Everything Wrong With Deja Vu in 16 Minutes or Less


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    Deja Vu is utterly preposterous and yet completely watchable fun. Sins like crazy though.
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    1. hwd71

      05:15. I pray to Jesus out loud when I'm alone, because words have power. That If you confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus , and shall believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved, for with the heart man believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture says.. Whosoever calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.

    2. One Druid

      The Deja View Deja Clue phrase is fucking brilliant!!! Hahaha I couldn't stop laughing. Whoever came up with this needs a some kind of Deja Reward. Brilliant.

    3. John Doe

      The greatest tresome off all time lol best line ever 👏😄

    4. Kyle J

      “Have you ever had Déjà vu?” “I don’t know, I could check with the kitchen”

    5. Kal T

      I love this movie. Flaws and all

    6. Ma Gri

      "My college girlfriend told me the exact same thing about anal" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    7. Riley Freeman #JP

      This is In denzels top 4 movies

    8. diego beusekamp

      Love your new opening style!!! Very satisfying

    9. Keith Bittinger

      Underrated Tony Scott flick. Unfortunately his last pairing with producer Jerry Bruckheimer. I miss Tony Scott films. Simple mindless escapist blockbuster director who always brought his A game to every picture he made.

    10. Mathi

      Can someone EXPLAIN ME, please, why he took off sins for DW simply "smiling" and feeding the cat ?

    11. CodingItWrong

      "The Fantastic Four School of Imma Touch This Unknown Substance" 😂🤣

    12. Babyroxasman

      Legitimately the only part I remember from this movie is the part where the guy would have got blown up or something if Denzel didn't see the future and make him stop before he went left.

      1. Babyroxasman

        Wait..... Am I talking about a different movie???? Well dang it really was a boring movie then

    13. Cirque star

      Pretty sure I saw this video before. What's that French disease called? WAIT?

    14. Games For Cykits

      Every sin to cinema sins for reupload

    15. Jonas Lind

      Funerella! That's brilliant. 😄

    16. Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTS

      These type of films are really weird when you look at how the lead character becomes obsessed and stalkerish. Like if this girl was fat and bland looking, would Denzel's character be as eager? Just saying.

    17. Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTS

      I love how protagonists always survive large explosions but small bit bad guys who are standing metres away, INSTANTLY get killed by the blast, even if they are portrayed as tougher and meaner lol

    18. Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTS

      So basically the software Jack Black uses in Enemy of the State which was ridiculous in terms of how they used the Zoom function would be absolutely at home in this movie lol. Jack Black's character would be in his element.

    19. Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTS

      If this movie came out AFTER Prince of Persia, I would groan but because it was before, the twist was actually effective to me and I do remember upon my first viewing, being hooked by how it was going to be unravelled.

    20. Ayo Fabricio

      tht man has talent . Not every actor can do what he does

    21. Ayo Fabricio

      my movie, favorite actor , ect.. & I’m from New Orleans ⚜️!

    22. nika gogibedashvili

      I want this movie remade with Denzel high-fiving himself after threesome. Period.

    23. Letho Peane

      Do you ever wondered if Deja Vu is a stealth sequel to Enemy of the State? I mean what if the tech used in Deja Vu is just a souped up version of the NSA tech used in Enemy of the State after all both movies were dircted by Tony Scott,it's possible isn't it?

    24. Nice u

      Wow your views have really dwindled.

    25. RDF1nner

      Man I don't know why your views are going down so much. I love these videos, they used to get like a million in a few days. Hopefully the algorithm stops surpressing your videos. I re watch your videos all the time and I'm still not notified when you release a new one.

    26. Rosario Prado

      hahahahahhah funarellla , OMG

    27. denyingdestruction

      4:20 I realize this project... JESUS CHRIST MY EARS!

    28. Espin Espin

      as a slob myself i can confirm we dont put our drinks on papers

    29. Alex James

      Love this movie.. Denzel is goat 🐐

    30. László Ádám Katona

      Plot twist: Claire and Doug go ahead, change their names to Deb and Bobby and join the DEA a few years later, where they meet a guy named Stig. After Deb dies Bobby retires from the DEA, and he works at Home Depot

    31. I'm Norman!

      Can we have a "coroner smokes or eats a sandwich while examining a body" cliché.

    32. J. P.

      #90. It isn’t enough to prevent the bombing. If he were to do that, there would be no reason to arrest the bomber and he’d just bomb another target. There has to be a reason to arrest him.

    33. J. P.

      #88/89. Subtitles had to correct narrator’s grammar to “woken” instead of “woke” which is what he actually said. If he’s gonna sin the editors for accidentally flipping the frame...

    34. J. P.

      #73. What was the sin? It was a flyer for a Baptist Church. We’ve already seen her pray.

    35. J. P.

      #64. I thought “beating a dead horse” was the original name of Cinema Sins 😮😆

    36. J. P.

      #52. That’s not Interstellar’s explanation of an Einstein-Rosen bridge, that’s EVERY film’s explanation. You even add that this movie was made years earlier. Where’s the sin?

    37. J. P.

      #46 Wait, you’re sinning the movie for how much access to surveillance the govt has in this movie? Regardless of when the movie was released, this video was made post-Snowden, right?

    38. J. P.

      #43. The vast majority of generic umbrellas are black. Never popped into CVS during a sudden downpour?

    39. J. P.

      #41. They’re not fast forwarding and actively searching for the parts where she’s scantily clad or nude. Aren’t they looking for clues? You’d sin them for fast forwarding out of modesty because they could miss a clue. And considering you sinned Terminator: Dark Fate for not showing “anything good” during Grace’s initial nude fight scene, I HARDLY think you’re one to be calling out pervy behavior here.

    40. J. P.

      #35 The video is supposed to be in 3D, if he went directly straight, he would have run into the door, so he did need to move in a circuitous motion.

    41. J. P.

      #40 A lot of people do pray out loud when they’re alone. Have you ever been around someone who was praying alone? That’s what I thought. ALSO, if she were just sitting there with her head bowed, you’d have sinned it for the filmmakers assuming we knew what she was praying about.

    42. Matt Hillegas

      The real question remains: Why would the version of Doug we see at the end of the movie have any feeling of familiarity with her? He had no idea of her existence until after the fact.

    43. Rosemary Kaye

      A film you have to sin, so so much. Fire Fall. It's a highly product placemented Chinese film. The regime approved of it, you could say. It's a mix of different films, in a way. And so so stupid. It's begging to be sinned. Please rip it apart. With a wood chipper.

    44. Rosemary Kaye

      Are you going to sin Willys Wonderland? I love that film! It is amazing! But it would be funny to see it sinned.

    45. Rosemary Kaye

      The explosion thing. There have been bigger, nastier, and worse, explosions, every day potentially, than the time two buildings exploded in New York. It was two buildings. Stuff did not stop being blown up just because USA got a terrorist attack. All are tragic, regardless of level. And there is no reason why people were going to stop using terrorism and explosions, in entertainment, years mean nothing. An entire wharf was blown up in the UK. People noted it and got on with things. The IRA, etc, thing, was downright horrific! This is a USA thing only. Stop acting like you're the only country that ever got a terrorist attack.

    46. Afylos

      I'm sorry, how are you not the resses add guy?

    47. Yummy Spaghetti Noodles

      Sin for not uploading this video on April Fool's because you know... Deja Vu

    48. Greg Boyington

      Why don't you do a sins video of 12 Monkeys? Tonight on "It's the Mind" we look at the phenomenon of deja vu. Michael Palin MP's Flying Cirus.

    49. japascho

      The most hilarious thing about the explanations in time travel movies ist that they never make any sense in the science they use for explanation 🤣

    50. Dave Post

      Regarding the sin you gave because the medical examiner put out a cigarette that still had some life in it, then immediately lighting up another... I've done this. Smoking is a terrible habit.

    51. WillVTrent wvt

      Will Smith would've been reeeeal adamant about her changing that dress....

    52. Josh Arnal

      Denzel does turn every movie his in into his own

    53. Chinedu Opara

      I totally forgot that *Jesus Christ of Nazareth* was in this, sporting some sweet-ass guns. CRUCIFY THIS!! 😂

    54. Jason Smith

      Interstellar stole it from event horizon

    55. Anthony Jackson

      1:50 is a hamburger a sandwich?

    56. Taylor Glover

      "I mean fuck this guy right?" TOOK ME OUT LOL

    57. Taylor Glover

      Oh my gosh the Larry thing accurate! Why the hell did he not go get Doug or I don't know ALERT THE OFFICERS!!!!!

    58. Taylor Glover

      Cinemasins... I love you. However, the beginning time travel thing was awesome so... yeah. Secondly, in time travel instances like deja vu they're going after the basis that when you have deja vu but no remembrance it means you too did die. In other news I am cracking up...That is all

    59. GURB

      Fell in love with this movie when I was in care.

    60. Calvin Clardy

      As a French Horn and Mello player...YES

    61. Dave Robson

      Jeremy thinks that diet coke is good for anything other than stripping paint .+1,000,000,000 sins.

    62. Christy Shultz

      Okay just let me reference something you're talking about being confused at first at the beginning of it that he failed. You're right he did fail he died or something apparently knowing that a body was found with his description and they thought it was him scared him and so he was extra careful when he did go back in time because it occurred to him that he had already done it. Or if it didn't he kind of thought suspected. So he was a lot more careful that time around just throwing that out there it worked the second time because he was aware of stuff and was able to keep himself from burning alive and the girl.

    63. Christy Shultz

      This movie for real falls under one one of my favorite movies of all time. Coverage many things the covers desk it covers the desire to reduce things it covers love it covers many many things and it has a Sci-Fi spend to it yeah makes you scratch your head in parts but overall I think it was one of the best movies I've ever watched.

    64. Kay Simmers

      Why don't you have a funerella?

    65. Nock

      That Jesus was Epic

    66. mack cummy

      Ironically I was trying to remember if I already watched this.

    67. joey san

      Ever heard that this movie is fiction?

    68. adam Smith

      Everything wrong with you, troll

    69. Jaguar Rose

      This was a weird movie. But I love Denzel and hubby loves Paula so it was a compromise.

    70. Jason Bourn

      How about the fact that the most interesting conversation on earth is happening in the room where you can view the past, but every other scientist in the whole building is stubbornly finding something else to do?!?!?!? Nobody even casually peeps in on what the WHOLE purpose of the building is🤦🤦🤦. If anyone BUT Denzel starred in this movie I would have BEEN realized how inconsistent it is with logic🤦😂. Still a good watch though💯

    71. Cody Marshall

      Event Horizon used the same folding paper explanation.

    72. 111danish111

      12:00 is he referring to Fallen ?

    73. Raven Bloodrose

      Ahh yes, a boot strap paradox at its finest

    74. Artist Definition

      i love this channel lol but wish you left this film out of it lol. one of my favs for its time! =D

    75. Matthew Boyce

      I can’t help but notice you’re not doing anything for Sin Week.

    76. Matthew Boyce

      15:55 She took at least 78 bullets just then. Oh wait, she ducked behind the dashboard she’s alright. Silly me.

    77. jewel robinson

      The Snyder cut asking for too much? 😭😭🤣🤣🤣

    78. dagon valdez

      I've seen this before....

    79. Adam1144

      2:54 using both causal loop and branching timelines 8:05. also, skipped over a line that had sin potential. "Yeah, but that river is the Mississippi, and we're lobbing what amounts to a pebble into it." *and thats all the explanation you get about our magical time machine*

    80. byoboftoxcityxx x

      Also the scene with the ferry propeller is complete bullshit. They would of been sucked into instantly. *bing*

    81. Punxploitation

      Fact: one of the only movies I’ve ever walked out of

    82. aisha williams

      Cinamasins did great

    83. osomea211

      You should cinema sin, Next. Movie featuring Nicolas cage

    84. T Pe

      Applying your own "sin humor” to your video: Your joke about your penis disappearing since you grabbed it too hard is hilarious but also implies that you were handling your dong while recording the video. What a “great” mental image for all your future videos!

    85. Wielding Eminator

      45 for all lives. 46 can't walk worth piss.

    86. Charted Studios

      The tator tot sin 100% means that Deneé wrote on this

    87. You're being played lemming

      "best payoff of the entire conceit" is a phrase likely never uttered before in all the history of mankind, and one of the best lines ever

    88. Jc C

      This video just opened up the possibilities for a Man On Fire, Domino or Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3 video

      1. Jc C

        They acknowledged Tony Scott’s late career

      2. Andy Miller


    89. blake scroggie

      Ok did u put a ad about a church right after u showed a thing about a church on purpose or did youtube do that

    90. Michael B


      1. Bryan Liguori

        I loved that one too! - trumpet player who used to sometimes use a mellophone mouthpiece for the hell of it

    91. Teddy the Torkie

      Hey I love the channel but I noticed you guys didn’t do The Big Lebowski, like come on!

    92. Ricky Denton07

      seen this before, loved it again anyway lol

    93. Marc TEISSIER

      great video, very hilarious !

    94. Riley Rowe

      Wait... I think I've seen this before? 😂😂😂

    95. Jack Moore

      I swear you've posted this before

    96. Jair Hernandez

      how tf do ppl find this funny?? Just the fact that ppl watch this channel unironically is the icing on the shit and over eaten cake. i rather watch a make up tutorial at this point

    97. Breadman6408

      You should cover They Live

    98. LuisRodriguez

      Just came to say, if u do Justice League new version u hav hella work to do 🤣 4 hours of sins! Hahahaha

    99. Isaac Martinez

      Do one about we can be heros

    100. ali changa

      pls do the new charlies angels movie 🥺