Everything Wrong With Galaxy Quest in 18 Minutes or Less


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    Galaxy Quest is so good it hurts. It's one of the best Star Trek movies ever made. It's hilarious. We love it.
    Still has sins.
    Next week: sins--I forget right now.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Gino diFonzo

      Sigourney Weaver is smokin’ hot in this movie. Also: “Is there air?!? You don’t know!”

    2. Grimm Book

      The scene in the bathroom where he hears the douches razzing him actually happened to Shatner so it's pretty real. Also Saris wasn't going around the minefield he went back and finished off the Thermian's home planet. Also no sin for Tony Schelub being cast as an asian character?? lol

    3. KIRAMH1023

      Also, regarding Alexander’s makeup, maybe he touches it up throughout bc they clearly don’t want the aliens to know they’re not their characters.

    4. KIRAMH1023

      Did you see this movie at all? Sam Rockwell’s character was in the show. He was like an extra who got killed off pretty quickly...but he clearly states that he was in the show. Not an MC from the prior day’s event.

    5. Ryan Spooner

      That sentencing reference. XD Man I love 5hie movie Top notch. XD

    6. blunt man

      Thst TV Guide thing about boobs reportedly actually happened to Jeri Ryan.

    7. PixelRex



      5:07 Justin Long! PS Enrico Colantoni is always great!


      OMG!! You didn't reference Mathesar's "frightful clucking" when they mentioned activating the Omega 13 to see what it does?.......AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! I haven't been this upset since you completely missed the perfect chance after the SW Last Jedi vid, in the vid's "End Spoofs", to have Leia flying back through space while in that dress, with Yondu saying, "I'M MARY POPPINS Y'ALL!!!". DAMNNNNN YOU!!! {0.o} 😂😂😂

    10. Medicated Jay

      This is a treasure. Any movie with Alan Rickman is a treasure

    11. Jeff Warren

      3:17: According to the father in "Clueless": "Everywhere in LA is 20 minutes".

    12. dannonyogurt98

      9:13 Literally all of those people you mentioned had full names. Edit: Not always mentioned in the show but canonically they had name unlike Guy

    13. Sorscha 1

      "Oh brother." Is obviously said by another character - wtaf?

    14. Dob bear

      The fact that Jeremy didn't have "To infinity and beyond!" When Taggart gets launched into space from the ship is disappointing.

    15. John Videll

      I believe that Guy is at the store opening because he works there.

    16. mrpooptheIII


    17. Lara S

      Since the people who actually _did_ hire Jason for the gig the next day turned up at this convention to ask him questions, I guess that really is a thing that happens. Bad sin!

    18. Nuzlocke Comics

      Can't wait for the Spaceballs video

    19. Adam Woodworth

      There's an option to hear all dialogue as thermian......it will drive you crazy, there's also one in mars attacks.... Remove 10 sins for the poor sound crew who had to do That job. 😁

    20. Khalil Reid

      Is galaxy quest a true story

    21. maryinsanfrancisco

      How could you.

    22. Quill Maurer

      This movie is literally sinless - anything "wrong" with it is a deliberate parody of Star Trek.

    23. Dixie Normous

      10:18 The paper bag is full of snacks. There was an earlier (originally supposed to be rated R) cut of the movie where they made it more obvious his character was high all the time, and there were scenes where he'd be pulling food out of the bag to munch on. Which explains why his character acted so awkward and unfazed by all the weird shit, and the ADR censor to Sigourney saying "fuck that." According to people who saw it in theaters, the latter wasn't censored then, which is why it had to be ADR'd instead of reshot.

    24. Brian Campbell

      Ads every 2 minutes... I love your channel but the ads keep me from watching more than a couple of episodes before finding something else to watch.

    25. Christopher Johnson: Proud American

      It's a parody/homage the "mistakes" are intentional. Oh, and the mine scene, they're futuristic mines, they're self propelled. So I'm guessing this whole video is a parody of "what's wrong" videos. Last thing, Gilligan was his last name. His first name was Willie, Skipper- Jonas Grumby. Pilot episode.

      1. Christopher Johnson: Proud American

        @maryinsanfrancisco wasn't it Nelson?

      2. maryinsanfrancisco

        And for the game winning 500 points, what was The Brady Bunch's maid Alice's last name?

    26. Amokra

      17:11 this was obviously based in the 80's so yes they would believe it was part of the show :)

    27. RandomRaccoon

      By Grabthar's Hammer, By the sun's of Warvan, you are an asshole.

    28. Thomas Korn

      When are you going to sin the rest of the Star Trek movies????

    29. Kevins Knives

      It's a sin how much I enjoy this movie.

    30. piewackett1

      Name one movie that is logical, excluding documentaries and even then there is a bias. Still love Cinema Sins.

    31. Danielle Gadsden

      BLASPHEMY! This is one of the few perfect movies! I haven't watched a second of this. (But I will. This just to express my pain with you all making this video.) Love you 😗😘😙

    32. Hari Seldon

      There is nothing wrong with Galaxy Quest: it is perfect

    33. Daniel Maitheny

      8:23 "Oh, brother" - it wasn't Alan Rickman's voice (who played Alexander Dane) but Daryl Mitchel's voice (who played Tommy). come on guys, are you getting lazy? so here's one giant sin for cinema sins for not recognizing Alan Rickmen's unique, epic, sexy, godly voice.

    34. Malachi Seer Israel

      Yes exactly Everything is wrong with Galaxy Quest Yes

    35. Keyan Sabzevari

      Bonus sin for the fact that when Star Trek was cancelled they at least ended it opened ended and final, where as Galaxy Quest is a dick to it's fans for ending on an unresolved cliffhanger.

    36. Cabaret Macabre

      This movie was ahead of its time. It’s astounding how great yet under-appreciated it is.

    37. JDB

      Now now cinemasins... there is NOTHING wrong with this movie! It is the best movie of all time!!!

    38. TheAdvertisement

      15:09 CinemaSins has said Among Us my life is complete.

    39. aomrulestotally

      Would have been awesome if you would have said that Sigourney Weaver is about as useless as Legolas in Lord of the Rings Return of the King just to make that joke full circle 😅

    40. Coyote Boy

      Pointing out flaws in GQ is like telling someone their grandkids are fat and stupid. You're gonna make an enemy even if it's true.

    41. Yoda Eterno

      17:40 We finally found out where the Discovery Klingorcs came from.

    42. Art Donovan

      There is NOTHING wrong with GQ. It's PERFECT!

    43. Nicole Joyner

      So the argument for her not zipping up the uniform that I have is that it might simply be she got so used to wearing it that way it didn't occur to her she didn't have to.

    44. Kilocron

      Surprised there wasn't an outake with the "Talos" boss music from LoZ: BOTW with the rock monster. Seemed like a slam dunk

    45. Ashley M

      I still think it's a fun movie.

    46. WarriorMan Maxx

      Every One of these "sin videos" has unnecessary foul language to apparently make a - *OD-DAMN POINT!! Clean Up the language !!

    47. benignuman

      One sin answers another sin. Mathesar isn't surprised when they use their real names because he thinks they have both names from watching the credits in the "historical documents."

    48. Amanda Hartwell

      CinemaSins you made my day!! So glad I dropped by this channel again. I love Galaxy Quest and people pointing stuff out especially when they put comedy to it.

    49. Me Miss Marie

      This movie was suppose to be cheesy but turned out so well!! And funny. And probably accurate af

    50. Katniss Everdeen


    51. Rexini Kobalt

      finally, been waiting for someone to talk about this jem...

    52. Aileen Kelly

      There's nothing wrong with Galaxy Quest ...120,000 sins to Cinema Sins

    53. Sean Miller

      Adding a sin for Jason hearing fans talk about him in the bathroom, saying that William Shatner would never use the same bathroom as the fans. This ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! William Shatner heard fans making fun of him in the bathroom.

    54. metwono

      Please release the R rated cut.

    55. Belligerent Ulsterman

      My my, this is a rather long video to say - "Nothing. Nothing is wrong with this movie."

    56. Michael Drinkall

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with this wonderful masterpiece of art cinema

    57. Erkinshadow

      By grabthar’s hammer there is nothing wrong with Galaxy Quest!

    58. ethanpenn5

      Why have so many recent ones been perfect movies lol?

    59. TheBandit025

      Actually Spock has a last name its Grayson since of his human mom

    60. Aaron King

      Thank God for the freaking "slide the time stamp to the end and skip all ads" feature. I'm not sitting through your stupid 5 or 6 ad breaks.... Come on guys...

    61. onocoffee

      This is sacrosant and above sin!!!!!!

    62. jdogburke

      C'mon, Tony Shalhoub's delivery on the breathable air joke is perfect. Minus 5 sins!

    63. The80sGeek

      Please please pleeeaasse do Dogma!!

    64. Billy Skyline

      Sigourney rocked the blonde hair in this movie.

    65. SCOTTOCASTER '66

      Sigourney Weaver Demarco with blonde hair?? Remove 10 sins!.

    66. dan pascal

      Perfect movie!

    67. speterbilt

      Sigourney Weaver is dam hot

    68. Tabitha Goolsby

      “Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!” Deserved several suns off.

    69. Dr Ghost

      For some reason this reminds me that they should do a EWW for Zathura: A Space Adventure... That shit will be lit!!

    70. Jessica Evans

      Assrape ADR. ARADR There ya go.

    71. Spider Daunte

      I'm surprised the mysterious unzipping of Gwen's outfit wasn't sinned

    72. Mysterious Sunshine

      It wouldn't be an alien movie without Sigourney Weaver

    73. Amberscion

      11:35 Jeremy goes off on a rant about Gwen showing constant cleavage. *The very next clip* is of a pile of Thermians, every one of which except Laliari having their uniform zipped up to the very top, while she has hers zipped down for maximum cleavage. Not a peep from Jeremy about this sin. And that's racist!

    74. Wendy Lou Who

      Point of Fact at 1:49 at Comic con in Salt Lake City Patrick Stewart DID use the regular bathroom for the rest of the attendees. My sister saw him head in there and chose to not bug him because seriously no one wants to be bugged on the way or from the bathroom.

    75. Draliseth

      Dude.. no. Just no.

    76. Tracey Roberts

      Galaxy Quest is the greatest fan movie of all time! Even Sir Patrick Stewart likes this film :-)

    77. EnderMcCloud

      The rest of the cast appears on a space station, not the hull of the ship. And you did bother sinning the fact that Guy's set belt was scrambled.

    78. Jorganti

      By Grabthar's Hammer....what a movie.

    79. Hank THE Patriot

      THEY GOT WILL!!!! 18:15

    80. chinabuzz

      Now i remember why I stopped watching CinemaSins.

    81. schlangz

      awesome. you guys still have to sin "the core" it wil be easily four digits

    82. Tim Buktu

      Does CinemaSins understand how humor works?

    83. Wayne Braack

      When your stretching for content.

    84. brandyn cannon

      18:28 what is that theme

    85. Arische Setmses

      4:40 I honestly thought that it was a store and that the part behind it was a factory or industrial park next door or across the street. Also, the low part to the side being a strip mall. Where I live, there are a few strip malls that sort of look like this, albeit with red brick and not white cement. There is even one with the same layout, only the side store used to be the old Macy's before it moved to a mall in the 1970s, and it was taller than this electronics store as it was two floors high and not one.

    86. Yeffrey Ramos

      we both yelled " Holy shit that's Rain Wilson" together!

    87. FallonFireblade

      All I know right now is that I saw Tim Allen, the actor for Elias in Person of Interest, Adrian and Trudy Monk and I think the actress for Violet's mother in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the actor for Larry Your Waiter in Netflix's A Series Of Unfortunate Events all in one place

    88. PetersonZF

      11:18 Not necessarily, James Doohan had an argument with a Director on the original Star Trek who had unwittingly told him to operate the transporter 'incorrectly'. Scotty's use of the controls was largely made up by Doohan, but he tried to keep it consistent.

    89. Seth Maki

      Umm, Spock died. Twice. They even made a whole movie about recovering his body lol

    90. Art Westefeld

      Has Cinemasins never understood that this is supposed to be parady?

    91. Princess Rockman

      Id take away that sin for being in costume. If I was into that kinda thing like nerd conventions I want to them as their characters. I can see reg people without the nerd swell and hefty ticket price. Like say this was Star Wars. You wanna meet Hans Solo. Not old grey and grizzly Harrison ford!!

    92. Allen Freeman

      Could not watch all of this as clearly someone (channel creators) does not realize this was a comedy film. “NEVER Give Up”👍

    93. The AJ

      How dare you! There is nothing wrong with Galaxy Quest. Nothing!

    94. Tim Wessel

      You owe yourself 1 sin. Spock has died. twice.

    95. Jackson Gibbs

      “Sir, I am Dwight, assistant requisitions officer.” Assistant TO the requisitions officer.

    96. Scott Simpson

      Actually the stars often use the same bathrooms as the attendees.

    97. KumoRocks


    98. Ashwin Fraser


    99. Adam Ferber

      I know this movie like the back of my hand. Great job on this one but I think you forgot to sin 2 things. First, how could the nose of the ship bring against the wall without the "wing" doing it at some point. Second, Justin long's arm would've been ripped off when the ship came back to earth and crashed

    100. Statalyzer

      It's not universally a kill-signal gesture either, although it's usually more a "Your dead" than a "we're dead" signal.