isn't Phil now in to Ned Ryerson for like thousands of dollars worth of insurance for the rest of his life now? I'm sure there's a point at which he could cancel something, but is any kind of committed for at least a little while?

    29. k c

      Newman dumped Nancy Taylor because "I need a really pretty face."

    30. Hadley Petersen

      i could live in groundhog day if sebastain stan was there

    31. S L

      I'm a semi truck driver and yes people are so idiotic they will sit there and blow there horn at a semi stuck in the road, I've even had people flash there high beams and blow there horn at me when I'm crawling up a steep hill on the interstate which my 4 ways on, assume they just don't realize there is 2 or more lanes on the interstate.

    32. StasherDragon

      12:50 The movie does NOT require Phil's enlightenment to proceed. The days resulting from the ground hog seeing his shadow are the exact number of days for 6 more weeks of winter. Phil is given a chance to change his ways, and he does and redeems himself. Having the days progress only if Phil changes is a way of forcing him to change and takes away his free will. He is given a chance to change his ways, he does, and the time limit is the 6 weeks. He makes it just in time.

      1. StasherDragon

        14:07 Many years? You mean to think that Phil's been doing this for many years? I count only 6 weeks worth. 15:25, What? For those who have only seen the movie and never heard of what the director has to say, suddenly hearing that he's been in this loop for 10 years is confusing, especially for someone like me who has literally counted the days and was convinced that there were only 6 weeks worth of days.

    33. Jason Brown

      "...what are the chances that this radio station is playing "I Got You Babe" at the same time on consecutive days?" I can't speak for every radio station, but when I was working in retail the store PA system was tuned to a particular channel and I swear every morning at the same time they were playing Greenday's Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

    34. felipe miranda salazar

      Charge your phone?

    35. Mr. Smith

      Friends, please... There is not a thing "wrong" with this movie. It's perfect as is! :D

      1. J i R O

        Nothing is perfect in this world

    36. metwono

      Who was in the loop longer? Phil in ground hogs day or Flynn in grid?

    37. R.A. Monigold

      Envy? No. Jealousy. Maybe. Greed? Clickbait...

    38. Diane Hebert

      Yeah the piano teacher telling Rita that Phil was "her student," is totally bogus! Maybe the piano teacher should have said something like "I wonder who taught him to play the piano," might have been a better line.

    39. Christian Carolina

      This ones lame af. Tried way too hard

    40. Peter Jackson

      You missed a sin: It would not be light outside at 6 a.m. in Pittsburgh in early February. In fact, sunrise is at 7:28 a.m. there on Feb 2.

    41. candy mann

      Leave you shit head liberal comments to yourself. This is suppose to be fun but no. You have to offend every conservative right out of the gate. Asshole.

    42. Bernard Soul

      I feel like this is a shot in the dark, but could anyone who possibly looks at "most recent comments" instead of the top ones and possibly knows the answer to my question and possibly cares enough to answer let me know what movie that very last shot at 19:54 was from? I know I've seen it before and it's driving me crazy.

    43. stephen davis

      The director said he was in it for 6 years not 10.

    44. Dr. Johnny

      I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that this movie is perfect as it is

    45. Alvex Ok

      There should've been a Groundhog day 2 where Phil one year later, now married to Rita and with a 3 month old baby, started repeating that Groundhog day again and again, realizing that the time loop situation will now happen every year on Feb 2

    46. Alvex Ok

      "My blue heaven" also started off to that partly cloudy sky with the opening credits

    47. Rydian Black

      Me : *sees this video and immediately replys* literally everything is wrong with this movie. I hate it.

    48. O5 -7

      Now I'm waiting for Everything wrong with *The map of tiny things*

    49. O5 -7

      Phill: "What would you do if you were Stuck in the same place and everyday was the exactly the same and nothing that you did mattered?" Me: *"that about sums it all up for me"*

    50. Brian D

      Groundhog Day is the best movie. Stop thinking too much! Fiction.

    51. Hare Brahs

      maybe footage of pittsburgh skyscrapers doesn't send the message "god" as well as pictures of clouds, but what do I know.

    52. Benjamin Kingsley-Jones

      The point of the old man dying bit was that he tried everything to save him, but nothing worked, the old man dying was a constant regardless of his actions (kind of showing that he can’t control everything, so he’s not a god). The point was never to save him, but to give him one last good day before he goes.

    53. Caleb Grant

      “What would you do if you were stuck in one place, and everyday was exactly the same...” Quarantine in a nutshell

    54. American Gaming

      On Phil punching Ned and no one caring, haven’t you seen big city news footage. People could be bleeding out right on the sidewalk and the majority of people ignore it...I’ve seen it on TV far too many times

    55. Jeff Naslund

      OMG, I absolutely lost it during the Ghostbusters’ parody with Harold Ramis. Brilliantly executed

    56. Sam D

      Wow. 10 years. I never really realized he was stuck in a loop for that long !!! I figured a few weeks tops

    57. Spear Pig

      I'm from Pennsylvania, and whatever you think they say, is true. We like to punch out people named "Ned"

    58. ramses byron

      This should be fun

    59. ni6hant

      35 years. Not 10

    60. The Sprawl

      Andie McDowell is...a truly terrible actress.

    61. John Striker

      Bold of you to assume there’s anything wrong with this masterpiece xD

    62. Royce Atkinson

      Someone has something against Pittsburgh

    63. TymP321

      ROFL... Gobblers Knob... Never got that til now. That said - I wonder if there's other days we didn't see. Like... Did he ever go on a killing rampage or other crazy stuff?

    64. Jeremy Dabal

      How can you guys like something when someone getting mistreated like that

    65. thecursed01

      nothing. nothing is wrong with that movie. it's a flawless masterpiece

    66. Ecchi Kun

      The original script had a reason for the day looping, It was her ex who curses him to keep repeating same day by using black magic and he spends 10,000 years in the loop until Rita finally frees him with that kiss but it was removed from the final movie and I can understand why

    67. Roman Legion

      I don't comment often but I was curious how often he repeats the day and when looking around on the internet the screen writer says it was around 10 years

    68. fin screenname

      Phil should have read a stock report during that time and made the same trade every morning so if he ever came out he would have a ton of money.

    69. Lord of Allusion

      Wait....you loosen up the lugnuts before you Jack up the car?? What the fuck world have I been living in!?!

    70. Daniel Schuster

      I lived and worked in Woodstock IL that pavilion has speakers I’m sure in the first 15 years he figured something out to tap into them

    71. truec

      In the DVD commentary, Ramis said that the loop lasted 10000 years. Phil only spent ten years specifically learning to play piano.

    72. The-Art-of-Guitar

      This was a painful episode. Groundhog Day is perfect. Leave it alone. ;)

    73. Nazael Rahl

      Why the person reliving the same day don't turn into mass murdering psychopath instead of good person? What is it about constantly repeating the same events with people reacting the same way that makes you respect them instead starting to see them as NPCs? That was the whole point of Man in black in Westworld.

    74. Endercreeper2004

      Phil basically has the power of quicksaves.

    75. Paul Ryan

      I'm only half-way in, but just about ALL of your half - azz sins are not sins ... in any way. IMHO.

    76. J Hernandez

      3-21-21 I have followed this dudes videos for about a little over a year and a half and I live his videos and crack me up. I just came about this video (because I don't watch his videos as they come out, more as I find em) But when I picture what this dude looks like, needle nose bed ryerson is who comes to mind even before I watched this video, so when I saw he made a movie sin video for this I fuckin died.

    77. youtmeme

      Nothing wrong!👎

    78. Tony

      +1 for harold ramis

    79. Bryan Liguori

      What about how it's already like 9AM bright out at what's supposed to be 6AM on Feb 2nd? It should still be dark out when Phil wakes up!

    80. Carsick

      I love the back to the future reference

    81. Мармеладов ТВ

      there is no way in hell Phil would survive once the time starts going normal. he won't be able to re-adjust after hundreds of years in a loop

    82. G N

      I doubt it would be that light out at 6am on February 2.

    83. Shine 3535

      I thought the old man didn't die?

    84. Eigencrxst

      Watching Cinemasins and Kill Count so i dont need to watch the movie

    85. lizzfrmhon

      WHY... why are you doing this.

    86. Arlen

      Someone has clearly never been to Pittsburgh

    87. Peter Dick

      Hella? Who says that?

    88. Hoopfan83

      I dont understand the blowing your country what is this fox news? 100 sins to cinema sins for this.

    89. Michael LaSumiso

      No one thinks the time loop lasted only 10 years

    90. Caeser Romero

      Didn't you do this movie already?

    91. Jane Kailey

      OMG…You missed the whole point of the movie AND Phil's character.

    92. Brenda Shea

      I agree with your love of Nancy. She gets a great song in the musical. As does Ned and the therapist segment. Good stuff from Tim Minchin.

    93. Adam Hudson

      The number 1 thing that is wrong with this movie is they turned into a chick flick

    94. wisdomcb

      It would have been a better twist if the first time Rita joined him in bed, she got caught in Phil's loop and realized how he did it. Not only then would Phil still need to improve himself, but he could have grown his relationship with Rita.

    95. jiom jiomj

      Can you guys do Badlands (1973)

    96. rahn ezell

      We have a Denny's on eastern pkwy here in louisville

    97. Marshall Thompson

      Comfort eagle reference?

    98. Julie M

      Are u from Louisville CinemaSins?

    99. sleep-drive-play

      Wait what!? Dammit now I half to watch the movie, it sounds like a good movie.

    100. ed young

      Phil: And if i dont see ya, good morning, good afternoon, and good night.