Everything Wrong With Enchanted in 15 Minutes or Less


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    Enchanted is a crowd-pleasing Disney musical about a cartoon princess who gets banished by the evil lady to our real, non-cartoon world. It's enjoyable enough, as long as you don't pay much attention to all the sins.
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    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Broadway Brook

      Another sin that he should have added is: At what point did Nancy come to fully understand what was going on? At what point did she understand what was going on that led her to let Robert kiss Giselle? THAT disrupts the pacing of this film!

    2. Dudeomfgstfux

      The biggest sin is that they had Idina Menzel as the villain!!!

    3. Madisen W

      3:44- This movie came out during a time when people really didn't mind other people screaming for more than a few seconds straight and possibly even find that amusing. So, of course they didn't really care.

    4. Talista Kat

      As someone who lives in NY, I gotta say that a princess walking on the sidewalk would only be looked at for a few seconds, maybe asked by one or two people for a picture, and probably yelled at a few times, but nothing else. Honestly it would be more realistic if she just got harrassed instead

    5. Broadway Brook

      Yeah, I agree! Because of how overly friendly Giselle is to her, Nancy shouldn't have assumed that Robert was cheating on her. I mean, it's not like I blame her for initially thinking he cheated on her, but Giselle was talking about the shower, not the bathroom itself. Plus, THEY SHOULD HAVE EATEN THAT PIZZA! IT LOOKED SO GOOD! THEY DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH IT! Had they already started eating it it wouldn't have gotten infested with Pip hiding under it

    6. hardtfelt

      All I know is I could watch the A Happy Working Song scene over and over for days, and I've done it.

    7. ᑭᒪᴏK

      Another reason why I prefer to be animated.

    8. Geck_Oh

      "We shall be married in the morning!" - Ross Geller Amazing!! 😂😂😂

    9. Hailey Thomas

      I died when he said Ross Geller 🤣

    10. Kyle Jones

      Fun Fact: Prince Edward's actor, James Marsden is Tom in the Sonic Movie

    11. Liam Holmes

      one of my favourite disney films.

    12. Silvia Jerin

      Ross Geller ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I died !

    13. That One Gaming Guy

      Ok who here would like to tap the "evil witch", just me? Well sh*t....um CS, how many sins is that?

    14. Ffion Lewis

      This movie is amazing! Susan Sarandon is so underrated. Can't wait for the sequel and I can't believe I never noticed the Rachel Green poster from season 10. I thought this movie took place in 2007 when it came out, not 2004....

    15. phanfinger

      I would add a sin for not writing a song for Idina to sing. Why cast her if she isn't gonna sing? I also like the cameos from disney princess voice actors.

    16. Daniel Lukic

      There's nothing wrong with this film ❤

    17. Raven the Dragon

      I forgot this movie existed but remember it fondly in hindsight

    18. _ Schmeaty _

      I remember really liking this movie for some reason

    19. Ricco Canipe

      I think I'm going to watch this movie on DVD right now after seeing this recently!

    20. Barbara Andrews

      I believe it was this movie that changed the rules about how many songs from a single movie could be nominated for an Oscar. This movie had 3 songs on the nomination list and I think after that year they made the rule that there could be a maximum of 2 songs nominated for an Oscar from any single movie. I always remember this because I believe that having 3 songs from this movie is the reason why 'Music & Lyrics' with SEVERAL nomination-worthy songs was shut out that year!

    21. NuNu ReDs

      "Ross Geller"...had me dying 🤣

    22. Almighty Pain

      I never knew the name of the movie until now

    23. Winston Christopher

      15:05 holy shit is that a veggie tales reference?!?

    24. Ross Adams

      Holy shit, I had heard of this movie but it makes 4 different series where James Mardston gets cuckolded. X-Men, Superman, The Notebook, and now Enchanted.

    25. James Calderwood

      Hi cinema sin guy congratulations on your 800th sin video. Let's get to the big one 1000th sin video. 😃👏

    26. Faulk Gough

      evil lady in dragon form did kinda be lookin good tho

    27. BB _25

      Not me expecting a bonus round for the number of times "kiss" was spoken throughout this movie

    28. BB _25

      Are we not going to mention how Giselle is wearing a completely MODERN-style dress to a ball that was THEMED; not just themed, but, like, RENAISSANCE-themed. She's about three centuries too early, my dudes.

    29. Victor Schiller

      I went a couple years without watching and man! He got a lot more aggressive... and sexual!

    30. Statalyzer

      "She brought rats into your house on paarpus!"

    31. CiCi

      It’s me Mario! Lmao that shit took me out!

      1. Truth Spreader

        It got me too!

    32. F.Acoustic

      Can you make a video on the movie "She's the man" 2006 starring Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum please?

    33. Amari Moore

      it’s the discount bambi for me

    34. Demetria Andreadis

      You remove that sin of the old men dancing with flowers in Central Park, my good sir. They are the original Mary Poppins chimney sweep dancers. The only real sin is they did that scene without Dick Van Dyke.

    35. Matt K

      Always hated this movie as a kid and my sisters always wanted to watch it

    36. beastlycharizard13

      2:28 STOP the freaking fake edited in music!

    37. Yakro Tango

      Those lips will be really useful when it is sucking thing.

    38. thebugger2000

      8:24 Jodi Benson - the actress that did the voice of the little mermaid

    39. alic e

      they’re making a new movie called disenchanted you gotta do it when it comes out

    40. Emma Glaser

      Have I seen this movie? No Have i seen greys anatomy? Yes Did I click on this immediately after seeing Patrick Dempsey? YES!

    41. Suzart

      2:33 is the best 🤣

    42. bella swans wife

      ohmygod i remember this movie

    43. Jamie Kosciuszko

      Hands down the best video you have made yet!

    44. SuperSongbird21

      On rewatch, this isn't so much a "Princess story skewering the usual tropes" film, really it's a "Cynical 'real' people having their lives invaded by cute cartoon logic" film

    45. Yan Terahn

      If any Europeans watching, they're filming in Dublin this summer, they're hiring extras

    46. Everyone has an opinion

      14:25 She was damn close to a wardrobe malfunction here

    47. Itz_Just_Savvy

      I loved this movie but I knew CinemaSins will get to it someday..

    48. Priscilla Jimenez

      What you mean you never had true love's kiss? Aren't you married Jeremy?

    49. Priscilla Jimenez

      3:50 have you paid a girl's fair before?

    50. Gabi Garzon

      This movie did Once Upon a Time before Once Upon a Time did Once Upon a Time

    51. Abi B.

      What if! What if Giselle just happened to come up through the sewer hole thing during the 2012 Avengers events :)

    52. Abi Spanner

      I actually love this movie but it's also fun tearing it up 😂

      1. Itz_Just_Savvy

        Exactly 😂

    53. Willowy13

      Why is Peter Pettigrew trying to kill the squirrel? Rat bastard. 😂😂😂😂

    54. Genomcyber

      I hated the fuck of this movie. an hour of my life wasted

      1. Truth Spreader

        I to feel your pain.

    55. Sapphire Clancy

      12:30 I now have a question. If they are having the women shopping, who the hell its paying for this stuff? The Princess doesn't have any money and I don't know if the little girl does as well? Did they steal the dad credit card or something?

      1. Itz_Just_Savvy

        I think so, since in cartoon land there isn't money 🤣

    56. Gina Decastro

      Ross gellar🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    57. Lorena Pacora

      sin 3 is wrong!!! thats literally the message of the movie !!! >:v

    58. sherise harvey1

      lol 0:33, who hurt you?

      1. Itz_Just_Savvy

        Disney itself-

    59. Ugly German Truths

      I shouldn't laugh this hard about the "itse me, Mario" joke, but I did. And you now need to give yourself a Ding for being as racist as the guy's disguises :P

    60. The Internet Peasant

      Ooooh, you went full AVGN at the climactic scene there.

    61. Erin Hines

      Ok, but how the 🤬 did the 2 get off the VERY high up roof?

    62. Lauren Conrad

      I always wondered how he was able to liquify that apple into an apple martini. Did they have a juicer at the back of the restaurant? And if the apple burned the bike helmet, wouldn’t it also burn the blades of the juicer? Lol

    63. Lauren Conrad

      There are so many people in giant Mickey Mouse costumes in Times Square and also many people in a costume like inside the buildings within Times Square, though Broadway actors aren’t supposed to leave the theater in costume. Even with the sewer thing, this wouldn’t be that weird for Times Square. Lol

    64. Nightbomb

      Enchanted 2: The Case of the Murder of Green Sock Monkey

      1. Nightbomb

        @Edna Hollis oh yeah I forgot that they were actually making a sequel whoops

      2. Edna Hollis

        Actually it’s called Disenchanted

    65. AshyWizard

      Biggest sin is casting Idina Menzel in a Disney musical and NOT giving her a musical number

    66. mr bojangles

      worst dad, hmm not sure as lots of dads are terrible

    67. j pun

      You are always so focused on race it clearly makes you a racist

    68. Sam Kresil

      10:46 Amy Adams makes this cocky princess reaction look convincing Hahahaha, not funny.

    69. Sam Kresil

      I found this film ok but kind of hated it as well. And though Amy Adams played a princess so convincingly, it kind of made me think it seemed a bit childish and I couldn't stand Amy Adams in later films i've seen. Particularly Night at the Museum 2 and Man of Steel.

    70. Sam Kresil

      4:56 Giselle "Oh, but you must! You really must. I thought so hard and too much so I fell."

    71. terris L

      most of these sins tell me this man would absolutely despise the muppet movies

    72. Nene7of7

      10:21 sex house

    73. Molly Stevenson


    74. Cam K

      I did not like this movie except for the animated parts

    75. Owen Baker 2.0

      The only thing I can find wrong with this film is that it’s not on Disney+!

    76. Mathilda Andersson

      The reson squirrel can’t talk is probably the difference is the shape of the larynx and vocal cords.

    77. ApolloPlayz2434

      This is a frickin' amazing video, one of your best.

    78. BITW Awesome

      Romance girl.

    79. BITW Awesome


    80. Michael Sharick

      You didn’t need “right Idina?” The joke would have worked with “let it go” as the endnote. Trust us to get it!

    81. James Bledsoe

      Love is easy! Maintaining said "true love" is a whole different ball game jus saying.😷🔥🍺🥃

    82. Avital Lichtenfeld

      “Ross Geller.” I frickin died omg

    83. Cyclops Was Right

      Googling the moon illusion, you find out we, as a species, have known about it since the 4th century B.C. Maybe you should have Googled it before you had a hissy fit about it every time you saw it in a movie ...

    84. Cyclops Was Right

      "is this the real world or not". It's as if these people have been Enchanted to act as if they were in a Disney movie. Hell, they should do a movie about that. Then some jackass could sin it for doing exactly what it was supposed to be doing.

    85. Cyclops Was Right

      Sinning a comedy for doing funny things would be like sinning a Taco Bell every time they sold you food you specifically went there to buy. What's the 2021 equivalent for "retarded fuckwit ?"

    86. ShadowWarden7

      Best CinemaSins so far, love all the other film references

    87. Noelle Christiansen

      No sin for the fact that her hair keeps changing lengths

    88. Hannah Pugh

      Do Christian Mingle

    89. K I K

      At 13:57 he jokes about Apple TV + and here we are a week later being told the Apple TV 4K is now a thing!! HE NEEDS TO SUE

    90. clover starz

      To be honest...I've watched this so much as a kid and I never realized this - jodi Benson (voice of ariel) is the secretary - the manaquin thats shown at the beginning that Giselle is trying to find lips...looks exactly like Robert from the ball So many more Easter eggs that you rarely notice until now especially when your older and you know more but still this movie is my all time favorite

    91. Tyler Vorseth

      I'm dying! This video is so hilarious!

    92. tatsukagemarou

      It can happen on sight 😏

    93. Nick Papageorgio

      Wow, Any Adams looks 10x better here. She must’ve done something to her nose bc now her nose looks completely different and way worse

    94. I can't think of a good name

      14:41 This part with Nancy and Edward actually makes a lot more sense with a deleted scene that ended up being cut from the film. There was a deleted scene where Nancy is talking to who I think is like one of her employees or coworkers at work who tells her "You're a hopeless romantic discovering that romance is hopeless", and I think they should have kept it because it explains so much about her character in the rest of the film. It explains how Robert was easily able to solve the misunderstanding about Giselle by sending her flowers (this gesture means a lot more to her than it does to the audience), why she was so impressed with Edward's statement about his love for Giselle and how it could be so romantic without having a hint of irony, and why she runs away with Edward in the end. She really wanted that fairy tale romance. I'm not really sure where they cut the scene considering everything about her character throughout the movie is pretty much completely centered around the context given in it.

    95. ReynaldiYusmita

      I laughed when he says "Ross Geller" hahahaha

    96. Ryan S.

      this movie is my childhood i still love it so much

    97. Ian Moore

      lol "ow! Sh*t, my F$*&ing tailbone!" lost it

    98. GuudVybes

      Does anybody look at movies and imagine the pitch meeting? Like this looks like someone said you know princess?... yeah that but in a real world

    99. Anna Meyers

      "I guess technically you could say he caught her, but really it's just that she landed on him and he didn't drop her" Who knew I would find a perfect description of my "athletic abilities" within a CinemaSins video?

    100. ray wang

      LOL the ending is the best