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  1. Cat

    Just watching this makes me feel like I spent too long watching this shitty "movie"

  2. GreyD.99x Some

    Only 7 minutes? Must be good😉

  3. レックスRex

    The voice over kinda sounds like if dunkey was always out of breath

  4. Andrew Harner

    Spider pig

    1. Andrew Harner

      Sony you need to get on this

  5. Invertion

    Fun fact: wall E was released on the same day, and year I was born

  6. Ahmi jalza

    2:57 kinda makes sense.. like, he's a 17 years old teenager with full internet access and he probably already found out that Woody is an antique toy that could worth probably a few hundreds bucks at the very least, it's a smart choice to keep Woody instead of what about Jessie and Bullseye?? isn't the two of them also suppose to worth the same since they're part of the same series?? you know what?? fuck it, let's just keep the sin anyway

  7. Ian Alcivar

    Too everyone who's wondering why they enjoyed the randomness of this movie it's because the film makers use the time long strategy of big-boom-and-flash-make-brain-happy

  8. Bryzen Ishizuka

    I go to this channel to watch the movies I've watch before and too lazy to watch it again like this one

  9. Michael Boyd

    Saw this in theaters and people literally cheered like cancer was cured when Samuel L Jackson said the snakes on the plane line

  10. Thomas Pankiewicz

    Idea: Leonard from memento realises that his affliction could be used to control an assassin. And wipes vin diesel's memory and changes the John g type character to whoever needs murdering.

  11. n1lknarf

    no sin for them being dressed opposite, luigi red and mario green?

  12. Tomek Orzechowski

    Roll familits!

  13. Lily Marcou

    Katniss: “He’s shaking!” CinemaSins: “No he’s not.”

  14. David Martinez

    Hades is worth some 50 sins off

  15. Karsten S

    Another bad sin is when the helicopter crashes when only like 4 zombies r hanging onto it

  16. Gaming Champ

    15:42 XD

  17. Nuzhar Nur

    0:00 My literal reaction finding out this video's length

  18. Nuzhar Nur

    I haven't had someone grab me and fall from a building onto a car nor do I know anyone who has but I'm pretty I would've gotten a bit messed up

  19. Al Brown

    Wait... Did they make a remake of Judge Dreadful? Why would they put a skateboard park patio built on the upper floors? Wouldn't they worry about going flying off the side?

  20. ImagineZero 129

    I'm ading 999 mil sins because they destroyed the entire series .

  21. Flappybird

    This one is my favourite

  22. Thomas Pankiewicz

    The original story about why Miyagi was sad is a lot better. He was a war hero. Mr Han just got angry and crashed his car

  23. Junko Enoshima

    You're just shitting on a great movie, so basically you're just getting content that's equally shitty

  24. Burkenator

    19:03 oh you KNOW that anything from hamilton is going to make me immediately stop what i am doing and pay full attention to the video even if it's literally just Thomas Jefferson laughing.

  25. n1lknarf

    3:54 I can tell some people missed the "I hate Mario" joke

  26. LvL1Gaming

    Dwight Schrute : "I am not a hero. I am a mere defender of the office. You know who's a real hero? Hiro from "Heroes." That's a hero."

  27. Obviously

    4:44 precious!

  28. WICKES fox

    I'm sorry man I can't finish the video background music and the teenagers are like nails in the chalkboard to me 200

  29. WICKES fox

    34 seconds of unnecessary elements and CinemaSins is still not sentimenting 9000

  30. Grassdothing?YT

    If Slade is there how is he there

  31. Roy van Nieuwkoop

    Man I hate video's like this, its a movie made for kids and you are looking at it from the perspective of a adult movie expert. its just a fun movie with an easy going story and some good music, don't overcomplicate things.

  32. Yiffster owo

    You button the top button on a shirt if you like being choked -from someone who likes being choked

  33. bfbmegankiller oreca

    When your bored and has nothing to do:

  34. Dark Lord of Sword

    I'm genuinely surprised Sin 1 wasn't "making a movie out of God damn Rock'em-Sock'em Robots".

  35. el psy kuONGROO

    i enjoyed the movie

  36. Abdul Wahab

    NEERRRRRRDDD!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  37. Le'Nooby

    Gnomeo and juliet...... Did you know if you take romeo and juliet to a Word (work around c0der) and u get the number (69)

  38. Toby's Shed

    Rey: *Does force lighting* Every Jedi who died and is somehow watching her from Jedi heaven: Wait, that's illegal!

  39. XxShadow_ PhantomxX

    How dare u ruin my childhood movie

  40. Le'Nooby

    I just noticed somehow, sadness isnt sad she's depressed also ur vids ar cool!

  41. OwlTiger

    me: I like this movie. me: *watches the cinemasins video of it" me: nevermind. [this is a joke, I still like this movie.]

  42. Melphox

    i’ve seen this movie so many times that i could recite it word for word off the top of my head 😀

  43. Walter White

    I thought the thumbnail said “Eww Batman begins!”

  44. object13

    i wanna get drunk with you, but you called it seattle, and it sure as shit was tacoma

  45. •Spring Lolzzz•

    I cant remember what episode it was but Maggie’s first word was actually “daddy” and no one in the family heard her.

  46. Joe Johnston

    OMG Max does sound like MCSM Jesse

  47. MySerpentine

    Yeah, No-Man's-Land was way too fucking dangerous for that shit.

  48. Gerald guterres

    That “holy shit your the mandolorian” was the best

  49. Farhan Labib

    2:54 those meters can't messure speed above a certain threshold. So, it doesn't reflect Sonic's true speed. Just look up how these meter thingies work. I'm too lazy to write an explanation how speed meter-ficators work in the comment section on a video which is about nitpicking a movie as much you can. internet nerd culture cliche*

  50. LK_ 91

    Lol this was too funny. The titty glance freaking killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. Gleb Johnson

    I like Cinema Sins but sometimes it feels like you missed the point of the plot. For example Rose stopped the cop checking the ID of Chris because she didn't want him to know who Chris is. If he goes missing the police would know where to look.

  52. Adassity

    Legit almost no actual sins. You just blurted our your shitty opinions.

  53. •Spring Lolzzz•

    Here’s an extra sin: If the cat is going to the great beyond with humans, that means animals all go to the same afterlife, so there should be thousands of bugs on that escalator.

  54. Cris San Juan

    Anyone else felt a bit disappointed when they got beat up and atom just stood there?

  55. Dianaa

    I actually really like this movie 🥲 This is the first CinemaSins video that I don’t agree with 😃

  56. Hiredassasin24

    Wait- they changed the voice of Harv, that’s not the original-

  57. DeathByBarb

    Yea I’m still lost on this movie

  58. Thiago Lima

    I will never understand how this movie is liked by anyone. You either go full realistic, or full anime. But no, this movie goes full retard. The chimp is the best actor and has the best lines by far.

  59. Tht1GermanKd

    Its midly fusturating how the parents seem to not have jobs, yet the rest of the bees have to choose a job for the rest of their life.

  60. Arnav Rajadhyax

    Stop calling katara stupid. Tho in the movie she is

  61. Hold_Ma_Beer

    I haven't seen this movie, but just looking at the quality of CGI and her acting in other scenes... ugh... this is 2021 ffs... Not expected such low quality from DC universe O_o

  62. Jelou Carciller

    Look, this is totally unrated like you hate this movie very much. That's part of insulting the movie.

  63. jesuscross9

    1985 Doc should have remembered that he was revisited in 1955 by Marty the same night he sent him home the first time. That means he would have knowledge of the Almanac prior to crashing into Marty's drive way. Even if he wasn't able to stop Marty from buying the Almanac in 2015 he could have stopped Biff from stealing the DeLorean. And even if he couldn't do that, he could have taken steps not to be struck by lightning in 1955.

  64. multiplayer master

    Everything wrong with this channel

  65. bareknuckles2u

    This movie...ugh!

  66. Oskars Frosch

    rumpelstielzien was in the bar in shrek 3

  67. Squillen

    7:22 YES

  68. •Spring Lolzzz•

    It’s been far too many accounts since I’ve watched this

  69. Amber Hermann

    Mans got sinned TWICE because he the word prophecy

  70. Remy Jones

    It’s not a foul in hockey

  71. Jim

    The Baskin house looks pretty big, surely they had a room for the baby. He doesn't appear to have any other siblings, why'd he get stuck with the baby And? And he has a bunk bed at that.

  72. Dragunov 1947

    95% of the mistakes are just nit picking. And please do not expect 100%pure science and event follow in movies, instead watch documentaries. Better make a video with 5 mistakes but all of them strong.

  73. Colin Bell

    Maybe its just me, but I actually really like this movie

  74. RBJ

    why kat seeing herself in the speed boat while shes in the yacht (before she dive) is she inverted? or is she in the main timeline or in the past?

  75. Zeekils

    this movie was my childhood, it breaks my heart to see really how bad it was

  76. —Zahierie Is trash—

    Don’t you mean 19 minutes?

  77. Thomas Mayo

    I know a voiceover of Ledger's Joker over a scene from this movie would've been "low hanging fruit" and all... But I still wanted to see it. Haha.

  78. Tagrix

    Ready player one came out 3 years ago, feel old yet?

  79. Pranav Menon

    "You're a masturbator until you go gator" Didn't think a Cinemasins video of a Marvel film would encourage sex with a reptile

  80. Caolán O'Chearnaigh

    Yoda: "Size matters not." If size doesn't matter, why do boys tease other boys about the length of their Johnson? I need an explanation for this...