Everything Wrong With Friday in 17 Minutes or Less


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    Friday is a '90s comedy classic!! It's awesome. But it still has plenty of sins, so we went to work.
    Thursday: recent action/thriller sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Lilronlow

      Bro u gotta leave movies like this alone

    2. Lilronlow

      This a black classic watch out

    3. Anthonylee Dunlap

      I'm convinced this man and does not have one black friend

    4. BornReady Jones

      6:02 😂 I just noticed nobody payed for anything 😂

    5. Skitzo Weirdo

      LoFnL I love CinemaSins😋🙃. Friday still one of the all time great comedies✌️🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. Jason Smith

      I've seen this movie 200+ times easily. Unless I got a terrible cut VHS in college, I had never seen the closing segment with Craig and his Dad where he said his supervisor will talk to him. Was this a deleted scene, or am I having a reverse Mandela Effect??

    7. Jason Smith

      Respect for quoting No Vaseline, the greatest rap track ever. But how do you not address why Deebo has a fucking chicken coop??

    8. Franz Fabel

      just sell the gold necklace, gold watch or the gun. Then the problem is solved...

    9. Kim S

      You overstepped here bruh...

    10. C u r l s

      Oh u got balls for making this vid. BIG balls. Friday is a universally loved movie

    11. Im da big dilf don do dah

      I liked that no vaseline line

    12. casshern dupree

      Lmfao I loved that joy joke

    13. Spiral Matt

      Daaaamn. I wonder how would girl react if she heard that line.

    14. souths last rebel

      His was disrobed in the bathroom because he was wearing coveralls and you have to take them down before using the bathroom

    15. Thebigbopper28

      "everything wrong with friday" the fact that this movie is a masterpiece, this movie is legendary.


      Lawd have mercy errybody's triggered!! Good thing Jeremy didn't mention "Aunt Esther" (RIP LaWanda Page) or y'all would've clutched your hearts and joined Elizabeth. 😂😂 Sensitive a$$ MAHVCAS!! Good thing those 20watts in China ain't too bright, cause all they need to take over the U.S., is bullhorns and loudspeakers. 😂😂😂

    17. oc3

      I take my shirt off when I take a sh#t👍

    18. VodkaSour

      6:23 he did that way before this movie and I'm convinced they asked him to do it

    19. J Codol

      5:43 It might be insensitive, but that is NOT racism.

    20. Dejani-Dejanel Bernard

      Everyone shut up. He sinned the 'Daaaaamnnn!!' scene. Un-fucking-forgiveable.

    21. Flawed Cynic

      This nigga never been in a black household LMAO

    22. Michael Beasley

      2:40 it is somewhat widely known that many black men take their shirts off to poop.

    23. D Perl

      Love the channel but I think you're slipping! Stupid things like why does ice cream truck pull up in front of Craig's house.. BC THAT IS WHERE SMOKEY IS and Worm wants his money or the weed back bc people around the corner want to buy it! Don't try SO hard to sin that it makes you look like you never saw the movie

    24. elzydoe

      "Winnie the pooing it"😂😂😂

    25. Y20X TongvaLand

      White guy sinning Friday. I've GOT to see this. I trust you removed sins at any and all appropriate places. Also, everyone knows the theatrical version is better. Edit: Okay, I'm not even three minutes into and this is already the worst Cinema sins video. My heart goes out to PoC peeps who actually like this channel, because they sinned socks with house shoes and obviously don't know enough about Black or a town culture to be doing a movie as important as Friday. Stay away from the stuff significant stuff if you won't do your homework in our cultures. I saw Primm's Hood Cinema comment. Homie did a video in Blood In Blood Out. Took three hours of their time to watch a Latinx centered good movie. Mad respect. Check their channel out for sure.

      1. eshu orishas

        I’m guessing you’re the same person that heckles comics when you think their jokes are insensitive.

    26. Double A

      You missed a sin, that literally no man caught until 30 years later. Miss Parker had no grass at her house wtf is she watering?

      1. Verbal Kent

        Let me help you out as a black person from L.A. . She isn't out there to actually water the grass.

    27. NIMROD Gaming N stuff

      I like how you subbed yourself to cover subbing folks that didn't need subs. Lame.

      1. NIMROD Gaming N stuff

        I did watch it through and like it but that was lame.

    28. triniyankee

      Craig’s dad is wearing one of those one piece work uniforms. I assume you have to disrobe the upper part to take a shit

    29. Josh Webbs

      I feel like you don't understand how black people live in real life...

    30. Samson Hendrix III

      Marijuana sometimes has an Opposite effect on some people... so Smokey Can be Lit (Up/Hyper/etc) All day on weed no matter S or I... In My Personal Opinion

    31. Blaq One

      Don't care what you found Wrong with Friday it's still Funny and a Classic. Bruh hope know you just put up the Black Bat Signal with you posted this Right so I hope you're about that life. Lol 😆😆😆😆😆😇

    32. Chris Holmes

      This sucks guys. You dont know what you are talking about.

    33. 801leggy

      2:14 yeah, nobody in an ethnic home is walking away from a lecture from their father

    34. Agentt Vee

      White people not allowed to critique movies that reflect black culture. Take this video down.

    35. Erik Ireland

      Now do Friday After Next

    36. M.C. Grady

      Yeah...... it’s nice to hear a perspective of a person who isn’t aware of the nuances.

    37. tookover11

      U just dont like blacj ppl

    38. Sigma Wolf

      Normally I love your analysis....You need to do ALOT of Hood research In Order to properly sin this movie

    39. Robotic Gentlemen

      I sin cinema sins for thinking that anyone would call the police about any crime in the hood.

    40. James Bledsoe

      Yeah! Youz a atheist for show jus saying.😷🔥🍺🥃

    41. G

      The budget for this movie was so low but turn out to be so dam good

    42. BigK0003

      and you watching the edited for tv version? dafuq?

    43. OG.Takumi

      why is such bad movie a classic?

    44. Joey D

      I found this movie boring

    45. Tandy

      Uhh can we take the 16 sin away because a young rebellious black child in that era would get his head knocked off for walking away while they daddy talking to them

    46. ACM ACM

      There’s nothing wrong with Friday

    47. Alpha Centauri

      He didn’t even watch the movie lol

    48. John Parks

      We actually do see Chris Tuckers MJ impression later in his career, a few years ago on his netflix special

    49. Juan Miranda

      the dad being in the bathroom "naked" well he is wearing a full suit so he has to take it off

    50. MDP Official

      Yeah but big worm rang smokey at the end on about the money

    51. Myles Daniels

      This review AINT it

    52. kourt jestr

      Maaaaan. I

    53. X Box

      One nut Worm lol 😂😂😂😂

    54. Willy Wonka

      Some folks have said you wouldn't dare walk away from your parent talking to you in a black household. Well I'm 28 and white and I still wouldn't do that s**t to my Mom. She may be 60, but she can still bitch slap you like she's 30. Lmao Holy s**t! I had no idea Michael Clark Duncan was in this movie! I've seen this movie a million times and never did I notice that. That is definitely 1 sin (ding!) RIP to both him and John Witherspoon. Great actors.

    55. JAY- JOKER

      This real life tho soo there’s nun really wrong with the movie😂

    56. JACK

      "quit complaining", says the man who complains over movies

    57. Champion Chris

      Sin #20. Craig's dad was wearing mechanics one piece jumpsuit. You need to remove it to shit.

    58. Ryan Simmons

      What's the song at 8:04?

    59. Dakota Solberg

      His dad's upper body is unclothed on the toilet because he's wearing a jumpsuit for his work.

    60. Lucid Demon

      I never disliked a video so fast😴

    61. Munashe Msipa

      Shut up!

    62. TheGreatestPlayerInTheWorld

      One of my favourite movies of all time 😍

    63. CrippledMerc

      It’s mind boggling how people still take his sins as serious criticisms and opinions after all these years..

    64. Makayla Kaitlin Hampton

      Ou could tell that the dude that wrote this never been to the hood a day in their life-

    65. Andy Horng

      You should do a movie sin for House party 1 or 2 with Kid and Play...

    66. George Mason

      Jeremy your wrong. A young adult whose parents are black will stay there until done or get smacked.

    67. greatonslaut

      What about when Smokey leaves to use the bathroom? He goes next door where Mr. Jones opened the door. During the walk to Smokey's house it was almost a block away from Craig's.

    68. Tim Deener

      Ummm yeah this one sucks

    69. Paul Carpenter

      It would have been funnier if Bernie Mac was married to mrs. Parker and that Tony Cox was the one that was smashing her basically the roles were reversed

    70. 0000030331

      Sad Hood Movie

    71. KickAHobo

      Ice Cube breaking the forth wall in Ride Along is genius and the funniest most unexpected part of that movie.

    72. D K

      This movie is the shit. One of the greate's

    73. GhxstBoyYT

      This video could have been a minute long

    74. Jeff Trinkle

      I'm just saying I wouldnt mind if this guy did commercial sins

    75. Cora Baum

      I love y’all’s “Prometheus School of Running Away From Things” shirt, but could you make it into a crew neck sweater?? I would personally wear it more and I think other people would too!!

    76. Back2 Front

      The Entire black community can recite the same lines from this movie verbatim . It’s one of the secrets to keeping our people so well knit

    77. Back2 Front


    78. Dom Dota

      Haven't even watched the video yet. But already got a thumbs down for saying everything "wrong" with Friday

    79. Trell Johnson

      Didn’t know cinema sins was pc now

    80. ChanceMorgan44

      Swing and a miss on this one

    81. Darnell Harris

      Literally 2 min in and can tell you know nothing about people of color 🤦🏾

    82. Tremayne Sirmons

      This whole comment section turned on Cinema Sins....

    83. Actually Lil44

      Ayo somebody better come get they mans for I start acin a fool

    84. Bad Omen

      Ain’t nothing wrong with this movie.

    85. MrAssassin31 Lol

      Anyone: *literally does anything* CinemaSins: oh thats gotta be a sin

    86. Winslow09

      The cereal thing is because in a black household you are only allowed to open one box of cereal at a time.

    87. LVSkinny

      This aint the movie for you lmao

    88. SaJJi Cuhz

      One But Worm Legendary

    89. Eugene Adams

      This is a classic

    90. Poineapple

      Lets see CinemaSins a white man not understanding black culture and disrespecting it during black history month 😳😳 Definitely a racist

    91. Thomas Hughes

      Craig breaks the 4th wall constantly because, yes, he _is_ narrating the story to us. "For most ppl, Friday's just the day before the weekend..." He opens narrating. Deduct 5 sins for not acknowledging this and 3 more for not deducting sins for Ice Cube building a freggin time machine to go back to 1995 to create the "bye, falicia" line which has become a major cultural reference in our society which should be a sin deduction in and of itself. one more sin deduction bcz I had to point this out

    92. David Lopez

      Also Smokey had 100 dollars when he saw Worm so did he owe him 300 or 200 dollars

    93. FILNOBEP

      Black people can made so many classics with a small budget. Meanwhile, Hollywood is still giving millions for others to produce trash.

    94. Mistweaver

      they missed that Miss. Parker was watering dirt

    95. Decorian Hill

      They finally doing black movies 😂 😂😂😂

      1. taTi wAs_rIghT_bUt No

        Only to fail miserably like their other videos.

    96. Ftd jay

      0:31 bro he’s just always tweaking out it’s all good 😂

    97. Ciel Phantomhive

      Urgh finally I was waiting for this thank you.

    98. King Chino

      What’s funny is Craig told Smokey he went too pick up his check so he had money how he don’t have 200 dollars

    99. Chucky G

      Notthinggggg was wrong wit Friday ....!!!! Respectfully

    100. tegy140

      CinemaSins literally always sucks at black movies because he's just to white for it clearly has no black friends love the other stuff though