Everything Wrong With Alien vs. Predator in 19 Minutes or Less


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    Alien vs. Predator is what happens when you team up two beloved sci-fi creatures in the most boring way possible. It's terrible. And it has sins to spare.
    Next week: comedy sins & animated sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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    1. knuckle12356

      Aliens MOST DEFINITELY take on the characteristics of whatever host species they were incubating. This video even showed the human-like teeth on the aliens in the pyramid.

    2. Morgan Herr

      100 sins for this video because of all the 2 minuet long adds I got

    3. Michael Garcia

      The Nashville predators reference to how bad our season was going at the time was AMAZING lmao

    4. Cavebeast

      Yeah, pretty sure the guy that named the Humboldt penguins... was f-ing Alexander Humboldt. You know, one of the greatest natural scientists and explorers of all time? Not like they teach that at school or something.

    5. Michael Smith

      They could of taken a sin off for the awesome spin spear through the head scene.

    6. TheLiquidKnight

      Janeway was the bad guy in Voyager. It's how they survived. Also the actress was a complete bitch to Jeri Ryan.

    7. NotMorganFreeman

      God this movie sucked so bad. Talk about two franchises that never should have been combined on the screen.

    8. Cole Hansen

      I think that the predators would want the humans to know about the temple and allow them to get there first so that they ca go play with the aliens. Needing humans to make the aliens. So I don’t think it’s a sin. Maybe a stretch so a sin that way haha

    9. JayMasters

      I know this movie could have been a lot better, but it isn't completely terrible and the predator costumes look "F##KING BADASS" 👍

    10. Galvin Stanley

      The reason why xenomorphs grow so quickly is because they molt right after they break through the chest of the host.They also take on physical traights, like how in Alien 3 the xenomorph looked liked a dog.

    11. Brandin Dow

      2:20 you are getting sloppy man... its cause he also looks like beaker.....

    12. anddudewaslike

      No sin removal for the shot when the predator stabs the queen to save Lex? *sigh*

    13. Richey S Jones

      You are too funny 😄

    14. Jimmy Natividad

      I Know when I DONT put the Blanket over my NOSE at night then it becomes COLD as ICE!!! But these guys in the ARCTIC HAVE WARM ORANGE NOSE'S ACCORDING TO PREDATOR THERMAL IMAGES???? WHATT???

    15. Samuel Gelber

      Hey! Good nuclear reactor employee from Chernobyl is in this!

    16. Sam Warrior She_Her

      I have never watch the Alien or Predator films fully I'm to chicken to, but if I remember right they never followed up on the Alien predator baby, That should get a Sin, I wanna know what the baby is up to, is it eating well drink 2l of water a day I need to know,

    17. Thomas Preston

      why was not Chung-Li in this movie

    18. Marcel Gardner

      According to google translate. Scared shitless is.... spaventato a morte

    19. Brad Drake

      16:05 The Italian translates to : I can't wait to get out of this pyramid with you, because I crapped myself

    20. Robert Hall

      You are correct sir... Jainway WAS the bad guy in voyager.

    21. Captain Forrix

      10:49 that's Tommy Flanagan of Sons of Anarchy fame, didnt realise he was in this until he started screaming

    22. indefinableification

      imagining the scientists just saying meep meep meep all the way through improves the movie by 40%

    23. Giacomo Guarnieri

      So... uh... In Predators the new variant of predators have set up the planet for the hunt, not the classic breed of predator, that are also viable game for them (since a "classic" is kept there as a prisoner... also isn't mentioned in that dumpster fire of new predator movie that the two breeds are at war with each other?). And, if I remember this movie correctly, it is hinted that in not only this pyramid to be used for the rite of passage, and the one you see getting blown up in the "flashback" should be one in America

    24. Amar Muammar

      1 million sins: this movie and that sequel is canon.

    25. Fish Zom

      Actually, aliens always take on the qualities of the creature they burst out of. the standard Alien, looks like that because it is part human. It even has a human skull as its front end. If you look at the toys, it is much more clear, that there are slight eye sockets under the shiny dome. It's why the alien in Aline 3 was different. It was more dog like. So, even in the movies they touch on this a little, but in the comics, they have lots and lots of different types of aliens.

    26. DG RN

      Finally, they do my favorite movie since childhood

    27. AnthroWolf01

      So couple things. Don't get me wrong I agree with most of the stuff you pointed out. One the explosion. Explosions, depending on the explosive compound could make sense why it travels faster in a tube and slower outside. The tube channels the force (explosions are basically just gasses expanding rapidly under pressure) and when it hits the outside that pressure has to be released into open air causing it's radius to expand and it's velocity to slow as it tries to fill in available space. (the shockwave however not that I know much about predator physiology one hundred percent turned the woman's internal organs and probably bones to paste). Two I believe it was aliens that explained that the xenomorphs are the ultimate species because it uses dna from the host to create it's physiology. I.E. xenomorphs from humans will all look the same but a xenomorph that used a dog to be born would come out more like a canine. Also believe it was stated in requiem but let's not talk about that travesty. Otherwise good work.

    28. Professor Hanna

      For the love of god do the sequel with the Xenomorph/Predator hybrid!

    29. Warren Bettencourt

      To be fair, the predators weren't training with the aliens it was a ritual and deed of honar to prove something, they're creatures of the hunt and honar it's why they don't bring actual rifles to fights, and what do you mean rifles I hear you saying, plasma cannons are predators equivalent to hand guns, and predators don't kill indiscriminately for example in predator 1 the predator doesn't kill the female guerilla fighter because she is unarmed and defenseless, and another example is predator 2 when the predators don't kill the detective and even reward him when one of the predators gives him a trophy from one of his greatest hunts. The predators are ultimately hunters of honar, in dnd terms you could say neutral lawful.

    30. Mathias Temmen

      Germans, let't take over once again! Humboldt!

    31. Chris Allie

      But didn’t alien girl nail a bloke so she gets pregnant,sorry I got mixed up with species but anyways what would happen to a alien ridden hulk even though they’re totally different movies but what would happen to a alien or predator ridden hulk

    32. candyrayne215

      "Such sights to show us" hellraiser bit was funny

    33. inky bones

      I literally just watched this movie today

    34. Skorksis Avro

      Of course theres shit wrong with this video. It's not even true canon!!!!!!

    35. lionhead123

      wait, i'm see a lot of scenes i don't know. there is an extended version of this movie? Gotta watch that.

    36. 25fpslol

      Rengar vs Kha'Zix

    37. Justin Playz

      The reason they didn't kill is its very bad and dumb for a predator to kill a helpless human and if they do they r called as rouge predator's if u would have said this when the movie actually got relised at the time I wouldn't ask cuz I DONT SEE THE COMICS 3 sins for u

    38. Noah Gooder

      a sin for reminding me that the cube isnt well known


      Predators kill for honor and they aren't dicks.

    40. Harry Sherman

      More ads than sins ffs.

    41. Cooler.

      I have no issue with the predators leaving so much up to chance with their rituals, that's literally a thing in the comics, and it makes sense too. They may have advanced technology, but they are not an advanced civilization, they aren't scientists, they don't have trial and error. It makes sense that they'd design these places and lack the foresight to see any potential issues. Even if there are issues like a global xeno problem, they just welcome the challenge.

    42. Renegade Renaldo

      Hope you do one on Alien vs Predator Requiem

    43. THE AJ

      So I'm assuming AVPR gonna get sinned to huh...

    44. Aleksandar Radovanovic

      Predator's goal was to lure humans in the tunnel. So the humans are "Vessels" for the aliens.

    45. Brendan Mulhall

      Please sin “Cube”

    46. Socially Responsible Xenomorph

      I liked it.

    47. BigCrockDawg

      I thought this movie was mildly halfway worth a single watch. But when I went to see the sequel in theaters, it was literally the ONLY theater movie I ever wanted my money back for.

    48. Jacob Drolet

      Well it’s it better then it’s sequel that was awful. It be funny there a fan art of a human and predator making out that be so hilarious to see too.

    49. Jason Wilde

      3:42 "No one who watches the skies for a living..."That line gets me every time!! EVERY TIME! Now my face hurts. Damn you for being soo true and funny at the same time.

    50. Ultra Instinct Gogeta

      An actual scientist: what bones are these A 3 year old: it's obviously a whale

    51. Anthony Betancourt

      Predators don't kill you if you aren't armed. Xenomorphs are biological weapons that adapt with whatever their host may be whether it be human, yautja, Engineers, dogs you name it. Xenomorphs made from humans are the preferred prey because they offer the most challenge.

    52. Andy Smythe

      Not only can you take a phone call up a mountain, you can also adjust the heating in your house, awesome, isn't it.

      1. NotMorganFreeman

        Not in 2004

    53. Tammie Crutcher

      I love this movie...be water 🌊

    54. Priscilla Jimenez

      Maybe that particular Predator wasn't so hostile like his comrades

    55. Luis Velez

      Will you do the sin in Aliens vs Predator:Requiem

    56. Fake Axzyte

      Everything wrong with this video "19 minutes or less" video length : more than 20 minutes.

    57. Cole Apker

      The game is imo really fun. Especially multi-player. Servers are down now though. 😑

    58. pat a

      I thought cinema sins also did avp requiem or was that too easy of a movie?

    59. WiLd BoY

      never did i have a lot of dough.

      1. WiLd BoY

        false fossilized face hugger fright

    60. Kiara Animefan

      So, did the Predators not kill Alexa because they see her as a warrior or something? CS didn't really explain that and I don't want to have to watch the whole movie just to know the answer.

    61. mksilver

      Ok I’ll admit this movie is dumb in many ways but you’re way dumber. You clearly know nothing about the Alien and/or Predator universe and renders a lot of you sins pointless. You sir are a sin

    62. niko123

      Hey cinema sins can you do It on the new film mortal kombat

    63. Keanu034

      4:50 I don't know if it matter, but another name for the Humboldt Penguin, is the Jackass Penguin

    64. Roel Ven

      Bruce almighty moon .... muhahahhaahahah

    65. Ireland Cochran

      Imagine going to the movie theatre with this dude

    66. D Gordy

      Why r there so many adverts now??

    67. Massive Mini Gaming

      honestly, there would've been a lot less sins if he knew about predator lore.

    68. Ako-chan

      12:00 it has long been established lore that Predators do not kill children, pregnant women, the sick/elderly and unarmed noncombatants.

    69. Annie Deo

      6 ad breaks in 19 minutes....a million sins!

    70. Zach Byrd

      Was the predator jogging or was Alexa able to keep Pace with it? Is she like Robotnik in Sonic 2?

    71. Zach Johnson

      Was there a Nashville Predators reference in there? Did anyone else catch this?

    72. Mac Wade

      I like Alien vs Predator!

    73. Paul Revere

      This channel is not as good anymore. So many weak and useless complaints.

    74. Bucket

      If this wasn’t pg-13 it could have been so much better and have some pretty decent kills

    75. Shane Harris

      Predators only hunt prey that pose a threat they are sport hunters that's why in the first movie the girl was not being targeted as she didn't have a gun and why the pregnant detective was spared in the second movie because being pregnant would inhibit her ability to fight properly and that's why waylend was spared because his terminal illness would prevent him from actually posing a proper fight for the predator but it ultimately didn't matter as he tried to burn it and ended up dying anyways

    76. Cat Bui Khang

      Everything Wrong With Justice League The Snyder Cut!

    77. DV8

      Just like the Rock review you missed so much in this one , and and to many damn ads .

    78. William Matthews

      C'mon Jeremy, you could have just said "Two R-rated franchises tried to go the PG-13 route", added 1,000 sins and then be done with it. Even "Freddy vs Jason" wasn't THAT stupid!

    79. IRS

      20 minutes when you said 19 minutes or less? Im not mad im disappointed

    80. Christopher Ballard

      “The Aliens don’t have human qualities when they come out of humans” Uh, yeah they do. You’ve just only seen aliens with the human qualities until because get this: you’ve only seen them come out of humans...

    81. WizzyDoes Dallas

      Alien chestbursters do take on features of their host.

    82. Clifford V

      Better than all the movies nominated at the Oscars 2012!

    83. Kenyari Mabry

      About the xenomorph with predator qualities, aliens that chestburst out of humans do have human qualities, just not on the surface(mostly). Like, for example, they are mostly bipedal, and mostly run on two legs. Secondly, they have a human-like brain, and have a high sense of intelligence, especially compared to xenomorphs that come from hosts like dogs or bulls. This gives them a better sense of reason, and they are able to set traps and ambushes in groups using teamwork. Although you probably didn't care and were just saying it to add a sin that needed to be added, so sorry for wasting your time.

    84. king ayrton

      this is more like movie hate counter

    85. That Sodding Gamer

      As far as Voyager, Janeway, and the lone alien that tried to enact his revenge against Janeway and the Voyager crew goes. He nearly succeeded, but in the end Janeway and company managed to escape at the last moment, leaving the alien and his ship to be assimilated. Also, permit me to 'well, actually' you. Canonically, Aliens (the species) DO take on human qualities when they use humans as hosts. In point of fact, they take on some of the qualities of whatever species is hosting them. It's one of their adaptations, I guess. Remember the Alien dog?

    86. Mikayla Martin

      Please do journey to the center of the earth!!!

    87. brandi3981

      Antarctica is as far from the arctic region as is physically possible on our planet "DING"s the editor for not making this asshole fix the line

    88. ProjectNova

      "everything, Spoilers!!, Wrong, Duh.., with CinemaSins" cannot read this any other way everytime

    89. Ontario Guy

      It sure is a good thing that wasn't an Adelie penguin - then it would have been a justified jump scare.

    90. The Karp King

      I came back to cinemasins to see if it got any better... Nope. Still needlessly sinning things, like "you spelled alien vs predator wrong" when it said Antarctica. It's not cinemasins, it's cinemadoanythingandyoullstillgetsinned.

    91. Dawnphyre

      sinning Humbold for his name, no one tell him about the squid

    92. Matt Tuckey

      The reason the Aztecs didn't use the metric system is the Brits didn't invent it until the 1700s. Missing sins- if the predators have ben visiting for 5000 years, why haven't their technologies updated? It's like us wandering into the post office in a loincloth.

    93. Jessica Evans

      Yea sure you'll reference the cube but you won't God damn do the cube.

    94. Bryce Castle

      Biggest sin by far is a SEprom ad less than a minute in

    95. Jacob Parson

      Ok so did he not like pay attention to the plot? The sin about them fucking up the reason they were there, they were there to hunt aliens that have to incubate in humans so like tf?

    96. Daniel F.

      I'm sorry but the Hunter not hunting prey that isn't able to flee or defend makes a lot more sense than you think it does. Weyland having a severe medical condition makes him unworthy prey. Much like the rest of the humans which they show no real interest in killing quickly. They get rid of them when they need to, or feel like it. Picturing the Predators to seemingly spare humans on a whim is kind of in character for a race who knows is superior. Much like you kill a fly if you get the opportunity but you're not going out actively hunting flies.

    97. Akos Barati

      Since it was over 23 years ago, some details seemed to skipped people's minds or they never knew it in the first place. As the first show for the then-new channel UPN (The CW's precursor), ST:VOY had a lot of leeway in terms of stories. There were exceptions, and the season finale and premiere and Scorpion was one of them, as it was intentionally timed to come out with the release of First Contact. The studio was at an impasse, they knew that they planned a show to be set in the Delta Quadrant as far back as 1991 when they began casting for the roles, and they knew that Q Who? had firmly set up that the Collective resides mainly in said quadrant thus meeting them seemed inevitable. The second problem was that up until that point they could only use the Collective sparingly since they made them so OP no species other than the Klingons could take them on (in case there's still somebody who remembers the game Birth of a Federation, Klingon commandos could board the ship and neutralize the drones). The circumstances of needing to synchronize scripts for that of the movie and also set up a new main character was no small task. If somebody only watches the two episodes, it would be easy to come to the conclusion, that Arturis was right, the motley crew of Alpha Quadrant dwellers made the wrong ally and helped facilitate further assimilation. Except, that could not be further from the truth. One real-life example of the "devil you know" was the Beaver Wars in the early 17th century, and no it's not a tongue-in-cheek porn title. Both the Brits and the French wanted to rely on, in what is today Canada and the US, locals for assistance who in turn accepted the firepower that tipped the balance of scales in their favor for fur trapping. That however did not stop the Europeans to occasionally gang up on the locals if they felt they were in the way of colonization. If one watched all or most TV shows, they know that in I, Hugh the crew of the Enterprise-D was the humane one in contrast with Starfleet Command which planned a cold and calculated genocide to rid of the Collective once and for all, not even entertaining the option that may be shutting them down like Data did in Best of Both Worlds is viable. Janeway was unaware that the Collective intruded the fluid space, yet even before she lost consciousness, she knew the highly advanced DNA helped fend off assimiliation, a hell of a better possibility than being murdered on the spot. We never see the full picture, but in what we did see, Species 8472 killed billions of drones on just one planet without hesitation or concern for morality. They did not wage a defensive war and were unfazed to violate any telepath without consent. Many people can consider themselves lucky on this Earth to never have had to live under the jackboots of totalitarians. Arturis was able to learn a massive amount of human and technological languages, yet his mindset was warped by the devastation to his species to the point he was willing to choose fascists over slave laborers. In the last century sadly far too many talented people embraced some form of totalitarian oppression mistaking it for national pride. Psycho Conehead wanted to murder an innocent Naomi Wildman if his plan had succeeded.

    98. Bruce Lee


    99. Hasan Tanriverdi