Everything Wrong With Coming to America In 16 Minutes Or Less


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    With Coming to America 2 on the way, we thought it was time to go back and search the original for sins. Found a bunch!!
    Thursday: Sins of a pretty famous comic-based flop.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. Luis Gomez

      "Good morning my neighbors'!" Still one of the greatest moments in cinematic history.

    2. Michael Kingman

      Being excited about a Jets game. 😆

    3. Official Royce

      0:56 I guess water resistant make up never came across this guy

    4. Occam’s Razor

      @CinemaSins said “Lisa” instead of “Patrice.”

    5. Apocalypse Aiesha

      I will remove a sin for the African dance sequence. I never saw anything like that before, I never saw African displayed so beautifully. I remember the theater went silent when it started and everyone saying "wow" when it ended. It was great.

    6. _Honestly Just Garbage_

      “Good morning my neighbors!” “F*** you” “Yes,yes! F*** you too!”

    7. Blake

      I remember when you used to be funny. That was like 4 years ago.

    8. Natalie Panaro Stack

      2 sins off that the king & queen voiced mufasa & his wife surabi. So the live action version of them . Pretty cool.

    9. Jelani Smith

      I literally hate you

    10. Al Bu

      Tread lightly here dude....this movie is a classic.....

    11. RydiaLS83

      @ 7:06 funny thing is. McDonald's support that and gave them one of their old places and the old M logo, for them to film in there. Plus, their actually making that place a real Mc.Dowell's in tribute to coming to America 1 and 2. but got put on hold due to the covid lock down restrictions.

    12. CheeterBeeter

      welp at least he mentioned this was a comedy and anything that doesn't make sense is intentional

    13. Dub in the 20’s

      I'd like to see you try

    14. emerald gamer773

      My parents let me watch 5his movie when I was 13. This has been funny ever since.

    15. Adam B

      96% of what is being pointed out as wrong are just the movie’s jokes. Are jokes wrong?

    16. Hanaa Sakal

      im heading into this with skepticism because this is a near perfect movie

    17. Lucas Liso

      14:48 You're right, and she was the daughter of a guy high in the military. That king is facing a coup when he gets back.

    18. Rl 28

      That good times joke! 😆😆

    19. notgonnapay

      Cinemasins jumping on the popularity bandwagon again. Prolly never even watched this movie before they found out a sequel’s coming out.

    20. BruhCity

      Who ever said Zamunda was real ?

    21. Love, Loyalty & Success


    22. Tyler Hulan

      Man I think this is my favorite 80s comedy. Never gets old.

    23. G DB

      so your fine with sinning coming to america, but NOT with coming 2 america

    24. johnnay keen

      Just watched the second one .....that isssh neeeds a mfing sins video 😂

    25. Chubby_Whale797

      1: making this video

    26. MediaChristianTV

      One outtake was missed: King Jaffe: “No...do not alert him to my presence.” Darth Vader, Empire Strikes Back: “”The Rebels have been alerted to our presence.” King Jaffe: “I will deal with him myself.” Darth Vader, Return of the Jedi: “No. Leave them to me. I will deal with them myself.”

    27. Lol Aidan

      A guy is making sin videos of your sin videos his name is th3birdman

    28. WolfyXPWolfPack ;—;

      I watched Coming 2 America when I was 6 or 7 years old oof

    29. Frank axe

      Let's go!

    30. Travis Smalley

      They got robbed by the same robot from futurama. The first four times he was casing the joint

    31. GBP4EVR

      Chris Rock was in Beverly Hills Cop, and I had no idea cuba gooding jr was in CTA, and I've watched it 100 times...

    32. AgriStudios

      As a Montanan, I can say that Akeem would not have found true love in Billings.

    33. studinthemaking

      I loved Eddie Murphy accent in this movie.

    34. Steve Oxon

      “The royal penis is clean your highness” what I’m tryin to hear every day I wake&bake

    35. Mintygreen

      “Being excited about a jets game” hahaha

    36. CDHfilms

      Say what you want about this movie but this is still one Eddie Murphy's better movies. It's still better than Daddy Day Care, Nutty Professor 2 Meet Dave, and Norbit all together!

    37. Rocky P

      This Movie is fucking stupid

    38. Mr. Wildcat

      “People who’ve brought down property values in Mr Rogers’ neighborhood” LMFAO!

    39. yorn428

      Okay let’s be real here, The second movie sucks ASS

    40. Clorox Bleach

      Part two can’t touch this one with the 10 inch pole.

    41. Duder McDudeface

      CinemaSins = only guy on planet Earth who thinks Coming to America is too long.

    42. TacoViking58

      How dare you not remove a sin for the "Your Queen to Be" song.

    43. Dreke Hayes

      I've watched this movie my since was a kid bro your FUCKING hilarious 🤣😂🤣

    44. Jawz

      Is the everything wrong with cinema sins on this video out yet?

    45. Justin Christopher

      Like Doug said on Black Jeopardy - Not a damn thing.

    46. dan lowe

      [Just saw the sequel, today] Why did they already have a coat in their luggage that would fit a little boy?!?!?

    47. Alex

      Nah bro, You can't sin this movie

    48. Ki Simon

      Dude if your properly tucked in bed from the sides, you dont move or tosh around your bed, thats why you do that for babies and children in general. Hell I do that and I dont toss around my bed, so thats was lame strike

    49. papabear28

      This movie nearly inspired me to start Sexual Chocolate garage band. Good thing weed and alcohol stopped that shit. More fun enjoying this movie.

    50. Sassy Carter

      I still love this movie as I did 30 years ago

    51. Denni5

      3:32 that's the joke...

    52. Joseph Krick

      3:14 should've sinned the fact that when the king tells Hakeem to "come back and marry Imani." that it sounds like 'come back and marry your money.

    53. New Buttahman

      Nobody gives a FUCK about none of that shit. This movie was funny as a muuufukkah. Keep your opinion to yourself. Esau

    54. Adam wiggins

      Part 2 will get more sins

    55. Chris O'mahony

      Apparently whoever does these videos has no idea what comedy is because both these movies are great. This person wouldn't know comedy if it came out and smacked him in the face with a rubber duck

    56. Zopplinc

      why is it just a black screen for 17 minutes?

    57. Nathan Ladner

      Old Cinema Sins was so awesome due to authentic criticism we don’t get to see among actual critics because most of the time they are paragraphs we (most of us) are to lazy to read. Now, we have to see Jeremy bash movies we like for no reason and give cornball jokes about it every two seconds. Quite honestly, he’s even becoming lacking in his skill of a critic he makes more mistakes and he never takes sins off for amazing cinematography work or capturing moments.

    58. DxStyla

      Sin #70 was a pretty dark one. I like it

    59. paulorocky

      Anyone else wondering what happened to Imani? Did she need some serious deprogramming or something?

    60. Austin Powers

      “What is this? Velvet?” Best line of the movie 😂😂

    61. abktiliam abktiliame

      Akeem is a simp

    62. fokeyjo

      Was hoping for sins off for the taxi driver "you dumb f*ck" line, and the soul glow on the settee joke.. and probably a few more :D

    63. Ma tt

      The Vanilla Ice sound clip is the absolute highlight of this.

    64. Baboonballs

      I'm just here to say that, yes, Hakeem can defend himself and he made me very proud when he did so.

    65. Boston K.O.

      15:03 when I was younger, I thought that was Lucille Ball

    66. Isaiah Cox

      I love the first one but the second one is bad still good video

    67. Londonsbro Kamacho


    68. Beta_

      The lion king..... Im dead

    69. Jamarie McCrimmon

      This could've been the first black Panther movie it might've sucked but the attempt would've been nice tho

    70. God Of Death

      Dude u hate every movie jeez

    71. Etienne Aubert

      I can't believe you didn't dub Samuel L. Jackson's recital of Ezekiel 25:17 from "Pulp Fiction" into the hold-up scene!

    72. Kris Blake

      The narrater is correct, Akeem is on the fire escape & there is no brick wall. But there is a scene where Akeem wakes semmi up & tells him “you are going to work today”, Akeem pulls the curtain back & there is indeed a brick wall.

    73. Martin Pardieu

      10 years later: “Everything wrong with coming 2 America

    74. Bianca Bianca

      14:08 Who was taking off Darryl’s wet clothes? You say Lisa but... SIN!

    75. Silh S

      Coming to America is untouchable 👑🇺🇸🍔🥇👌

    76. Spoons

      and not parts but collapsible like a tent

    77. Spoons

      thats a very cheap looking tub like easily built and can fit through a doorway and not much to fill a sin was not needed lol semantics but you all about that

    78. stormhawkdude

      "How did this guy know someone was approaching...?" Okay I get part of the joke of this channel is to miss obvious plot details but there is a woman hopping on one leg and barking like a dog coming towards the door, I'd open it based purely on finding out "What the fuck is that!?"

    79. Gabriel King

      i go to america!

    80. Michael Jean-Felix

      Never knew I needed this so much lol

    81. Dominique Nixon

      Not you sinned Friday and Coming to America. Ain’t a damn thing wrong with these classic movies lol

    82. Alex Offutt

      Wow you must be pretty short Jeremy, considering the fact your really reaching for these sins.

    83. themightyquyn

      "I do recall all those Sunday school lessons about the God of Ass..."🤣

    84. Dunmore's Movie Mania

      The only problem with Daryl SoulGlo is that he reminds us so much of PRINCE! Ain't nobody that douchey should be reminding us of somebody that genius!

    85. Big Red

      Jeremy's really out here sinning scenes that make no sense which is the entire point of those scenes. Just goes to show that he and his writers really have run out of material. Go back to sinning the actual problems with movies like when you started off, no one enjoys seeing the mighty fall bevause of their own mistakes

    86. aster domitrovich

      "Wah, her makeup is perfect, wah, the bed is made" it's call suspension of disbelief. It's there for a reason and to enjoy a movie you just kind of agree to go along with the nonsense logic. This is especially true for the comedy genre. It's supposed to be funny, not 100% faithful to real life.

    87. DTG 3D

      My favorite movie

    88. Callme James

      Please do “coming 2 America “ because it’s total TRASH 🗑

    89. Darren Taylor

      A sin for CinemaSins for calling Patrice "Lisa" at 14:23

    90. L C

      One of my favorite movies all time. Love this sinning though!!!

    91. Felisa Simmons

      Your videos are da bomb! So funny! And you be ROASTING cinema sins! Stellar!!!! Love it

    92. Judah Cosby


    93. PjSparkle18

      great points/sins but I will always consider it a classic. soul glo commercials always made me thirsty cuz the bottle reminded me of coke.

    94. Travis Yelland

      That's what the 2nd one was missing other than a plot. Nudity! Then it might of been ok to watch for seconds...this movie was way better than the newest one by a long shot'

    95. Flo Vuidi

      7:45 lol

    96. Liberty Mccrary

      The good times line had me rolling lol

    97. MarlonMacielBrando

      2:00 From his mom? She seems really progressive... to Zamunda's standards.

    98. Darpan Dahal

      A sin off for rolling credits in the beginning of the movie

    99. aWebtoon reader

      Based off the description, are they sinning Garfield next?